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    Looking at a 20' ??

    Thanks for the input. I’ve still not made a decision. I did take the boat out yeasterday and it ran well. Ugly but would fish now. Solid floor and transom. But uuuuugly. I offered 2500. A project boat for sure. Soap and water would go a long way
  2. WesleyDax

    Looking at a 20' ??

    Good morning, In a few days I will be looking at a 78 20' center console boat, I have no clue what Im doing. I have looked and read all over the internet and like anything else theres a lot of bs to wade through. I have narrowed my search to this 20' with a 150 merc. The boat is supposed to have had a new transom, throttle/shifter cables, bottom paint and water pump among other service related items done in the spring of this year. Other than dirty and the wood needing refinished/replaced it looks ok. The trailer is sketchy at best. What are some other things I need to look at? I have fished and owned boats for years but being in east TN its always been bass boats and mostly aluminum. I currently have a 2013 tracker 18' with the 60 4stroke, but when it comes to saltwater boats I know nothing. We will be spending our saltwater time in bays from apalachacola to pensacola probably 4-5 times a year. I have no intrest to run several miles out in the gulf. Will the boat need work? are there things like a top we want to add? yes.. but it will be a project that me my dad and my son will be working on together and thats not something you put a price on. I have heard about the foam becoming water logged. Is there a way to check for this. I will be able to drive the boat when we look at it. The asking price is xxxx. I think thats a little on the high side but really not sure. I feel like im rambling. Any information yall can give would be greatly appreciated