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  1. From my experience overall quality control and especially customer service are awful at Robalo. I wont bore you with all the details but OGR and NJ Robert are right on point. I have a 2018 R222 and some of the shortcuts and sloppy work is just dumb, and for a few pennies and quality control could be improved. Small example: the large heavy bilge access door has wood type screws attaching the rear hinge of this door with no washers and the fiberglass is all cracked up, screws aren't even penetrating all the way through as opposed to the same hinge has proper through bolts for the front screws of the same hinge as seen in picture. Really, its simple but sloppy. This is my first new boat and I like the ride of my boat and certain features, I realize there is no perfect boat but when corporate straight ignores customers and funnel you back to the dealer who cant or wont solve the issues your stuck. I thought I was in the twilight zone alone until others had the same or worse experience. Not sure why people take offense and blame the victims for telling it like it is, if your satisfied with your quality and workmanship you should feel lucky. I wouldn't buy another Robalo even if it means spending more.
  2. I have a2018 R222 CC with lean post bait tank, problem is only 15 gal which is way too small, am considering buying a new leaning post with built in 40 gal bait tank. Has anyone done this or any recommendations. Another thought is to gut the existing storage area under seat and make it all bait tank, could probably double the size. Not keen on throwing an aux tank on the swim step, due to weight balance and access to bait tank, definitely cheaper though. Appreciate any feedback, especially from OG
  3. Boat Outfittters does an acrylic upgrade, you send them original as a pattern or make a template. Haven't heard any feedback about them.
  4. I have an 2018 R222 CC with a console bait tank, I would like to replace the existing solid lid with a quality clear lid. Anyone have a recommendation where I could get one or have it made?
  5. Anyone with a Clarion CMS2 stereo, standard with many Robalos may be interested to know of an available Clarion MF1 RF remote control on Amazon for less than 20 bucks. I just installed one and it works up to about 20 to 30 ft away from my boat. I've seen these elsewhere up to $47
  6. Hey T. I did an upgrade on my R222 and had enough clearance for JL speakers. I also used light rings behind my speakers which gave me even more space. You can also do the same or you can add a spacer ring made from starboard or similiar, but likely you wont need the xtra space. As for speaker wire check specs for speaker, when in doubt go for a little heavier. You tube has a real cool R200 which is what gave me my inspiration search you tube : 2018 Robalo 2020 explorer You can also see some pics of my project on this forum just search R222 stereo upgrade
  7. I have the same issue with a 2018 R222, I am able to balance out with one trim tab about half way. It would be real annoying without the trim tabs for sure
  8. I kept the original Clarion head unit and added all JL M6 led speakers. I put the 7.7 speakers in the existing rear speaker just reamed the hole out a bit and it fits between rod holder tubes. I got the JL 800/8 channel amp and added the JL M6 led Vex Pod speakers on the ttop frame which really opens the sound and puts it at ear level. I also added Led light rings behind the speakers and a led remote controller. Last item was a 10" Jl M6 subwoofer and a bass control knob, it sounds excellent.
  9. If you add the external bait tank would like to see some pics, I have a 222 as well and the existing tank is so small.
  10. I live in Los Angeles, I have an 2018 R222 and enjoy fishing and cruising. Furthest I have taken my boat offshore is to Catalina Island about 35 miles each way. 

  11. Look carefully for spider or larger cracks throughout the boat, check transom, gel coat, deck and inside the console and bilge area it's only warrantied for a year. I have found too many cracks and chips to continue running back and forth to the dealer 60 miles away, latest is a quarter size chip inside the bow fish box that I watched chip away while hosing down. Stripped or missing screws are common also once you take possession take photographs and report issues promptly to the dealer in writing with photos. Quality control, fit and finish has a lot of room for improvement. Robalo should also make simple and obvious improvements that are on par with the cost of their boats. One example is on my 2018 R222 , the console switches are not even backlit and the cockpit has no overhead light, putting friction hinges in the console door so it doesn't slam shut in snotty conditions. As for options I would definitely order the factory trim tabs, everything else your right you can customize and put what you want in the boat. Good luck, and enjoy your boat
  12. Wow seems that Robalo would integrate these type of inexpensive common sense solutions into their builds, imagine an $80,000 car with no interior illumination for gauges. Just the fact that they don't seem to value and utilize specific owner feedback/suggestions seems like a real missed opportunity.
  13. Ba Fisher and OGR thanks for your contributions to the forum, you have helped me and provided support that I haven't found with dealers or corporate. No kidding but if Robalo hired you guys for tech support it would be a huge improvement, got my vote heck I might even get a finders fee...just kidding. Thanks Guys
  14. Update us on what worked when you finish. Thanks
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