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    2012 R180 Bimini boot/cover

    Hi, I am trying to find a Robalo branded boot cover for my bimini top. It disappeared last year and I assume it blew off the boat somewhere. I bought a replacement off Amazon but it doesn't fit like the original. Thanks!
  2. sssmith1

    Garboard drain plug

    Thanks FullThrottle. I ordered the spare from Amazon that you provided the link for... it'll be just right for a spare and having an orange plug on my keys serves as a nice reminder.
  3. sssmith1

    Garboard drain plug

    Hello... does anyone know the correct size garboard drain plug to buy for a R180? I only have one and want to buy a replacement. There is only place online that I can find with the correct part number, 34.00200, but he wants $18 plug another 10 bucks for shipping. Seems excessive for a plastic plug. Has anyone purchased a plug from somewhere that they are happy with?