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  1. This will probably require some critical thinking. I have a R200 that is basically a play boat for kneeboarding, tubing, skiing, etc. I'm looking for a way to hold skis when they are not in use. I'm using eye loops and webbing straps to hold 2 boards on each side, but I don't know what to do with the skis so tht they are not laying on the deck causing a trip hazard.. I have a bimini instead of a T-Top, so the standard holders will not work. Any ideas?
  2. I'm guessing the monsterous Gen2 wasn't selling well.
  3. The plug on my R200 is a hardware type brass plug, 1/2'-NPT. You can probably also find it in PVC.
  4. Lots of dealers in Kemah.I would think competition there would be fierce. South Austin Marine in Austin is a Robalo dealer.
  5. Coat any exposed fiberglass with epoxy. Use 2-3 coats and it will stay dry. 4200 will work fine for sealing.Do not use 5200.
  6. Another shoutout to Coyote Trailers. The trailer that came with my new R200 has a wheel(double axle) that cants to the inside. One phone call to coyote and I had a return call from their warranty dept and they were in contact with my dealer. The trailer is at the dealers now getting measured and photographed and no doubt that Coyote is going to make it right. Everyone makes mistakes on the manufacturing floor, but real test is how those mistakes are handled. I don't think I could ask more of Coyote.
  7. I replaced the original bunk boards on another trailer using the slick plastic type material. I didn't have to recarpet and I drilled countersinks using a Forstner bit so the hex heads were below the top surface of the bunk. You don't want to unhook your boat before the trailer is in the water for obvious reasons. So far it has worked well and I may end up doing it to the new Coyote trailer. At the least, I would rebunk using treated lumber and new carpet.
  8. It sounds like a bad electronic module. Be sure to verify that the condenser fan is running. If it freezes up, and it's a common problem, the EM will sense the increase current dra of the fan trying to run, and keep the unit from running.
  9. Check 12VDC at the top two connections. Note that Neg is the top terminal. Look for a fuse on the electric module. Some models may not have one. If the cooling fan does not run, unplug it at the electronic module and see if the unit starts up. If it does, you have a bad fan. It can keep the box from cooling. Remove the wires on terminals T & C and jumper across them. This bypasses the thermostat. If the fridge runs, then the thermostat is bad. Neither the thermostat or fan are difficult to replace. If the unit cycles on and off at approx 25 second intervals, the the electronic module is bad. The Danfoss compressors rarely fail so that is a last choice. I think I have seen three fail in 15 years.
  10. The tire is canted both when parked or being towed and no tire wobble when towed. There are no adjustment points on these trailers. They are welded out in a jig and what comes out of that is what it is. I've contacted Coyote with photos and they agree there is a problem. They are going to contact my dealer to move toward a resolution with either a repair of the axle or replacement of it. It only took one phone call to Coyote to get this rolling. That speaks volumes for the company IMHO. On the other hand, my dealer inspected the trailer on Friday and to my knowledge, has not yet attempted to call Coyote. I guess that speaks volumes also.
  11. The left front tire on my Coyote trail has an inward camber of approx. 4-5 degrees. I wrote it off at first thinking it was because of parking on non-level groung. After parking in a concrete surface I looked at it again and verified that the tire slants toward the inside. I too it to my dealer and one of his techs and myself wen all over the trailer checking measurements, etc and found absolutely nothing out of wack, no irregular dimensions... Nothing... There are no adjustments at all for tire alignment, everything is welded or bolted. My dealer is supposed to contact Coyote and see if they can offer any suggestions. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else with a new trailer.
  12. V-Lock also makes a mount that should work for you.
  13. Keep in mind that the components used on just about every production line boat is going to be an aftermarket part.If the boat builder can buy them you can also, and for a lot cheaper than the dealer's markup.
  14. There is a starboard panel the the battery switch is mounted to with some separate circuit breakers next to the battery switch. One of those is probably for the radio. Also check the instructions for the radio to see if there may be a fuse on the back side. The sonar, I would call the manufacturer.
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