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  1. Fortunately, I do not have an immediate to purchase the boat, will lobby Robalo to consider the change, and hope for the best. As I said initially, I consider the boat to be in all other respects, superior to the competition. I do have one more comment with respect OEM supplied solutions for being able to enter the boat from within the water. Such capability to easily enter the boat from the water should be considered a priority, particularly in vessels which are commonly single handed. Should one have boat long enough, particularly in a smaller vessel, and or operate in rough water, at some point you may find yourself accidentally overboard. A portable ladder stored in the boat would not be of any assistance in such cases. Should one not be able to re-enter the boat via a ladder which may be accessed from within the water or via a water level swim platform, then a case may be made that the boat's design has a safety flaw. While Rabolo may not participate in this Forum, I am hopeful that they monitor their Forum, take note of feedback, and will consider the recommended change.
  2. I am presently taking a very serious look at the Rabolo 160 to be kept at our FL home. The boat will be used for fishing and watersports on Florida’s lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. However, the purchase of the R160 may be put off until a better solution for boarding the boat from within the water is provided by Robalo. Many OEM boat designs, including the R160, fail in providing an adequate boarding ladder that over-40 somethings would be able to easily use to enter the boat from within the water. It is my experience that boarding ladders should extend away from the hull and provide at least two full step heights beneath the water's surface. A telescoping ladder which stores against the transom, as does the telescoping ladder featured on the currently manufactured 15’ Whaler hulls, would be a vast improvement to the Rabalo 160’s step. Additionally, as anyone who has ever owned a small boat can attest, storage space in such boats a premium commodity. Accordingly, taking up the boat's valuable interior storage to provide space for a portable boarding ladder is a very undesirable situation. I truly believe that the Rabalo 160 is an otherwise superior design which addresses the needs of trailer boaters such as myself who are seeking a quality center console design and who will be garaging their boats. The minor improvement / cost of adding a satisfactory boarding ladder would go far towards making the Rabalo 160 the boat of choice for applications such as mine. Looking forward to your response,