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  1. Capttony

    Boat handling

    Thanks for all the help. I have handled boats on the water for many years. My problem may be approaching too fast or making my turn too early. My dock is a slip cut ninety degrees from the canal into my property. When I approach the slip on the canal, most of the time with out current or wind, I completely stop about 25 yards before I get close the the slip and begin to make my turn. I travel very slow, but when I approach the entry to the slip the bow turns properly but the stern continues straight (or slides in the forward direction). Many times I have to reverse the engine to straighten out. Most times, I have to try another or several more approaches. It just seems the stern continue to slide straight when making that turn. (A bow thruster would keep me lined up). My next step is take all the advice to approach slower, make my turn move smooth and keep adjusting my approach until i get it. A big thanks for all the responses.
  2. Capttony

    Boat handling

    When pulling Cayman 206 into a dock or berth with a slight wind, sometimes stern continues to slide in same direction causing me to miss target dock. Occasionally, I need to do a second approach to dock. Seems the keel is not slowing me down enough to make turn. Best approach is zero wind and 1-2 knots. Any advice?