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  1. Dr. Pat

    Boat Covers

    Excellent idea. I would like to see some pictures when done!
  2. Dr. Pat

    Boat Covers

    I have a 2017 r222ex with hard t top. Need front seat covers, console cover, leaning seat cover and engine cover. Anyone have such or suggestions?
  3. Dr. Pat

    2018 R200 factory mooring cover

    Hi, nice report and pictures of factory console and leaning post covers. Thanks! Where did you purchase the "factory console and leaning post covers" referenced in your post? And how much did they cost?
  4. Dr. Pat

    R222 with canvas top or hard top?

    Sure it will discolor over time. Also, if you keep the boat for many years you will have to replace the top and it probably would cost close to $1500 depending on the quality of the material. The fabric top is lighter than the fiberglass and if I am not wrong I believe the fabric top is a little bigger.
  5. Dr. Pat

    R226 Anchor

    Also, a chain is helpful as least half the length of the boat or better 3/4 of length. It positions and holds the anchor on the bottom and it protects the rope from rocks, etc.
  6. Dr. Pat

    Boat Trailer

    Very good instructions. Thanks for all the help!!
  7. Dr. Pat

    Power to console

    How about a broken kill switch?
  8. Dr. Pat

    R242 Fueling problems

    I have an idea that you all might want to try. Go to a hardware store and buy 2-3 feet or more of plastic tubing, perhaps 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 inch in diameter , then the next time you fill-up insert it into the opening of the mouth of the gasoline filling tube before you insert the nozzle of the pump. Be sure not to pinch or lose the tubing into the tank. This should allow air movement out of the tank as gas flows in. But be careful with fumes. In regard to filling up a tank, remember: 1. Fill-up in early in mornings because underground gas is colder and you will get a little more for your dollar. 2. Do not fill-up when the tanker truck is pumping gasoline into the station's tanks because you will get more water, rust, etc., into your tank. 3. Do not allow your tank to become empty (best to refill when tank is about half empty) because an empty tank will have more air in it and as you add gasoline the temperature will change and condensation will form and some water beads will form and be introduced to your tank; also air in an empty tank will be allowed to come into contact with metal of your tank, pump and sending unit which over time will corrode and cause a malfunction.
  9. Dr. Pat

    Boat Trailer

    I have a new Coyote Model 227/222 Aluminum Trailer with a 5 pin flat trailer/truck connector. My truck has a four pin flat connector. I understand that I could buy a 5 pin flat connector for my truck to eliminate the necessity of inserting a large pin/bolt in the tongue of the trailer to turn off the surge brakes solenoid. Does anyone know how to do this?
  10. Dr. Pat

    R222ES Storage

    It is worthless!!!! Robalo should save the cost of labor and materials and omit it or make it into a fold down foot-rest.
  11. Dr. Pat

    R242 Fueling problems

    How about checking the boats gasoline vents for blockage!
  12. Dr. Pat

    R227 Steering

    Hydraulic steering is on my 2017 R222es. It is better than the mechanical steering on my earlier boats. However, you have greater control and faster responses to steering at higher speeds, of course, you are going faster and must be more careful. The secret of steering at low speed is speed. Go slow, very slow. Look ahead and plan your direction, current and wind and speed carefully. Making corrections, is much slower than you will expect. Turning the wheel will NOT result in an immediate response as going fast. It will jerk, be sloppy and slow. Do not over-turn left or right at slow speeds or you will find yourself turning left and then right and then left, etc. It is best to get a knob and attach it to your wheel. Also, it is a great help and a wise decision to have 4 boat mates station on each side of the boat, bow and aft, to handle any obstacle that suddenly becomes too close. Make sure they have been trained on what to do; as to lean over the gunnel to prevent the boat from striking the dock or another craft, pushing off with a boat hook or using a boat hook to capture a cleat, etc.
  13. Dr. Pat

    New R200 owner-advice on radio placement

    You have a great plan. About the radio safety. Buy a good new radio to mount in dash or in the equipment storage t-top, etc. AND BUY a good quality portable one you attach to you belt or have close.
  14. Dr. Pat

    2018 price increase

    I bought a R222es several months ago. Now I seen that several unsold or used 2016 and 2017 as various Robalo dealer sites around the country have nice boats at much lower prices than I paid for my boat. Of course, there is the concern about, insurance, warranty, etc., if used.
  15. Dr. Pat

    Buying R227 - 200HP Performance

    Hi, I am not an expert on marine motors. I tried a R222ex with Y200 and Y250. The Y250 was a Yamaha 250XA V-Max V6. We paid the extra money for the Yamaha 250XA V-Max V6. It was faster with a light and heavy load. The engine was quieter and appeared not to strain. The V6 does have a few more moving parts that could break, but most Yamaha mechanics explained this engine is built to handle more wear-and-tear and would have less maintenance costs.