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  1. I have a 2016 r265 Robalo. The boat has been pretty solid other then the two cracks in aluminum hard top frame that I'm working with Robalo with. I do not expect perfection unlike many others. There were a lot of small things that the warranty covered and my dealer took care of. I have about 300 hours on the boat in the 2.5 years I've had it now and last weekend I had a battery boil over. After lots of testing/inspecting I'm pretty certain it was an old battery and ended up getting new batteries as these were the original and 4 years+ old (boat manufactured in 2015). During my inspection of the battery area I noticed a loose green wire. It was labeled SS Thru- meaning starbird Side Thru hull. Located on the starbird side near the aft. I dug more in the area and found another loose not connected green wire labeled the same. These were both not connected and laying loose next to both thru hulls on the starbird aft area. There were two hose clamps loose on the thru hulls and they were both broken but still resting on the thru hulls loosely. These thru hulls are slightly above the water line about 3 inches or so. On the port side there is another thru hull that drains the deck and the same thing, a loose green wire with a connector loose next to the thru hull with a broken hose clamp resting on the thru hull. Looking close at the clamps they seemed to be snapped broken. Then in the transom I found a fourth loose bonding wire that was labeled "Air 1 121". This must be the transducer bonding wire as the name matches the transducer brand. Again wire was loose not connected with the connector on it. The transducer thru hull, and the three thru hull drains do not have a screw/area on them to attach the bonding wire? This makes me think that the factory attached the bonding wires with hose clamps and then snapped them all off? My last boat had all thru hulls bonded. I know that there is a lot of debate about bonding them or not. But in this case why did they install the wires? Why are they loose? Why did they just leave the clamps dangling on the thru hulls? This has me concerned and I would appreciate any feed back. ( I would post photos but this forum only allows .45 MB pictures) *I can send photos if you email me jay@chinookservices.com
  2. Chinook Serves

    R265 Aluminum Hard Top Frame Crack

    2016 Robalo R265. I was cleaning the boat early this spring when I first noticed these cracks. I have about 400 hours on the boat and mainly run off shore. I've never towed using the frame or did anything that would make these cracks form other then normal use. I added a Garmin 18 inch radar dome but nothing else to hard top. I do plan on adding aluminum side launchers that hold 4 rods each later down the road. My in-law is a mechanic and does some fabricating work. He thinks that the design is to blame. Square metal to round creates to much stress where it cracked. He recommends using 1/8 aluminum plate with rivets to make the repair. The dealer provided this information: The photo with the blue, red, and green editing was their idea to make the repair. The idea is to install a bracket or plate is mounted on the outside of the frame and then clamped or fastened from the back side. The warranty has expired, however Robalo is providing $500.00 for the repair which is better then nothing. I've gone off shore 3 times after finding the cracks. I made sure to slow down more then normal in the rough to prevent more cracking. But to my surprise they did not get any worse. Taking the top off would be a big job so I'm leaning towards a bracket of some sort to make the repair. I understand that the frame moves and flexes a lot and that is why my in-law recommends using 1/8 aluminum plate. Any recommendations would be appreciated, thank you!-JayEverett, WA
  3. Chinook Serves

    R265 Robalo Lots of Issues Brand New

    Brand new Robalo r265 purchased in May. I'm posting this so others will know what I'm experiencing. When I purchased the boat I looked at this forum and there was not many negative posts. Lots of other forums had nothing but good to say. That is what made me buy into Robalo. Seemed like a reputable product that many others had positive experiences with. After my experience I feel that it is my due diligence to let others know what I am currently experiencing. This is the largest purchase I've ever made and saved a lot of my hard working money to have. Still have yet to reward myself on the water with a working boat. I will update this thread immediately once I receive any response my dealer or Robalo. The boat was a dealer demo and purchased as new. Purchased with 12 hours on engines. I contacted Robalo on 9-16 and sent the same list. They responded to me by saying a Dan Osborne from Robalo would contact me. He never contacted me and there was no follow up. I just now contacted them again on 12-4-17 (today) and they said the same thing (still no response from Dan Osborne)" Hello, I have sent your correspondence to Dan Osborne, Robalo Boats Customer Service and Warranty Manager, for review. I handle situations with out-of-warranty boats. Robin Keller Robalo Boats " The boat is currently at the dealership closest to my house (not original Robalo dealer) . I've had possession of the boat for 6 months now. The boat has not been working since the purchase. The toilet/head and water system are still not working. After being in the shop for one month there is no progress. Many other issues as well. This is a brand new boat and should be sitting in my garage where it is dry and not exposed to freezing conditions. This is why I bought brand new, to avoid down time, and keep the boat in top shape. I understand a few issues, but my issues are more severe. I did not agree to purchase a boat that inherited these problems. The boat is currently sitting outside at dealer and the water system including the head has not been able to be repaired or winterized. This is very concerning considering the freezing temperatures and that the weather is going to be below freezing the next 10 days. The water systems on the boat cannot be winterized and I'm concerned that more damage will result due to the boat being worked on out side. The dealer does not have a building where it can be worked on inside. This may be the original problem, the original dealer may of not winterized the boat the winter before I purchased? All I want is to be able to bring my family on the boat I purchased for them and my self. I have not been able to bring them on the boat becuase of the the head and water not working. These features were the key features of why we purchased this boat, to be able to bring my 3 kids and enjoy boating with an area for the little ones to use the bathroom and wash up. It is very embarrassing spending this kind of money and having to tell everyone that comes on the new boat to not use the bathroom. And to not use the sink or you will regret the horrible smell. Did not bring boat on any summer trips with kids because of head/water issues, missing out on winter crabbing and salmon fishing, water systems unusable since purchase, unresponsiveness from Robalo, still paying my monthly payment and not happy what so ever. . I'm running out of patience. Here is the list of issues. Engine warranty concerns. Purchased boat with 14 hours used as demo from season before. Engines require 30 hour service or after three months to be serviced as part of the break in. This was not done, as when I did the 100 hour service the stock oil seals were still on place. Vacuum flush head (toilet) has been working on and off. I spent the better part of a day in June trying to fix it. The toilet bowl was full of you know what when it stopped working. Very frustrating and embarrassing. I spent hours and hours trying to fix so we could use the boat more on the trip. I wiggled wires, checked the fuse by taking apart the instrument panels, tested the switch by piggybacking the wires and NOTHING. We paid top dollar to stay at a resort and we could not use the boat the entire vacation becuase of the toilet issues. The very last day I played around with the wiring one more time and all of a sudden it worked. I used the boat a few times off shore with friends tuna fishing and did not use the toilet. We just started a 7 day vacation on Lake Chelan yesterday and the toilet stopped working again while we had a boat full of kids needing to use the bathroom. Very embarrassing for my wife and our friends on our new boat. I docked the boat and worked on it for several hours with no luck ad missed time with family and friends. Wont be using the boat much at all again for this trip. Lots of money wasted on trailering the boat 4 hours each way, launch fees, moorage fees, all a wash. Fresh water system. The water has had an odor since day #1. The pump for the water never had consistent pressure, even with full tank. It always had air and water mixture, but sometimes would operate okay. After some research on line I found that the water pump is behind the drawers. I removed the drawers and casing. Found the pump and cleaned out the filter. The filter was not dirty at all. The water odor is so bad that it makes the whole boat smell horid if it gets turned on. I was going to follow the owners manual and use bleach to treat the odor. However the water pressure is so limited I feared that I would be unable to pump out the bleach and it would corrode or ruin the components. In summary the water system has a foul odor and is producing about half a gallon of water per hour. Its producing a drip with air and odor., and unusable since we pourchased. underwater lights not working. When we purchased the boat they said that the underwater lights were left on at a demo event and it ruined them. Tobler said they would send me new ones but still have yet to receive. Brent just updated me last week saying that his parts manager is working on it. Seems like 4 months is okay to them, however I feel that this should be something easy to produce in a timely matter, maybe I'm wrong. Difficulty fueling boat. The fuel builds up and cannot be let flowing when filling. I have to constantly pull the trigger on nozzle on and off when fueling. Takes a long time when filling 100 gallons of gas. I dont know if there is something restricting the flow or if the vent is blocked or not functioning. Debris in bilge areas. Found dozens of fiberglass chunks and rusting debris in the bilge areas of boat. Including metal washers, fasteners, wire connectors, etc. I tired to clean a lot of it up. The areas that I cant get to are by the vacu flush and holding tank area of the boat that is impossible to access on starboard side. Battery access door had two hydraulic struts that became loose. The fasteners are now lost in the bilge area near the transom and I cant reach. They need to be better mounted, especially considering they are next to battery's, electrical breakers, etc. Trim tab switch is wired wrong. The right side controls the left side and vice versa. Cock pit canvas cover buttons are loose on port side. When installing the cover I noticed a few loose button that could not be tightened done with screw driver. Live well LED light on starboard side has never worked. The port side works. hair line fiberglass crack near swim ladder (UPDATE DEALER JUST GOT 8 HOURS APPROVED FROM rOBALOTO MAKE THE REPAIR UNDER WARRANTY. THEY HAD TO CUT NEW ACCESS PORT TO ACCESS SWIM LADDER TO REMOVE IT BEFORE GLASS WORK WAS DONE) hairline crack near winch cable U hook connector Anchor light on hard top does not stay in upright position when cruising. Last off shore trip we had to use duct tape to make it stay up so we wouldnt get stopped by the coast guard VHF antenna on hardtop falls down when cruising. It has a lot of play in it when in up right position. Captain chair has lost 4-5 bolts/fasteners. They were falling out. Cant tell where they go, and seat is a little loose. Port side engine is moving when at idle. This makes it hard to dock. I think this is a minor adjustment The bed has a panel that fills in where the table goes. One of the hooks that secures it (starboard side) broke off There is a sticker on the transom area near swim ladder that is a factory Robalo sticker. The sticker has Robalo marked with date, name and location of inspection. It is blank. Maybe this boat never received a final inspection? Passenger chair that folds out fell off while underway. The L brackets that hold the chair are weak and broke. At this point I'm running out of patience and I'm considering taking legal action. Let me know what I should do?