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  1. Boatdogz

    R200 Storage ideas

    Boats been in storage since the Fall....can’t recall the brand. It’s not a T Bag. The jump seat boxes are removable so no issue getting back there. Really an ingenious idea.
  2. Boatdogz

    R200 Storage ideas

    I’ve done two things on my R200 that have helped. Get yourself a life vest T Top storage bag...there are a number of good brands out there. That frees up room in the front compartments. Hate to be the guy that says search, but search this topic on the forum. There was a thread several years ago that explained how to construct basket storage under the two jump seats in the stern. I followed the directions and wound up with some pretty handy storage for Plano boxes and other fishing gear. In two seasons my head has only been used once. Technically, that space is storage as well.
  3. Boatdogz

    Simrad v. Garmin

    I have a Garmin plotter on my R200. I like it...seems to work well and easy to operate. But as I look at maybe moving up choices include Garmin and Simrad. The Simrad options are always less expensive. Can someone enlighten me? Is there a “better or worse”? We’re talking several hundred dollars difference. Thanks!
  4. I’m sorry to ask this but my boat is several hours away and packed up for the winter. Can anyone give the the LxWxH dimensions UNDER the leaning post (where the cooler typically goes) for a 2016/2017 R200? I’m thinking of building or buying tackle storage under there as I don’t use the space for the cooler and, heaven knows, the boat is light on storage space. Thanks.
  5. Boatdogz

    Garmin vs. Simrad

    Using the build a boat feature it seems that the Simrad electronics are significantly less expensive that “similar” Garmin. For example, a fully loaded, dual screen with Radome and radio, both having NMEA, side by side is almost $2,500 less expensive with Simrad. I’m sure they’re both great or Robalo wouldn’t be offering them but what is the difference to show that large a gap in the price? Thanks
  6. Boatdogz

    Has anyone fished an Explorer?

    Thinking of an upgrade to an Explorer model. Seems like a good value and I like the family friendly seating in the back. I do have a question about the ability to fish off the back with the fiberglass seating....has anyone done that? How has it worked for you?
  7. Boatdogz

    Adding Trim Tabs to R200

    Thinking of adding aftermarket trim tabs to my 2017 R200 to help even out the rif=de and handle heavier swell. Very basic questions: Is this a good idea? How much should I expect to spend? Any other inputs? Thanks!
  8. Boatdogz

    R200 exposed to smoke and soot, cleaning?

    Good to hear. Mines up in the next few days...
  9. Boatdogz

    R200 exposed to smoke and soot, cleaning?

    Let me know how you make out. Same situation but I haven’t gotten the appraisal results back yet. I was very, very close to the action.
  10. Boatdogz

    Care and Cleaning of Canvas

    Thanks to all!
  11. Boatdogz

    Care and Cleaning of Canvas

    Looking for care instructions for the console and leaning post canvas on my R200. End of season so everything is off the boat before wrapping and stowage. Can the fabric be laundered or drycleaned? Thanks
  12. Boatdogz

    CC v. DC—help me decide

    It’s either going to be a 242 or a 247. Both great in their own way. Help me decide. Do about 50/50 fishing/family. Want something i can get 25-30 miles out in that’s also family functional...
  13. Boatdogz

    Shade brow over the electronics screen

    Thanks Haz...you’re always the fastest to respond with great information. $59 is a bit salty...i do like the idea of creating it myself. May be a good wintertime project!
  14. Does any one sell a mountable shade that would mount to the dash over my 7” electronics screen to provide a little more shade from the sun? Thinking something like black foam covered in vinyl that would adhesive mount...
  15. Boatdogz

    2019 27'CC

    My dealer said he may have it on the floor by September.