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  1. Bob Landry

    Yamaha 20 Hour Service

    My dealer wanted over $400 for a 20 hr service. That wasn't going to happen. I did it for $65 worth of lube and parts. The Yamaha manua specifies which maintenance items the owner can perform. It's not rocket science and there are a lot of you tube videos on Yamaha maintenance,
  2. Bob Landry

    Trolling Motor Install on R200

    ABYC requires that batteries sit in an acid proof tray and secured to resist a specified force without moving. I forget the ft lb spec. There is no requirement that the batteries be inclosed but the positive terminal has to have some kind of protective boot. To the OP... All of the lugs on the ends of your battery cables need to be sealed with adhesive lined heat shrink to insure they are water proof or the salt, even just the air, will eat you up. One suggestion. I've done a ton of marine wiring so I speak from experience. Get rid of the cheapie resettable circuit breaker and go with a Blue Sea panel mount breaker. The cheapies will fail at the most convenient time Over all, a very nice job.
  3. +1 With a couple of people, the 115 does OK, but with anything more, the 115 is a slug.
  4. Bob Landry

    Head Compartment Key

    That's not even close to what he needs. His is a square headed key with a 900 number on one side and Mobella stamped on the other.
  5. Bob Landry

    Head Compartment Key

    Start with Southco.com They make most of if not all of the latching fasters and locks used by the Marine industry including Robolo. Your lock is going to use a square head key with a "900" series number stamped on it. Hope this helps.
  6. Bob Landry

    R200 - 150 or 200HP?

    What is the real world MPH increase between the 150 and the 200? Is it worth almost $4K?
  7. Bob Landry

    Tackle drawers under my R200 leaning post

    That would be a great DIY project. Starboard is easily worked with standard power tools and there are a couple of adhesives out there that work well with it. All of the hardware that Boat Outfitters uses is available as well.
  8. Bob Landry

    R200 - 150 or 200HP?

    Thanks for the replies. Anyone else?
  9. Bob Landry

    R200 - 150 or 200HP?

    Wife wants to upgrade from a R180 to a R200. The current boat has a Yammy 115 and with 6 people in the boat, it is worse than anemic. With two people it would probably be OK. Looking for real world opinions and yes, I know bigger is better. The R200 spec says its only 400# heavier than my 180, and the 150HP on the 180 would probably be great, so I'm wondering if there would be a substantial performance improvement with the 200HO over the 150 with a 400# weight difference. By substantial, I mean, is there a $4000 difference in performance with the 200? We use our boat for day outings with friend knee-boarding, tubing, etc. I would like to hear from those who are running both with an honest assessment. That $4000 would buy a lot of fuel.
  10. Bob Landry

    Looking at a 20' ??

    Having been in the marine industry for over 20 years, several things in your post throw up a flag for me. Your decision should be determined by asking yourself, do you want a project boat, or do you want to go fishing? Reading your post gives the impression that you are probably already 75% decided on going ahead with the purchase and are just looking for someone to tell you all will be fine, but I'll throw out some opinions anyway. If you do not know what you are looking at, you need some professional help. A couple of hundred dollars spent on a survey by a competent surveyor, even on a 20' boat of that age is money well spent. If he discovers fiberglass delamination or a rotten transom, you are already money ahead. "Supposed to have had" is a relevant term, and is also a flag since you don't know who did the work or if it was even done. A lot of expensive problems can be covered up with paint and gelcoat. The motor needs to be checked out and a compression test done by an independent shop. Electronics regardless of age are doing to be disposable in a couple of years so don't let them influence the selling price one way or the other. If the trailer is iffy, that's also a major expense item. I would get the NADA book and go though it item by item and see what the boat is really worth. The prices are listed according to condition. You don't want to pay for someone's sentimental value regardless of age. Speaking of age, you're looking at a 30 year old boat, so proceed accordingly keeping in mind that a boat that old is going to have issues and anything that you have to hire out is going to be at least a $1000 bill. I have customers who have literally spent tens of thousands of dollars on "cheap" boats. I wish you well with this venture. Unless the price is so low you just can't pass it up, I would keep looking, but that's just me reflecting on some of the things I've seen go through boat yards and mechanics shops. BOAT= Break Out Another Thousand
  11. Bob Landry

    After market T-Top for R180

    All of the pre-fab tops are pretty much the same. I had one and my advce is to stay away from them. I had a Fishmaster that I couldn't keep tightened up and the stainless mounting bolts eventually stripped out the threads in the aluminum and I had to get a welder to weld up the whole thing. For only a few hundred $$$ more I got a custom built top for my current boat that's a work of art. With as much as you paid for your boat, don't cheap out and get something you are going to be unhappy with every time you look at your boat. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
  12. Bob Landry

    Power to console

    It's interesting that Robalo would use circuit breakers to feed devices on the console when the switch panels are all protected by a circuit breaker on each switch.
  13. You can download a parts list PDF for any Robalo. Get your dealer to order one. You may pay a little more, but it will match.
  14. There's probably room under the port side jump seat for a second engine battery. If that second battery is for emergency starting only, you could come off the 12V battery of your trolling battery back, and go through a Blue Sea dual circuit battery switch for emergency starting. That's what I did on my Seaark to conserve weight. ,With the trolling batteries under the console, it would be easy to mount a switch and run the cables back to the start battery. If you really want the security of a second starting battery, I would look at putting one on each side. At any rate, and as mentioned above, the 115 is not a power house and if you add another battery in the back and have people in the jump seats, it's going to struggle so I would get as much weight as possible mid-ship. Right now our 180 is only a play boat for kneeboarding and tubing, but the wife is making noise about wanting to rig it out for fishing so I may be facing these same issues in the near future.
  15. Bob Landry

    Raw water inlet ball valve

    That inlet probably feeds the live well, so constantly opening and closing it would be a PITA.