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  1. I also have an R180. As this has come on relatively recently and you have no other extra weight on the boat, I would think that it must be trapped water that is causing the listing to port. Apologies for saying anything too basic.... To access the bilge, open the circular hatch in the recessed area just in from of the outboard / transom. Same place as the live well seacock. You may need a torch. Have a look to see if there is any water. You can test the automatic bilge by either lifting the float manually or simply running a hose into that area and seeing if the bilge comes on; you need to fill it more than you would think. Then pump it out until dry (with the manual bilge if necessary). Assuming you are still listing, try rocking the boat from side to side whilst inspecting the hatch to see if any water flows into that area whilst rocking the boat. It may also be worth trying to weigh down the stern, again whilst inspecting the hatch. Have you got a dual battery set up with one under either of the stern flip up seats? It would also be worth inspecting this area for water, although access is limited. Finally, do you keep a mooring cover on the boat or just a console cover? I ask this as with a mooring cover on, it is highly unlikely to be rain water and of course the converse is true.
  2. Thanks Wrex - very reassuring. I am having Trim tabs fitted this week to help with the stern heavy ride (porpoising) as others have suggested this makes a big difference. Hope it sorts out the problem, as otherwise, it is a great boat.
  3. Wrex, does your outboard tilt fully out the water? Also, does your boat sit in the water slightly stern down, like mine? I am just trying to work out if that is what I should expect or if it needs adjusting / there is a problem with the weight distribution.
  4. It’s taken me a few goes to get the cover on in a reasonable time. Mine is one piece and remains a tight fit, but still more fiddling / learning required.
  5. Hi BA, Thanks again for the info. I think you are correct about the excess stern weight, and wonder if the fuel tank has shifted a little. Am in discussion with my dealer but am testing the theory by running the fuel tank down and seeing if that alters how she sits. I have also had a look at the photos of your cover. I noticed that it does not sit below the port stern rub rail. Is that intentional and if so, what holds it in place when you tighten the ratchet? I place mine below the rub rails but then have a lot of tension as it runs around the front of the outboard and also over the top of the ski pole.
  6. Biggie, I know this is an old post, but I have the same problem with my 2 month old R180. Only mine is the opposite; stern heavy which seems to be reducing as I empty the fuel tank. I think the fuel tank has moved. Did you ever solve the problem? cheers
  7. Ahh, the R200. I think that is the boat I would like. Thank you for your reply. Looking at yours, I think I need to reset the tilt to allow the engine to tilt further. Looks like a tight fit but at least it comes out the water. Do you have to turn the engine to stop the rigging hose from getting crushed? I also think the stern is too heavy, but can’t work out why that should be. Bilge is empty and no kit on the boat. My dealer is contacting Robalo. The cover is also a really tight fit; only just makes it and ski pole is already rubbing through. Will need a patch to reinforce.
  8. Hi, Got my 2018 R180 with a Yamaha 150 a few weeks ago. Most things good, however, the outboard will not tilt completely out the water. I have a ski pole, and at full tilt, it stops a couple of cm short. The rigging hose also seems to be in issue such that any further tilt looks like it will crush it. Has anyone else experienced this?
  9. Did you every get around to doing this? I have just taken delivery of my R180 - all great, but ridiculous position of battery switch.
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