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  1. Thanks for all the help. I have handled boats on the water for many years. My problem may be approaching too fast or making my turn too early. My dock is a slip cut ninety degrees from the canal into my property. When I approach the slip on the canal, most of the time with out current or wind, I completely stop about 25 yards before I get close the the slip and begin to make my turn. I travel very slow, but when I approach the entry to the slip the bow turns properly but the stern continues straight (or slides in the forward direction). Many times I have to reverse the engine to straighten out
  2. When pulling Cayman 206 into a dock or berth with a slight wind, sometimes stern continues to slide in same direction causing me to miss target dock. Occasionally, I need to do a second approach to dock. Seems the keel is not slowing me down enough to make turn. Best approach is zero wind and 1-2 knots. Any advice?
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