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  1. I, too have a R207 - a 2017 model year - with a 150 Yamaha. While I don't go too far offshore, I regularly encounter 2+ foot chop stirred up by stiff onshore breezes on the ICW. The 207 handles them with ease. No slamming, just slicing and dicing through them. And a really nice feature my passengers love is that you can close off the bow with a door. So with that and the window closed, it is a nice and only slightly breezy ride in back. The 227 does not have that - unless they have changed that with much newer models. I find the R207 is just the right size for almost anything - from
  2. Thanks Wyndy. Didn't know that. Great additional into. v/r
  3. I agree with you, scheerce. Mine was already set up with the 150 and the test run went well. But if there were two R207s available, one with the 150 and the other with the 200, and the price difference was not too great, I may have gone with the 200. GO BIG OR GO HOME! :-D
  4. I have never taken a personal boat over to Catalina Island from Long Beach, but I have spent some time walking the waterfront at Avalon after flying in (airport in the sky) from San Diego. I remember seeing several smaller craft coming in from the west and moored in the harbor. From what I've seen, I think it is doable as long as you keep a keen eye on the weather. I would also follow the course of the numerous high-speed ferries that run that route. There are several YouTube videos of people taking PWCs over. So if they can, so should you. Just be careful! Have fun. That'd
  5. Force 5, CONGRATULATIONS! I'm sure you will love your R207. I'm in SE Georgia/NE Florida and it's the perfect size and weight for running the ICW or heading offshore. I have the 150 Yamaha which I find a perfect compromise between performance and range. Happy (Robalo) Boating!
  6. Hi Rod, Looks like we're in the same area! I launch in St. Marys, Georgia. Cruise over to Cumberland Island or Fernandina or down to Jacksonville. I use my R207 like you do: occasional water sports and cruising the ICW and surrounding rivers. I have the 150 and have never looked back. Good compromise between speed and range. I guess if I towed more water skiiers, I'd opt for the 200. Happy Boating!
  7. Hey Robalo Owners, My beautiful R207 occasionally accumulates scuff marks. I tried numerous products: fiberglass scuff removers, gasoline, bug and tar remover, etc. Nothing worked until... Liquid dishwasher detergent! I used Cascade Complete, but probably any “heavy duty” product may do. Unlike any of the other above chemicals, this product removed the scuff marks with minimal scrubbing. I used a pea-sized amount on a dishwashing sponge and massaged it on. Wipe clean. Voila! Ugly scuff marks gone with no gel coat damage. Complete disclosure: I have no connection what
  8. I have a 2017 R207 with a 150 Yamaha and have never felt or wished for more power. The 150, I feel, is the best combination of power and fuel economy. My missions are just cruising and fishing. So if you pull water skiers, you may want or need a 200. All the best on the water!
  9. Decision really comes down to your primary mission. If you plan on cruising with passengers more than fishing, the DC is much better use of space and comfort. If fishing is your primary focus, the CC is best suited there. While CCs are definitely popular in this area, DCs are seen more and more. But either way, you will be out on the water! ;-D
  10. Congratulations on purchasing a great boat. I have a 2017 and have really enjoyed it. What engine do you have? Mind us a 150 Yamaha.
  11. Thanks to all the replies. Will use some SS cleaner to hopefully resolve this. Happy Robalo boating!! :-D
  12. Hey Y'all, The stainless supports on my bimini are beginning to rust after less than a year!! My R207 is kept outside but fully under a breathable cover. Anyone else experience this? Seems the grade of stainless on the bimini supports is not the same as the stainless on the rest of the boat. Thanks.
  13. Welcome Aboard, Joe. I have a R207 and have enjoyed it greatly. Appreciate having a member of the factory here to address any of our issues. :-D
  14. Woodbiner


    Agree with all responses. One and done! ;-D
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