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  1. RonaldH

    Thinking About Robalo R207

    I can buy 93 octane, non ethanol in Carolina beach. Do you have a T top?
  2. RonaldH

    Thinking About Robalo R207

    what octane are you running?
  3. RonaldH

    Thinking About Robalo R207

    I'm running the reliance 15 x17" polished stainless. I tried a 14.75 x 19" but slowed the boat down. Are you trimming out all the way?
  4. RonaldH

    Thinking About Robalo R207

    I have an R200 I bought new last year with the F200. It tops out at 48 mph with 4 people on board. I live in Richmond but keep the boat at my other house in Carolina beach. I brought it home a day before Hurricane Florence hit.
  5. RonaldH

    Tongue swing

    I have a R200 and it swings left. Watch that you don't pinch the wiring.
  6. RonaldH

    R180 Used Pricing.

    go to NADA.com for boat values. Also check what a 2018 with the same equipment would run. You can price it out on the Robalo site.
  7. RonaldH

    questions before buying R200

    Finally took the R200 out for a run on the Inter Coastal in NC. last weekend. The 78 degree weather was a refreshing surprise from the cold winter. I'm running the Yamaha 200 and one complaint is the throttle is too responsive docking the boat. The second complaint is the optional fold down windshield. When standing up at speed, the windshield grab rail is right in the line of vision! On a good note: with three people on board, I took the rpm's to 4950 and the GPS read 43 mph trimmed out. Great top end power.
  8. RonaldH

    questions before buying R200

    I purchased a new R200 a few months back and have only found a handful of loose bolt/ nuts but I think that is to be expected. Nothing a wrench or thread lock won't fix. The bimini is a problem folding back though. The braces dig into the padded sides is my only complaint. I made and mounted some folding brackets to secure the bimini while trailering. I opted for the Yamaha 200 motor and am very pleased with the power and fuel consumption. I do think a 19 pitch prop would give me more top end. It gets on plane in three to four seconds compared to my Formula Fastech which took a week or so. I bought my R200 from All Seasons in CT. Nice dealer and a super deal!
  9. RonaldH

    2016 R200 check your nuts and bolts!

    put a dab of thread locker on them if concerned. Happy boating.
  10. RonaldH

    GPS/ Fish finder install in R200

    Has anyone fed the cable from the transducer to the console on a R200? Thanks for any help. Ron
  11. RonaldH

    New R200 owner

    I live in Virginia but go down to CB as much as I can. We would take my old boat over for lunch at Something Fishy. Bald head is cool too. I'm installing a fish finder/ GPS and about half done. I'm waiting for good weather. What motor did you go with? Did u get the Robalo from Angler's Marine?
  12. RonaldH

    New R200 owner

    Did you catch any fish? The picture of the boat under the house looks familiar. My house is on the north end of Carolina Beach. I always wanted to get the nerve to try frying pan shoals. Ron
  13. RonaldH

    Prop Talk

    Has anyone played with various props on a R200 with a Yamaha F200?
  14. RonaldH

    New R200 owner

    I recently sold my Formula Fastech and went about a month without a boat but got the bug for something a little different. I shopped for a center console that I could use on the Inter coastal in NC. and the Robalo R200 made the most sense. I was impressed with the high freeboard , boat weight and the enclosed head for the ladies that the Robalo offered! One of the factors I took into consideration was height on the trailer. My house is elevated (a block from the ocean) and i needed something that would fit under the house. I shopped several dealers and came across All Seasons Marine, a Robalo dealer in CT. The website showed three 2017 R200's in stock. I settled on a Shark gray R200 with the Bimini, a Yamaha 200 and several other goodies. The T top would have been nice but I was fighting the height issue, so the bimini made more sense. Before the final purchase, I had Nathan, the owner of All Seasons measure the overall height for me with the boat on the trailer. I wound up to be 3" to tall to fit under my house. Nathan did some research and found the folding windshield option and threw it in to make the deal. Robalo shipped the windshield directly to my house within two days! I installed the windshield (good quality item) and backed the boat under the house with three inches to spare. All Seasons Marine went the extra mile for me on this purchase! It was worth the ten hour trek to CT. The performance of the Robalo with the Yamaha 200 is great. I was worried about this, coming from the Formula Fastech. The only issue with the boat is the Bimini top. When folded down, eats into the padding on the rails. I believe All Seasons has two 2017 R200's left in stock if anyone is shopping for a new boat.