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  1. Bodee

    Customer Service issue

    I have been working with Corporate service for the past 4 months trying get warranty work done on my R 302 2018. Ashley calls and sends numerous emails promising me they will take care of me ... ENDS AFTER THE PROMISE. My helm seat is falling apart, front window makes a loud noise in the wind and my fish boxes in the floor squeak. "Ashley has been getting the parts around for 2 months now." This is after I had to find a dealer to fix my issues. I'm beginning to think this Company is a joke from Corporate down. HELP! HELP! Joe Pegg here is your chance to help me!
  2. Bodee

    R 302 - Read Before You Buy

    The reality is this thread wasn't started for you and I to debate industry windshields. Since being diagnosed with Parkinson disease, I have had a harder time controlling my emotions. I'm not sure of your background, but let play this out for you "FULLTHROTTLE" as I see it could go down. Let's say there's an unfortunate accident involving a R302. Let's say it happens to be raining. Guess what the lawyers are going to investigate? YOU GOT IT WIPERS! In Ohio you are required to have wipers on your street legal golf carts. Why? Rain! So you can see! Why do you have wipers on your car? So you can see! Why do Boston Whaler put wipers on their boats? So you can see! Why did Robalo NOT put wipers on the 302? COST! Guess what? It will cost dearly! Courts don't care about "monkey see, monkey do." Who has what and who doesn't. Why? And why not! GET IT! This thread is about safety .... YOUR FAMILY ... MY FAMILY ... CUSTOMERS FAMILIES. GET IT! If I need to get more detailed let me know. FULLTHROTTLE -You admit you have never been in the R302, let alone in a rain storm when your fearing for your life and cannot see past the windshield. Yet, you feel compelled to post on here defending ROBALO and their inferior quality. I must assume you are related to the owners or work for the Company, because I cannot understand any other reason you would be trying to put "LIPSTICK ON A PIG."
  3. Bodee

    R 302 - Read Before You Buy

    Haha ... don't make me embarrass you with pictures of the "full glass" boats you didn't research. Lol. Do your homework before you post! And maybe you should invest $200k in my boat, and I'll sell it to you without the windshield ... lol. I asked a dealer to add it, but he said it would be approximately $2k if he could do it.
  4. Bodee

    R 302 - Read Before You Buy

    Do/did they have full glass? With full glass you cannot see anything, so I do not agree with either of you and I also have had numerous boats without wipers. With Gullwings on and full glass you are completely blind! And if you both feel that is OK then I guess your degree of keeping family safe is different than mine. Take a look at other boats in this class with full glass and tell me which on does not have a wiper. Safety! And I couldn't see past the windshield! You guys are covering for safety and a complete disregard for what "should" be one this boat and deep down you know it! My 12' john boat didn't have wipers either I guess.
  5. Bodee

    buying from non local dealer?

    Well now ... Mr.Joe Robalo isn't helping me out. I was planning on using my boat 6 months in Florida and 6 months in Ohio. So I had each dealer bid the boat. The Ohio dealer was the better deal, so I went with them. The Florida dealer has told me ... "you did not buy the boat from us, it is our policy that we will not service your Robalo boat." I've had to have a non Robalo dealer warranty my boat and pay for it myself so far. I have called Robalo, text, email and sent messages by Internet. Hell, even the non Robalo dealer has called numerous times on my behalf. Since, I have been diagnosed with Parkinson disease and will probably not be able to take the boat north. Not sure what I'm gonna do. I have literally cried on the phone to Robalo ... they don't care. The boat is has so many issues right now, sometimes I just sit and cry about the $200,000 I have invested in this mess. I have no idea what I'm gonna do, since the local dealer won't warranty it and Robalo won't do anything about the boat issues. Here's a few pictures of what I'm talking about. I cannot even take people out in the boat because the front window whistles so loud it's embarrassing and my ears cannot take the niouse due to the Parkinson. Hopelessly in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida CANNOT RECOMMENDED ROBALO!!!
  6. Bodee

    R 302 - Read Before You Buy

    I have many issues with my 2018 ROBALO 302, but non more important than the lack of a windshield wiper. Heading from Sanibel bridge to the Ft. Myers inlet, a squall came upon me. It created 2 to 3 feet chop and rain. Obviously, I couldn't stop, as we all know, you cannot stop your boat in 3 feet waves. I had to keep a slow heading into the waves. You know where this is leading ... this boat needs a windshield wiper! PERIOD! SOMEONE IS GONNA GET SEIOUSLY HURT OR WORSE! This boat has full glass enclosure, you don't have the option to look over it. Where are the engineers?
  7. Bodee

    R302 Boat Problems

    That's a joke, I've called, sent messages, sent emails and even had a local dealer leave numerous messages saying they would take care of me, and no response. The boat continues to have issues one after another. After reading the R 302 windshield wiper thread, I could not believe my eyes. ROBALO IS STILL BUILDING BOATS TODAY WITH THE SAME PROBLEMS AS A YEAR AGO!!! Whistling windows, helm seats falling apart, etc. etc. What the hell! Who does this? Not to mention all the other issues I have had .......... AND WHAT'S THE BIGGEST ISSUE? THEY WON'T TAKE CARE OF ME!!!!!!! 2018 MODEL
  8. Bodee

    Thinking About Robalo R207

    Read my post under R 302 winshield wipers ... I've purchase 2 Robalo. Never again.
  9. Bodee

    2017 R302

    I'm on my second Robalo. First was a 242. In August, 2017 I took delivery of a R 302 2018. COULDN'T BE MORE DISSATISFIED WITH ROBALO!!! The product has issues, and it appears from reading this thread you have found some of them, and SADLY they are still producing boats with the same PROBLEMS! WHAT MANUFACTURER DOES THIS!!! My boat has, guess what? Loud whistling window, helm seat falling apart, live well issues, trim tab issues, rusty screws and floor fish boxes that squeak every time you step on them. This is just the most current list. My wife told me before I bought this boat, because of its hefty price tag, it had to last a "lifetime," hell this ROBALO is falling apart after 5 and a half months and has only 50 hours on the engines. By the way, love the engines. My recommendation is to buy value, and Robalo is price ... I fell for it. VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER FT. MYERS BEACH, FLORIDA. Seats are made of plastic.
  10. Bodee

    R302 Boat Problems

    I am just starting my social medial blitz about my disatisfaction with Robalo and my experience with the manufacturer, product and local dealer. I purchased a 2017 242 then moved up to a 302 2018 in less then a year "loaded." My intentions were to use the boat 6 months in Ohio and 6 months in Florida. Both dealers were appoached and asked if they wanted the business. The Florida dealer had little interest in the trade, offered me $54k nothing for options or trailer. Refused to look at the boat. The northern dealer looked at the boat, calculated the nearly $38k options, and obviously got my business. Since the purchase, I have been diagnosed with Fibermialgia, Spinalstinosis and Parkinson disease and am disabled. The boat is located in Florida and the Florida dealer has told me they refuse to do warranty work on the boat since I did not buy the boat from them. I would like to know where Robalo stands with this information before I determine where we go from here. Terry Bodenbender Ex - Corporate VP Skyline Corporation Ex - Sr. VP Starcraft RV Ex - VP Sales Thor Industries (Aero)