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  1. Matt_P

    New R200 owner

    I have the same situation with my 227, I have to lower my bimini before it gets put in the rack. Can you post a picture of the cleats you installed?
  2. Has anyone moved from a r227 to a r247? If so, how noticeable is the extra 2'6" of length in terms of the ride? If anyone has had both of these boats out I would be interested in knowing your thoughts.
  3. Matt_P

    buying from non local dealer?

    The Scout 225XSF isn't longer than the Robalo. Scout is notorious for including swim platforms in their LOA measurement. Look at their website and see how far the 225XSF swim platforms extended behind the boat. Subtracting those, I would predict the 225XSF is shorter (LOA based on running hull) than the Robalo. As you mentioned the Robalo and Scout are different boats. The 225XSF weighs 2200lbs w/o motor, the Robalo 222EX is 3700lbs with motor, so subtract 600lbs and you have 3100lbs. If Scout made a boat a foot longer and ~30% lighter than Robalo that would be saying a lot. Regarding the NAP pricing, I am for it. It helps with the used market in addition to keeping the initial buying process drama free. When I called on a Whaler and they took 20% off the price 30 seconds into a phone call, having not ever been to the dealer before, I knew the prices people are asking for whalers are BS. The fact is some people love to negotiate and feel like they WIN!!!!! The numbers behind the deal are more important than the boat you are buying.
  4. Matt_P

    How much anchor rode in R227 anchor locker?

    Thanks for the info! I was at West Marine this weekend looking at the anchors and rode. I didn't see an 8lb Fortress anchor, but did see a FX-7, which is actually 4lbs, that is recommended for our size boats. Is that the size Fortress anchor you have on your boat?
  5. How much anchor rode can people fit in the anchor locker of a 227? I want to put a new rode in my boat, the current one doesn't have enough chain, and I am trying to see what others are using.
  6. Matt_P

    Vent on bow of R227?

    Thanks for the info! The horn isn't labeled in the manual. I would normally spray down my anchor locker with fresh water after using the anchor. Is this a bad idea due to the wiring for the horn being in the anchor locker?
  7. Matt_P

    Vent on bow of R227?

    I have tried searching and I can't figure out what is the purpose of the vent on the starboard side of the bow. I reached my hand in the anchor locker to see if I could feel it and all I felt was some wiring, which I assume is for the navigation lights. I circled the vent with red in the attached picture. Anyone know the purpose of this vent?
  8. Matt_P

    Buying R227 - 200HP Performance

    I have a 227 with the 200HP and it seems fine for my needs. I had 8 people (4 adults, 4 kids) on the boat and did some cruising/tubing and it performed fine. My top end speed is limited by the size of the boat relative sea conditions. I don't feel comfortable cruising faster than 30MPH in my boat (which is ~4000 RPM with the 200HP) unless it is a super calm day on the LIS so the only thing the 250HP would get me is a faster hole shot, which would be a nice to have but not a need to have. I asked for a quote for an upgrade to the 250 and it didn't seem worth the cost to me.
  9. Matt_P

    Fuel tank indicator

    I have a new 227 and noticed the fuel gauge is not true to reality. I had half a tank so I tried putting in ~50 gallons and when I got to 30 gallons the tank spit gas at me and the gauge was full. Since my boat is very new I don't know what is typical, but it seems the top half of the gauge drops faster than the bottom half of the gauge. I have been cruising at half a tank for a few days, including a couple 15+ mile runs. I have had cars that have the similar behavior. Burn the first 1/4 tank in 20 miles and then the last 3/4 of a tank takes hundreds of miles.
  10. I know this might sound strange, but wondering if anyone has found a magic water bottle that works well in the cup holders Robalo uses? The narrow part of hte cup holder seems to hold normal drinks (cans) but what brand bottle fits well in the wide portion of the cup holder?
  11. Matt_P

    AMPS from cigarette outlet at helm 2017 R227

    Thanks for the info! I just wanted to avoid getting something too high powered that wouldn't work with my boat.
  12. I am looking to buy a spotlight that I can plug in at the helm. Anyone know the power rating on cigarette lighter outlet that is at the helm?
  13. Matt_P

    R200 head light

    On my 227 you need to turn a switch on (courtesy I believe) at the helm and then you press the center of the light fixture (press on the light lens) in the head to turn the light on.
  14. Matt_P

    R227 Trailer

    Just picked up a new R227 and I am in the market for a trailer for a R227. Anyone have a recommendation for a trailer that works well with a R227?