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  1. Dabbles

    Console Backlit Switches

    Wow seems that Robalo would integrate these type of inexpensive common sense solutions into their builds, imagine an $80,000 car with no interior illumination for gauges. Just the fact that they don't seem to value and utilize specific owner feedback/suggestions seems like a real missed opportunity.
  2. Ba Fisher and OGR thanks for your contributions to the forum, you have helped me and provided support that I haven't found with dealers or corporate. No kidding but if Robalo hired you guys for tech support it would be a huge improvement, got my vote heck I might even get a finders fee...just kidding. Thanks Guys
  3. Update us on what worked when you finish. Thanks
  4. Yes both good ideas, keep in mind space is very tight inside the tube so not sure how useful snake and pick up tool will be. We used the modified zip tie to insert into the down tube and retrieve the braided line, its pretty tight in there. Dont forget to run a second line afterwards and leave in place for any future wiring needs. Some Vhf radios have built in gps now so you dont have to connect to your gps/plotter anymore to get coordinates automatically for DSC or MMSI digital calling. Only thing is you wouldn't be able to see the gps location of other vessels on your gps that have put out a DSC distress call. Oh well, good luck it took us about a good solid 2 hours but its done and learned a couple of tricks in the process.
  5. NMEEA CABLE Update: So after getting a $1200 dollar quote by my local Robalo dealer while it was in for warranty work, I decided to try it myself. I traced the existing wire to the rear starboard TTop down tube. That's where all the wires are routed in inside the electronics box of the fiberglass ttop. I tied 50lb braide line to a 1/2 oz eggs sinker, other end to the cable and dropped the sinker down the tube. Then you have to fish the braided line out the tube from inside the console. This was not an easy task, must be patient and determined, also best to have a helper to jiggle the string so person in console can locate and retrieve it. Tip: My buddy thought of using a long zip tie to snag the braided line from inside the console. He cut little angled slits in the edges of the zip tie to snag the braided line. Its very tight and flexibility of zip tie was the ticket. OHHHH and of course we ran another line and left in place for any future wiring needs like radar.
  6. Dabbles

    Console Backlit Switches

    Took R222 out lobster fishing at night for the first time and was disappointed that the console switches are not backlit? Am I missing something or do these switches just not have illumination at night?
  7. OGR I just want to thank you for your knowledge and willingness to share. I got your emails on the R222 leakage solutions and the wiring . Detailed and very helpful
  8. I had to laugh when I got my customer survey, it was like someone talking and not saying anything. It's more of a report card on your dealer rather than allowing one to reflect on the whole culture of crappy customer service within the Robalo division. It didn't even have a section to add comments, or deviate from their single minded shallow survey questions. They ask a few questions but only want to hear certain answers, completely tone deaf.
  9. Dabbles

    Stress crack on console floor

    Wow sorry to see this situation, I had water in the console and the 5 gal bucket compartment as well in my brand new R222. First thing I did was put some weatherstrip around the bucket compartment lip, same as is on the fish lockers in the bow. I saw this improvement on this forum and it eliminates most of the water leakage significantly. Why Robalo doesn't do this is a mystery to me. Also put friction hinges on all the hatch doors and the console door. The other thing I do is put my boat on an angle to drain water towards bilge before I wash it, by placing a large brick under the jack wheel and extending wheel all the way down to lift bow. I also got a small 4 gal 5hp Ridgid wet vac to suck out the remaining residue of water in the bilge and all compartments.
  10. Dabbles

    Friction Hinges for R222 Console Door ?

    Update: I ordered these hinges they are smaller and thinner than the original so they wont work. I might be able to have some made, will update if I find something.
  11. I have a 2018 R222 with fiberglass t-top, the vhf radio is mounted in electronics box. I want to run a nmea cable from vhf to garmin gps in center console via the nmea backbone. That way the vhf dsc feature sends gps coordinates with a distress call. Does anyone know how the wires in the electronics box are routed to the center console? Are they routed inside the t top tube frame down to the console or what? I was hoping to avoid drilling holes but not sure if that's an option. I don't know why they didn't just connect these units together at factory when they put the nmea backbone in the boat they are both factory installed.
  12. Dabbles

    Friction Hinges for R222 Console Door ?

    Ok thanks a bunch, I was already eyeballing these online and they looked close to me as well. I will order and see how things workout and update results
  13. Dabbles

    Friction Hinges for R222 Console Door ?

    Not sure on the new models, but with friction hinges the doors and hatches stay open at any position. Example your anchor door or your consoled door, with a simple hinge these doors and latches stay in a fixed open position until you close them. Very convenient and safer. When I open anchor locker or storage for bucket the door stays open rather than closing or banging, also good for airing out these areas. Hope they have upgraded these, very simple too.
  14. Does anyone happen to know where to get matching friction hinges for the console door of a 2018 R222 , or has already replaced their hinges? Has anyone replaced their hinges and have the sizes and details? I don't know why they don't just use friction hinges on all their hatches and doors, just seems like such an overdue upgrade? Thanks any replies
  15. Dabbles

    Wash down

    Sounds like maybe your valve is not open, did you check that the water valves in the bilge, back of the boat are both open? Hopefully that's it