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  1. Woodbiner

    Robalo Boats

    Welcome Aboard, Joe. I have a R207 and have enjoyed it greatly. Appreciate having a member of the factory here to address any of our issues. :-D
  2. Woodbiner


    Agree with all responses. One and done! ;-D
  3. Woodbiner


    Hi LF15, I have a 2017 Yamaha 150 that is flushed via a connector on the side of the engine. Don't have to start the engine; just leave it down and cold, flush for about 10-15 minutes. Does yours not have this connection?
  4. Woodbiner

    Trip to Jekyll Island

    Oops: FIRST MATE..... ;-0
  5. Woodbiner

    Trip to Jekyll Island

    Thanks FullThrottle, yes it is 150hp. 3600 was a good setting based on conditions. Could have gone faster but wanted to keep my 2nd Mate (wife) happy. ;-D
  6. Woodbiner

    Forum Name Change

    Suggest renaming “Fish Talk” to something that would foster trip reports as well as fishing reports because as much as Robalo boats have fishing heritage, they are used just as much for cruising. I think many owners would enjoy writing as well as reading various reports of interesting trips taken by Robalo owners. Thank you.
  7. Woodbiner

    Trip to Jekyll Island

    We didn't go fishing, but the trip was fun! Last Saturday we decided to take the R207 up to Jekyll Island for lunch. While it was a sunny and warm (82 degrees) early April day, the wind was pretty strong out of the southeast at 10-15 kts which kept all but the most determined anglers in port. But the R207 loves those kind of days, so we put in at Crooked River State Park (GA) and headed north up the ICW. It was my first time dealing with St. Andrews Sound which lies between Cumberland Island and Jekyll island. If you Google this area, you will see that it is quite a dangerous body of water littered with shifting shoal areas that have claimed many an unwary mariner. But we had up-to-date charts and followed the course pretty closely. Since the 207 only draws 30", we were able to take minor short cuts to the Jekyll river. But it was interesting as the depth finder would go from 20' to 4' in seconds! This about 1 hour before absolute low tide. But we navigated safely to the Jekyll river and arrived at Zachry's Riverhouse. We found a slip and soon were drinking beers and eating delicious seafood. After about 2 hours it was time to head back south. At 3600 rpm we were running 20-21 mph into the wind and about 23-24 mph with the wind. Is that what y'all are experiencing? It was a great trip for which the R207 was expressly made. I still need to try fishing, though!
  8. Woodbiner

    Thinking About Robalo R207

    That wind blocker is really useful, especially this time of year. Took it out last weekend. Wind out of the east at about 8 knots over the cooler Atlantic. Pretty chilly until I closed the wind blocker door which immediately made the helm area much more comfortable. Allows year round boating in comfort down here in the southeast.
  9. Woodbiner

    R207 Storage Dimensions

    Hi MoBoat. I got my 2017 R207 a few months ago and am very happy with the purchase. A 150 Yamaha pushes it which is a good compromise between performance and fuel economy. About 6 gph at 4000 rpm and 28 mph. I have the newer double axle trailer. Will get some measurements.
  10. Woodbiner

    New Boat Owner

    Congrats! I’m sure you will love your new Robalo like the rest of us do. Got my 2017 R207 a few months ago and couldn’t be more satisfied with the purchase. Where will you be operating?
  11. Woodbiner

    226 Cayman boat cover

    DM, have you looked at Empire covers? I have a R207 and wanted a full cover while outside on the trailer. Robalo wants almost $1000. Empire had a generic top-of-the-line cover for less than half that. While not a custom cover, it fits well and is very well made. Just a thought.
  12. Woodbiner

    Thinking About Robalo R207

    RMRSKI, you will love the 207! I got mine last November. Has the Yami 150 which I feel is a good compromise between performance and fuel economy. Took 7 adults out on the ICW with a 15 kt wind out of the north that stirred up some pretty good waves and the boat plowed right through for a very dry ride. Easy to trailer, launch and retrieve. All the best on your new 207.
  13. Woodbiner

    New R207 Owner

    Hi. Proud owner of a new R207! Has Yamaha 150 that I find is adequate for my purposes. Grew up around boats, skiing the Ohio River and Lake Erie. We will be cruising around between Brunswick Georgia and Jacksonville Florida. Let the fun and memories begin!