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  1. Thanks for the reply. On the 222, it looks like I have to take several panels off and some other brackets, before I can get to the tube that has the cables. Disappointing that I have to take so much apart. Wish Robalo would have just left a pull string like many other manufactures. Good thing the weather is still too cool to boat.
  2. I just took delivery of my R222ex this past weekend. I decided to pass on the electronics since they only offered 7" (I wanted the 9" screen). I asked the dealer if they could install an aftermarket unit. The Dealer wanted $1800 to install. (the unit only cost $1100, so they are wanting $700 to install). I figured that I could do this myself. I assumed there would be some chase wire installed, so I could fish the wires. I looked for an hour today and do not see anything. Now I am wondering how I am going to get the transducer wiring to the unit. Anyone have any suggestions on what I am missing? on another note, I discovered a few things that are odd. There is a USB port attached to a 4" wire BEHIND the radio, inside the bathroom. Seems like the manufacture forgot to drill a hole for this. I can't imagine Robalo expect the user to go inside the bathroom to hook up the USB for the radio I did not get trim tabs, but there are two wire connectors inside the bathroom labeled Tabs P and Tabs S. Anyone else have a 222 that is prewired for tabs?
  3. if you want to cover all of that, why not just get one cover for the entire boat? If you want the individual, just go to a marine canvas shop, they will make anything for you. I am having a custom curtain made for mine. It will hang like a shower Curtin around the perimeter of the top. Should cover the entire console and leaning seat. Will keep the sun and prying eyes from seeing
  4. are you saying that Scout matched the Robalo price on a comparable boat? I priced the scout and it was about 10 grand more (and that was after the special pricing they are offering now). if the price was the same, for the same boat, I would get the scout. But I am guessing they were not comparable in options.
  5. Anyone with older T Tops care to give some input? How does the fabric hold up over years? Does the white fabric top stain? Yellow? Trying to decide it the hard top is worth the extra $1500 over time.
  6. I have decided on a 222es. My local dealer has a 2018 loaded. I can also order a new one from them. But I have found a 2017 with everything I want (and a few more options) in another state that is only 2 hrs away. They are willing to deal. Offered money off and a few freebees My local dealer tells me that if I buy from anyone else, I will need to go back to them for any warranty work. The thing that gets me, is the local dealer is nickel and dimeing me. Not offering any discounts, nothing for free (except a anchor and ropes). He wouldn't even throw in fender bumpers Anyone know what the Robalo policy is on this? Am I out of luck if I want to save a few bucks?
  7. Greetings I am in the market for a R200 or 222. I am curious to hear from owners of these. In real life, is there really much difference between the two (I am talking space. the extra 11 inches and the 2" width. Who looked at both, and what did you get. The 10-15k difference is big The folding seat on the 222. My wife is late 40s the bench seems a little heavy. She had a hard time lifting it (Don't we need to lift the seat and turn off the battery after every use) Is the seat really that heavy? Or was she just having a bad day? Deals on prices? there are still a few 2017 remaining (late october) I am being told they will only take $1000 off. On a boat with a Reel Deal of 58k, that doesn't seem like much of a discount