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  1. Boatdogz

    Drain tube for live well

    Hi everyone. I finally used my live well on my R200 for the first time with a pint of minnows for fluke fishing. Is the drain tube thread a standard size? I’d like to use a shorter tube so there’s not as much water in the tank and it would be easier to catch those rascals and put them to work. I’ve seen replacement tubes but not sure if the threads are identical. Thanks!
  2. I’ve been having a good time making up my own flounder rigs. The one single item i can’t seem to find is metal spinners. Who has the broadest selection of tackle rigging supplies? On line preferably.
  3. Boatdogz

    Tackle drawers under my R200 leaning post

    Thank you Haz!
  4. Boatdogz

    R200 radio install/adding glove box?

    Excellent. Appreciate the follow-up!
  5. Boatdogz

    R200 radio install/adding glove box?

    Aandrews...thanks. I appreciate you taking the time. I really want Tom get this thing mounted without the expense and loss of room from a e-box or cutting holes in the dash. This seems like an ideal situation...
  6. Boatdogz

    R200 radio install/adding glove box?

    Resurrecting. A year later and I still haven’t installed my radio. AANDREWS109...if you are still around could you possibly post a few pictures of your radio install on Starboard on your R200? Interested in placement overhead as well as hook up in the back. Much appreciated!
  7. Boatdogz

    R207 modifications

    Thanks. I liked the Sailfish but-and please no offense meant-my wife thought it looked a little clunky in the showroom. (We also we’re comparing it to a Scout in the showroom which is a lovely boat though way out of my price range.). We decided to stick with Robalo although I still have not pulled the trigger. Are you taking the Sailfish offshore at this point? How far? I’m in South Jersey. It’s 70 miles to deep water. I hate mixed feedback on taking a 24’ boat that far out...
  8. Boatdogz

    R207 modifications

    Curious about the Sailfish 245. Looked at this boat-well featured for sure and lots of seating. Did you look at the Robalo 24’ DC? If so, what was the deciding factor to go Sailfish?
  9. Boatdogz

    Tackle drawers under my R200 leaning post

    Perfect! Pretty much what I’m looking for although I think I’d like to put a trash can on the one side. Do you think Boatoutfitters has the dimensions on hand? I’m assuming the leaning post on the R200 is the same as the Cayman. Haz-as always you are an amazing resource about all things Robalo!
  10. Boatdogz

    R200 tackle storage

    Just saw this threads....Raul-can you provide a little more in fo on what you did? Pix would be awesome!
  11. Investigating putting a drawer/cabinet unit under the leaning post in my R200. Never use the cooler there and think I might get lucky with something stock (or custom?) from Boatoutfitters or someone like that. Two questions: Has anyone here done anything like that? I’m three hours away from my boat—can someone help me out with the general undewr the post dimensions? It’s going to be several weeks before I see her again. Thanks!
  12. Boatdogz

    R200 Storage ideas

    Boats been in storage since the Fall....can’t recall the brand. It’s not a T Bag. The jump seat boxes are removable so no issue getting back there. Really an ingenious idea.
  13. Boatdogz

    R200 Storage ideas

    I’ve done two things on my R200 that have helped. Get yourself a life vest T Top storage bag...there are a number of good brands out there. That frees up room in the front compartments. Hate to be the guy that says search, but search this topic on the forum. There was a thread several years ago that explained how to construct basket storage under the two jump seats in the stern. I followed the directions and wound up with some pretty handy storage for Plano boxes and other fishing gear. In two seasons my head has only been used once. Technically, that space is storage as well.
  14. Boatdogz

    Simrad v. Garmin

    I have a Garmin plotter on my R200. I like it...seems to work well and easy to operate. But as I look at maybe moving up choices include Garmin and Simrad. The Simrad options are always less expensive. Can someone enlighten me? Is there a “better or worse”? We’re talking several hundred dollars difference. Thanks!
  15. I’m sorry to ask this but my boat is several hours away and packed up for the winter. Can anyone give the the LxWxH dimensions UNDER the leaning post (where the cooler typically goes) for a 2016/2017 R200? I’m thinking of building or buying tackle storage under there as I don’t use the space for the cooler and, heaven knows, the boat is light on storage space. Thanks.