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  1. Bob Landry

    Blemish in hull side

    Even if it was from a defect in the mold, that's not a reason to ignore it. The fiberglass guys fix stuff like that every day.
  2. Bob Landry

    What are the Hoses For?

  3. Bob Landry

    What are the Hoses For?

    In the packet that came with my new R200 there were two lengths of clear vinyl tubing, about 14" long. One had nothing attached to it, the other had a threaded barb fitting on one end and what looked like a garden hose fitting with a push pin stuck in the cap. I'm stumped.
  4. Bob Landry

    Garmin GPSMap 1242 in R180

    1. Go to Garmin's sight. 2. Download the cutout template for the graph your looking at 3.Print it out. Make sure it prints at 100%. 4. Cut it out and see if it fits.
  5. Bob Landry

    R200 Came Today

    I measured between the radio on the left side and the gauges on the right. I have templates for the 7 & 8" Garmins. I'll use them to check to see what will fit when I get the boat.
  6. Bob Landry

    R200 Came Today

    Delivered today and it's being rigged. Pick it up Saturday morning. I measured the open area on the face of the console and it MIGHT be big enough for the 7" Garmin. :{ I guess Robalo figures that if you don't order their option it will not be used for anything else. I was hoping to be able to use something bigger. Now I'm thinking about something like a Balzout mount and just use one of my Humminbird Helix 12s and just remove it when it's not needed. Oh well, it gives me a reason to not cut a hole in the console. All in all it's a pretty nice boat.
  7. Bob Landry

    Rusted Thru-Hull

    The parts from Asia are usually made of Taiwanium.
  8. Bob Landry

    Owners Manual

    Are the manuals available for the 2020 models? Is there enough of a difference between the 2019s and 2020s to not download the 2019?
  9. Bob Landry

    Bilge pump

    A boat of that age is likely to have had more than a few electrical and mechanical parts replaced by well intending but unknowing owners. Everyone want to think they are a boat mechanic. Verify that the auto bilge switch functions with the battery turned off. It should have it's own breaker by the battery switch. I haven't checked mine to see if the manual bilge function works with the battery off.
  10. Bob Landry

    What is under the helm seat of a R305WA

    Maybe Robalo should take it back and rebuild it correctly on their nickel. I think the builders use mostly unskilled labor. That's why it's not uncommon to have a boat surveyed during various stages of it's production. For that much money, I would want to know everything was done correctly beginning with the hull layup. If you are not the original owner, you may have little recourse. Good Luck.
  11. Bob Landry

    Jack Plate

    Jusr curious, why put a jack plate on an offshore fishing boat. The draft of the boat is not going to let you go in shallow enough water for it to be of any meaningful use.
  12. Bob Landry

    R160/F70 Prop size

    With your boat loaded the way you would normally run it, your prop should put you at the top of the operating range at WOT. As far as diameter, I would consult with Yamaha or a competent prop shop before I just started indiscriminately started changing prop sizes. Go too far the wrong way and you risk engine damage. You can get into a lot of trouble trying to get something out of a motor that just isn't there.You can get some well meant but terribly wrong information on the Internet.
  13. Bob Landry

    R200/150 Prop Size

    Still waiting for my R200 to arrive. Thinking about a 4 blade prop to get lift on the rear, and not really wanting trim tabs. I know top end will suffer some, but I'm not a speed freak, so that's OK. We do a lot of recreation, skiing, knee boarding with fairly large loads in the boat, so I just need the lift. What props are you running successfully on your 200/Yammie 150 combos?
  14. Bob Landry

    Trailering R160 with windshield folded down

    My folding windshield on my R180 has never been folded down. I seriously doubt you are putting that much force on the windshield at 65MPH. Just go enjoy your boat.
  15. Bob Landry

    Gelcoat Repair Kit

    Thanks, Haz..