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  1. I was thinking of adding a spot light but installing it to the right of the anchor locker. I haven't done much research on it because my night travels are few and far between. Has anyone put one there before?
  2. I may be late on this post but thought I would share this idea. I have pool toys the grandkids use that are like a big syringe that can draw several ounces and it's a dollar at the dollar store.
  3. Thanks kingrex. I didn't think of spraying a lubricant on the disc. I only tow the trailer about 1 mile from ramp to home on max 35 mph road. Launch boat in spring pull out in fall, so if I don't fix by fall I'll fix in winter. Also it didn't lock up with boat on, only when empty. I went way back to old Robalo threads an found someone else with same problem and picked up trailer mtg phone and web address as well as someone in NJ that fIxed it.
  4. I have a 2014 R200 's with a 70 gal tank. At the beginning of the season I had 195 hours. I now have 213 hours. The gas gauge reads 1/2 tank, it seemed to stop going down. I put in 15 gal and it didn't go up. Any help and suggestions to troubleshoot and repair would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Thanks for your great sugestions.
  6. I have a 2014 R200 's with robalo trailer two axle disc surge brakes. After driving 5 miles to launch boat for season, the left rear brake locked up on my trip home with the trailer empty. Any suggestions to cause and solution? All help is greatly appreciated.
  7. I have a 2014 R200 with a Yamaha 150 with a painted black as prop which was standard on my configuration. I thought it was aluminum when I purchased until I read up on it. Leads me to a question. I am trying to figure my prop size and the only markings I see on it is M17. Is that the pitch? How do I find the size? Jack
  8. I used wire ties and mounted it to the framework of the seat above the cooler. It's out of the way and easily accessable.
  9. I too have been looking at adding trim tabs to my 2014 R200CC. I purchased the boat used and just completed my first season and found that weight distribution is someti.es a problem from port to starboard. I saw tabs that do not require wiring and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. I do boat off the Jersey cost and find the swells coming in and out of inlet to be challenging All input is appreciated.
  10. Mystic jack


    I ran camper antifreeze through the input hole on the bottom of the boat using a pump up presure tank and holding nozzle in the inlet hole. My wife turned on the pump and I squeezed the handle until pink came out in live well then closed live well and opened valve for raw water washdown did the same until pink came out.
  11. Thanks! Just saw where it enters Speedo behind console.
  12. Mystic jack


    Do you also run antifreeze thru bilge pump?
  13. Mystic jack

    Clear hose

    I have a 2014 R200CC. On the starbord side under the stern seat in the battery area is a clear tube that goes into the cluster of wires etc that go into the motor, I do not see the clear tube entering the engine, and I do not know where it originates. Has anyone else seen this? It appears dry although it may have had water in it. I was thinking it could be temperature pickup for garmin eco 70 but can't find it going into the helm.
  14. Hi OGR just got back. I'm in Little Egg Harbor NJ, about 20 miles north of Atlantic city and accross the bay from Long Beach Is.
  15. Thank you for the input. That would be difficult since I bring my boat out and onto a trailer. The end of the rear bunk is right at the transom. I may try to get one side up at a time with jack then pull a strap across at bulkhead then lift with hoist and block. then to the front at the bulkhead and do the same.
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