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  1. Jimbos jumbos

    Bottom paint with sea foam green?

    Mine has the top portion of the hull sea foam green. I should have just had the entire hull painted
  2. Jimbos jumbos

    Electronics box

    I have looked. Can’t find anything as nice as the one that was offered. Wish I would have ordered it when new
  3. Jimbos jumbos

    Bottom paint with sea foam green?

    Anyone out there have this color on thier boat with bottom paint ? I have a 222 and will have it in a wet slip this summer. I need to bottom paint it, and I am worried it won’t look good. Many pictures? I can’t find any images online
  4. Jimbos jumbos

    Robalo Warranty - Not

    I would have left it off. And made sure that pictures of the OBALO was in lots of my social media posts. I like Ike my boat. But if they failed to honor a warranty issue like that, I would make it my New Years resolution to let everyone know
  5. Jimbos jumbos

    2019 R222

    How is water getting to your bilge. Check your our raw water intake. The seal around mine was not good, water was entering there.
  6. Jimbos jumbos

    2019 R222

    New color. Gray. Looks sweet the hook logo is now included. 150 Yamaha no longer an option. 200 is standard. Higher prices than 2018
  7. Jimbos jumbos

    R222 explorer front fish boxes getting wet

    I don’t think that is the case here. The boat has been on a trailer the past month. The way the trailer sits, the bow is raised, so any water would run towards the stern I think water is coming in through the anchor storage area
  8. Jimbos jumbos

    R222 explorer front fish boxes getting wet

    I am not sure where the water is coming from. If you stick your head inside the box and look towards the bow, you can see the plywood from the deck. Maybe it isn’t sealed? If I knew where the water was coming in, I would seal it off
  9. Jimbos jumbos

    Obvious factory repair on Newly deliver R202

    I took delivery of a 2018 222ex last spring from a dealer in Annapolis. It had an repaired mark much bigger. I didn’t notice it at delivery. But it has turned a little yellow over one summer. I was told it had something to do with molding the top to the bottom. Nothing came from it. Hope you have better luck getting it fixed.
  10. Should the fish boxes in the bow on the Robablo center consoles be dry? I seem to remember the salesman using that as a selling point. Both of mine are getting water in them. I have a 2018 R222 explorer The boat is on a trailer. I cleaned it up a few weeks ago. Cleaned the inside of both boxes and wiped them dry. I even replaced the foam insulation seal on one box. I checked on my boat yesterday and there is water in both.
  11. Jimbos jumbos

    White powder coating

    I would spend the extra money on a hard top. You also get the box.
  12. Jimbos jumbos

    R222ex fire extinguisher location

    Just seeing the replies. Thank you. Exactly what I was thinking.
  13. Jimbos jumbos


    Someone already posted a simple reply on another thread. I have a R222 Put the motor all the way down unscrew the bulge access cap reach in and unscrew the the two wingnuts on the raw water filter/screen remove filter/screen/basket pour antifreeze in opening where you removed the basket turnnon pump. Continue to pour antifreeze until it comes out of the raw water i used a funnel and a 2 foot tube to make it easier to reach
  14. Jimbos jumbos

    Build it prices

    It is the web browser
  15. Jimbos jumbos

    Thinking About Robalo R207

    Blue crab. Congrats on the new boat. I was looking at both and ended up going with a center console 222ex. (I really like the seating on the 207, but the 222 has more room up front). I was going back and forth and was considering the use in the bay (I am on the Magothy near Annapolis). Unless you have a 27-30ft boat, when the bay gets rough, you won’t want to be out there in a 207, or 222. But the good news, in the summer, there are not many rough days on the bay. Dont worry about those that complain about quality. I am very happy with the quality of the boat.