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    After market T-Top for R180

    I persaonlly tend to like a Bimini better, in that it gives more shade and protection. Also some of the smaller (18 19 foot boats perform differently with that weight aloft. When fishing, our Bimini drops down forward, and is flush with our casting platform. Nothing in the way of fishing--With a T top, it can be in the way for certain types of casting. There is some drag when trailering with a conventional T top.

    buying from non local dealer?

    You can request it, but the majority of used boat dealers aren't going to be in a position to give it to you. Unless the boat you're buying is the same make as that sold by the dealer, they will not have access to manufacturer service records. Anyway i bought Robalo boat from https://www.findafishingboat.com/ another person and i had no problems with docs for 2 years.

    New Owner of a R300

    My congritulations! This boat is one of my favourites!