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  1. I tied the binocular's storage bag to the side of the leaning post. Used some extra bungees that were with the mesh bag I had bought for the other side to hold hand held vhf and miscellaneous stuff. Nice bag for the money. I think it was a 12"x16" from Tackle Web. Not a lot of storage with easy access on the R200!
  2. The dealer was able to call Robalo for me with the same questions. On the R200ES they had not calculated for compass with windshield down though. Should not be a issue on a dual console
  3. 2017 R200ES. 150hp. Coastal NC. Added trim tabs at dealer. Smaller size tabs. Corrects in an instant and does not interfere with ladder use. I've only been offshore once in 2-3 seas. No issues. Performed well, very minor spray once that I can remember and we were 12 miles out for a 5 or 6 hour run. The 150hp met expectations with three men on board. No issues at all with it. Planed well, cruised well using little fuel. Not a big deal now, but when gas goes up efficiency is a plus! The Bimini would suck if you plan on fishing in my opinion. I took mine off as soon as I got it October last year and it has not been on since. Up, it interferes with working a fish. Down, it covers your gunwales rod holders so they are useless! I am having a local welder fabricate a fold down t-top. Have to get it under a house. Some after markets would work for most, but not low enough for me. If you plan on doing much fishing that's probably a better option than Bimini if height is an issue. Plus you get more rod holders a higher mounting point for vhf antenna, can add a box for vhf radio (and storage which is poor on the ES), spreader lighting, etc. I'm using a hand held in the mean time. Overall I'm very pleased with the boat and motor, but only have 12-15 hours on it. Time will tell!
  4. GooseDog

    New R200 owner

    I trailer and have no shore power hooked up, so never really thought about it. If you have the R200ES maybe you could add a vent on the front of that seat area that could be closed when running?
  5. GooseDog

    New R200 owner

    We haven't been to Bald Head yet. Can't wait. Looking to take the boat to Provision Company across the inlet in Southport this spring. Good food and atmosphere. I got the last 2017 on the floor at Angler's and it had the 150 HP Yamaha. So far so good, but have not had more than three adults on the boat at a time. I did add the trim tabs to help balance the load and make up for any planing issues if the 150 was slow out of the hole. No problems yet, but t-top will add another 80-90lbs so crossing my fingers. Std aluminum prop. Mine had the Garmin 741xs combo. It fits nicely on the helm and seems to do a good job.
  6. GooseDog

    New R200 owner

    6 kings and a Bonita. It was my first time trolling for kings and I was not disappointed. Fun fish to catch! This was at Lighthouse Rocks. 12 miles or so offshore. The only other time I've done offshore fishing was to Frying Pan Tower on my brothers 30' center console. It was a blast. He says when it's calm my 20'er will be fine. Need 2' seas or less and they must be forcast for all day. Don't want to be 32 miles offshore if the weather turns! I'm on Oak Island. Used to go to Carolina Beach. Nice area. You're just across the Cape Fear and probably similar trip to get to the Tower or Lighthouse Rocks. Are you there year round?
  7. GooseDog

    New R200 owner

    This is the hatch I added to cover the hole where the aft port seat is on the R200ES. You can not tow with either of the rear seats in place. They will blow out. I remove fronts also. Not sure how they do, but I take no chances! Color not perfect, but it fits well.
  8. GooseDog

    New R200 owner

    Congrats on your new R200 Ronald. Got my R200ES a few months back for some of the same reasons; free board, head size for the ladies and boat to fit under house on pilings in NC coastal area. I had my flip down windshield installed by dealer. Now have about 89" in height with compass on trailer. Leaves me 3" - 4" to spare! On a calm weather day we went 12 miles offshore and the boat performed great. No issues. I did not want to keep the nice upholstery in place while fishing and unfortunately the R200ES has a big hole with no hatch cover when port rear seat is removed. I added a hatch from boat outfitters for about $200 and will feel much safer now when offshore. Not sure why this is overlooked by Robalo? It felt unsafe before the fix. Bimini just gets in the way when fishing and had it off. The t-top fabricator I'm dealing with said he did a fold down that was solid as can be for someone else so I am looking to add. It will fold forward and rest below the top of console so no added height. He's in the Wilmington area so may be in your neck of the woods if ever needed. About 45 minutes from me. I'll post back once done if anyone has an interest.
  9. I bought with the 150hp on our 2017 R200ES we took possession of Friday. It was the last 2017ES and to be honest I would have taken it with the 200hp if it was equipped that way. Wasn't worried about either of those, but did not want the standard 115hp. Per other threads and another R200 owner I spoke with, it seemed that if you are not worried about top speed or cruise speed differences of 3-5 mph the main concern was time to get on plane and resale. Since I was ordering trim tabs anyway, my thoughts are they will make up some of the difference out of the hole and I'll use the savings elsewhere. Previously only been a lake boater and this boat is for coastal waters that have more current than I'm used to so not sure how that changes things yet, if much at all. I've only been out once with two adults and three teenagers and it jumped on plane quickly with no tab use. Will post back once I've been out with 4 or 5 fat guys! Not worried about resale and I should be ok with the 150hp if something changes. Putting the $2500- $3000 savings into tabs ($720 dealer installed prior to delivery), VHF ($400 or so) and a folding T-top so I can get it under a house with only 93" of clearance. Got a plan for t-top, but no firm price. Looking to do in stainless steel (thinner, but stronger) tubing that starts near top of console instead of deck. Less metal = less weight and even if it's not as solid as a standard t-top it'll fit under my house and be a hell of a lot sturdier than the bimini that's on it!
  10. Salesman told me to silicon bottom of a crate I wanted for extra storage under Port side of R200ES and push it down hard where I want it. Let dry and it will stay. Not getting mine for a few days so have not actually tried it, but it makes sense as it could easily be removed if needed.
  11. Pridemarinegroup.com has Robalo specs for the R200. With tower it is stated as 11' even on trailer. You just may make it! I'll be taking delivery of my R200ES late this week or early next. I have only 92" for storage and I'm getting the fold down windshield installed over next few days. No t-top, but will be getting a custom fold down soft top made. All aftermarket ones I've seen don't fold all the way below my console height of 88". Check your measurements well. That website and Robalo info given to my dealer both state 88" with windshield down, but they did not count the 2" of compass sticking up! I'll post pictures (if I can figure out how) when done as storage height on trailer seems to be important to quite a few of us.
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