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  1. Jimbos jumbos

    Robalo 202 EX

    you could be on to something here. I installed trim tabs over the winter break. when I drilled into the starboard side, a small amount of water came out. It got me thinking that there are sealed compartments that could be holding water. I wonder if I could drill a hole to get at the sealed compartments. Can you provide a picture of the location you are pumping water from?
  2. Jimbos jumbos

    Robalo 202 EX

    This is a serious issue and I feel like many on here are just accepting of this flaw Here are some reasons why I think this is not just a trim tab issue. I used my 222ex for an entire summer (2018) and the first of of this summer (2019) without ever having this leaning issue. I never noticed it leaning to port unless I was hitting waves. 75% o the time I am on this boat, it is just me and my wife. She rotates where she sits. Maybe bow starboard, bow center, rear center, but often next to me at the helm. Like I said, we never experienced a lean to port until 3 weeks ago (I have about 90 hrs on the boat). We have been on the boat with several teens that all want to sit up front, or walking around, never noticed it. But three weeks ago, as soon as I hit the throttle coming out of our creek, it leaned hard to port. I played with the trim, but that didnt make any adjustment other than the rpms (which is odd). I had to drop the port trim tab down about 25% to level the boat (This caused the boat to want to pull to right). For a week, It would do it as I got the boat up over 20mph. Then two weekends ago, I went for a long ride (30 miles each way in the upper Chesapeake Bay), no issues. a nice level ride without the tabs. But last night, on the ride home, it was leaning port again. there has to be something else to this. something bent? Damaged? I haven't pulled the boat out of the slip yet, but visually inspecting the zinc, prop and skeg while in water, I don't see any damage The reason I think this is a defect or damaged part. It doesn't seem to impact everyone. I made it the first 75 hrs without ever experiencing this. some are feeling this on day one. others still have never had this happen. We all have similar hauls, similar outdrives. I have a good friend that I boat with. He had a 19 ft count center console, no tabs. then a 22 ft without tabs, and now a 25 ft (he doesn't know how to use the tabs). I have never felt his boat lean unless it was riding a wave.
  3. Jimbos jumbos

    New 2018 R222 is listing

    I am not buying this excuse that two batteries are causing the boat to lean left. This happens on my 222ex. My batteries are close to center. I stand on the right side of the helm when I drive and I know I weigh more than two batteries. Shouldn’t the boat be leaning to the right if it were all about weight? If I have my wife sit on the right side also (bow or stern), it only slightly leans right So two people totaling just under 300lbs to even out for two batteries that probably weight less than 75lbs ?? i went through an issue two weeks ago where the boat would lean about 30 degree to port when going above 20. It lasted two days. But going under 15, it was level. Then on my last 2 hr ride in the bay, it was level. I never figured out why. i would bet the farm that it isn’t two batteries causing the lean
  4. Jimbos jumbos

    Eraser pads

    Dang. I have been using a magic eraser all summer.
  5. Jimbos jumbos

    Blemish in hull side

    I had an issue on the inside only the freeboard. Right next to the helm. Looks like a 6” x6” section that was repaired. I didn’t notice it until a month after I took the boat. I contacted the dealer twice. First time they blew it off. Second time that said it was from the mold??? I gave up also. I really like my Robalo. But I do point this out to others looking at similar boats.
  6. Jimbos jumbos

    Robalo 202 EX

    Mine tilts a little to port also. 2018 222ex
  7. Jimbos jumbos

    Lenco Trim tabs for 227

    I first found the tab wires inside the center console. You can’t miss the two unplugged plugs. They actually say trim tabs on the cable. And they even have a P on one and S on the other. I had a hard time finding the other end in the bilge. They were tucked all the way at the end. Under the harness near the raw water pump. As for connecting to the switch. Here is a link to a thread with the wires to connect. http://forum.robalo.com/index.php?/topic/4907-trim-tabs/
  8. Jimbos jumbos

    Lenco Trim tabs for 227

    What year is your 227? I just installed these on my 2018 222. It was pre wired. Double check to see if yours is pre wired. The special order kit with the custom size blades DOES NOT come with the extension wires. You would need to purchase those (about $100) if you are not pre-wired
  9. Jimbos jumbos

    R222 with canvas top or hard top?

    I ended up saving the money and getting the canvas top. At the time, I was about 10k more than I wanted to spend (started off looking at the 207. Then 200. Then went with the 222ex looking back at it, I am happy with the canvas. Saved about $1500 things to consider. I passed on the electronics box, but now wish I would have gotten one. That was another $450. It comes standard with the hard top. So the difference would have only been $1000. Knowing this, I probably would have gotten the hard top I am 2 years in and no tears. No stains. The boat sits uncovered all summer. The canvas top is bigger.
  10. Jimbos jumbos

    Filling boat with fuel

    How about trying a manual bilge pump
  11. Jimbos jumbos

    New to Boating

    I am on the magothy, near Annapolis. I just had my 222 bottom painted for the first time. A little more extra work for the first time. I had them use petit vivid white. It is an ablative paint. I was told it should last 2 seasons. Cost was $1200 for 22ft. $55 per foot. Was told the the next time I get it done, it should be about half the price
  12. Jimbos jumbos

    Head Compartment Key

    Hire a locksmith and hand deliver the bill to the dealer when you pick up the key they never gave you
  13. Jimbos jumbos

    float switch /bilge pumps.

    Mine did the same after my first ride. Not knowing any better, I disconnected the batteries to get it to stop. Then I discovered the float was getting stuck on the bilge. Had it replaced and haven’t had any issues since
  14. Jimbos jumbos

    Water in new hull??

    My dealer send pictures and video to Robalo explaining this. The official response from Robalo One sentence ”wait for the water to finish draining out, then install trim tabs” based on that response, sounds like Robalo expects there to be water inside the hull, in locations that will not get pumped out by the bilge pump does anyone know if there is foam behind the transom? And would the water have ruined the foam?
  15. Jimbos jumbos

    Water in new hull??

    I have a one year old R222ex. I am installing the trim tabs before I drop the boat back in the water. The boat has been on a trailer in dry storage for 6 months. The drain plug is pulled and the bulge area is dry. I just drilled into the hull to mount the trim tabs and water cam pouring out. About 2 cups. When I look inside the bulge area, I can’t see the holes (so they not accessible from inside). That means this water was trapped in the boat Should I be worried?