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  1. bboy

    R180 in garage

    Hi migyzfr6, I placed my boat order at the dealer. They were able to delete the trailer at the time ordering from Robalo so I can get a credit back from Robalo and I use the credit toward the Continental trailer. The trailer does come with brake and swing tongue. So I can easily fit inside my garage. I live in south Florida as well. If you like to check on my boat, I am more than happy to show you. I don't usually come to this website. Please send email to scmtang@gmail.com
  2. bboy

    R180 in garage

    Yes. I have carpet covering on the inboard fenders. I have also installed the trailer bunk guide and it makes the launch so much easier.
  3. bboy

    R180 in garage

    i have a 2018 R180. It fits perfectly fine in my garage with 78" height clearance I have a special order trailer from Continental.
  4. bboy

    R180 Folding Windshield

    My trailer is Continental A1830B.
  5. bboy

    R180- who has one?

    I got my 2018 R180 last March with bimini top and 150 HP. I also ordered the fold down windshield and a special trailer. Now I am storing her inside my garage which is only 78" height clearance. I love it. I can service her easily in my garage. I also installed the Minn Kota I-pilot trolling motor and I haven't used my anchor since then. I have been using her in Fort Lauderdale most of the time and she handles the waves quite well. I wish it comes with more rod holder.
  6. bboy

    R180 Folding Windshield

    I also have a 2018 R180 with factory folding windshield. I bought mine in south Florida. The dealer was able to order special trailer (not from Robalo). With the wind shield folder down, I was able to fit inside my garage with 78" clearance.
  7. bboy

    Dealer gave wrong plug

    Hi there, I also got my new boat last month. Same here, I will be here a lot. I am in south Florida. Where are you?
  8. bboy

    R160 anchor storage

    How long is the shaft on your 55 lb 12 v trolling motor. I thought 55 lb is not enough to hold the R180 in position. In addition Minn Koto only make up to 52" on 55 lb. I thought is might be too short.
  9. bboy

    Trolling motor for R180

    Hi crashl, does your trolling motor blocking your flush mount bow light?