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    Robalo r222

    A pic showing the mounting mechanism would be cool. I need to figure out if I'll have to fabricate something.
  2. Master Chief Paul

    Robalo r222

    BA and Otis, Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into that Motor Guide. I get 20% off at Bass Pro. As far as the additional weight, I've got 2 batteries port aft. There is a noticeable list to port, for which I use the trim tabs to compensate. The batteries for the new motor will be aft starboard, so they should hopefully even it out a bit. I got the r222 because I live on Lake Travis in Texas. My Tracker, though a nice little fishing boat, didn't handle the big weekend waves too well. Lots of bottom slapping, which hurt my wife's back. This bigger boat handles the choppy weekend water much better. Travis is 63 miles long and there are some ocean going vessels and disco boats that kick up some vicious wakes.
  3. Master Chief Paul

    Robalo r222

    Thanks for the intel. I've got a Lowerance, so I guess its MotorGuide. I just have to figure out how to mount it without blocking the anchor storage or bow lights.
  4. Master Chief Paul

    Robalo r222

    I just picked up my new r222. I want to mount a trolling motor. This boat will mostly be used in fresh water with one or two salt water trips a year. Any suggestions on makes and models? What ever it is, it’ll need a long shaft.