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  1. According to the Yamaha owners manual it states to use Loctite 572 thread sealant when reinstalling the lower cowling apron bolts on the lower unit after changing the engine oil on my Yamaha 250. Unable to locate Loctite 572 in a store and generally hard to find and expensive, has anyone come up with an equal alternative. I’ve read Permatex may have a similar product and other brands including plain grease. Would love to use what Yamaha says, problem is Loctite 572 is not readily available. Any comments or ideas would be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Didn’t use my boat (2016 Robalo R227) as much as I wanted to this year. Would like to try to siphon it out of the fuel filler. It has been treated, but just looking to get a few gallons out. I tried one time to stick a siphon hose down the filler but had no luck. Anybody had any success with this project. Thanks!
  3. Recently purchased a used 2016 Robalo R227. The stereo system was factory installed. In reading the owners manual it repeatedly talks about the “black box” and what it does and various functions it performs. I’m assuming it is part of the whole package, but the problem is I can’t find it. Can anyone tell me where theirs is located? Or am I missing something and it doesn’t exist. Thank you in advance.
  4. Recently purchased a 2016 R227. The boat was in freshwater and will now be in saltwater. I noticed the ball valve at the raw water inlet was open. I really have no intention of using the live well or saltwater wash down. Plan on closing then valve. Is there an electric solenoid in the line to keep water out if the ball valve is open. Basically why was the valve left open? Thank you
  5. I recently picked up a 2016 R227 with a ski/tow bar. Looking at different companies and options for a cover. Once I mention the ski bar I get raised eyebrows. Was hoping someone picked up a store bought semi custom cover and was happy with it. One person suggested I go one size larger. Don't want to go custom, next season I'll have indoor storage. Thank you, Bruce
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