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  1. Just ordered my 247 which “had” to have the entertainment center per the Social Director. The cooler that goes underneath does not seem very user friendly. The videos I’ve seen make it appear you have to lift it over a small lip to get access. Not ideal if filled with 20-30 lbs of ice and beverages. I’m wondering if one could mount aftermarket items on the stern side of the EC. For example, as tilt out trash can or a set of drawers. (These items are available through several boat equipment retailers. Anyone do that? What did you install?
  2. Using the Robalo site to look at build options on a 247. Need some clarification on one thing in particular (and opinions on a couple others): There is an option for a “fiberglass starboard seat without levers”. What exactly is that and how is it different from whatever stock seat that is standard? Also, if you chose to weigh in: Beach weave carpet...any opinions? Nice to have for afternoon cruises? Hardtop is now listed as only white powder coat., Anyone know if I can still order anodized aluminum? Is there an unlisted option for a 350 HP engine eith
  3. Recently saw someone say that TowBoat USA was his second engine. That makes a lot of sense to me. Save the money and put it into radar and larger screens.
  4. Haz...as usual, you come through. Actually think the first alternative zip tied to the overhead may do it. It will go on perpendicular so it would require two zips in an “X” pattern to hold I think. Thanks..
  5. Just to get it up out of the way and yet still accessible. I’m thinking there has to be a two sided clip that clips ONTO the T Top tubing and allows the pole to clip INTO the other side. Alas, my internet search has come up empty. Any thoughts??
  6. My 2017 R200 came with an aluminum (I think) prop. The Service Manager at my marina and I got to talking Sunday while I was flushing my engine on a wash rack. He said I’d get more better performance (faster WOT and quicker hole shot) if I upgrade to a SS prop PLUS I’d get my money back in resale value. I think the going rate for Prop and install (I’m not a boating DYIer) is around $500. What do you think? Worth it? What should I look for...suggestions?
  7. Looking to move to a DC from my R200. The CC was my first boat but finding we spend a bit more time cruising and entertaining than fishing (though I still want to fish). The DC layout is a nice compromise. I’ve been looking at 24’ boats but am coming to realize it’s probably more boat than I need. I’ve been kind of snobbish about going down in size from 24’ because you are likely going to wind up with a Bimini. My question is this: If you’ve been in a hardtop and moved to a Bimini how do you feel about it? What would you consider the pluses and minuses of a Bimini? Is it i
  8. This is a huge hypothetical... Looking at a used R242 with the deluxe leaning post with the built in live well. How much work would be involved in converting the live well to a fresh water sink and faucet?
  9. Hey Jersey Shore....I’m up in OCNJ. How far out are you taking the 222EX? You’ve got some pretty good current/swell down there. How does she do? Did you buy at Waterfront?
  10. Just a generalized fear of drilling holes. You only get one shot.
  11. Well, the R200 goes into storage next week for the winter. Still up in the air about moving up in size but currently planning on keeping her for the 2020 season (South Jersey). Thinking of minor modifications to keep her fresh and interesting. I’m somewhat handy and thinking of the following add ons: Access door in bow seating (started a thread on this last week); Additional rod/cup holders in the bow (lots of bottom fishing in my area); Adding Plano box holders to outside/inside of head compartment (I already have the excellent do it yourself storage boxes under the ju
  12. Thanks Haz. So, dry storage it is not. But pretty good space. Having seen it I’m not sure I’m crazy about how raised the door frame appears to be. Could be a real toe “stubber” When folks are walking up there. As I was looking at hatches it also occurred to me that you could probably use this for Plano box storage and maybe even a trash can.
  13. I recently saw a video of a guy in Florida what had a couple interesting ideas about space management on his R200. Some of the idea were simple (add a t-top PDF bag, utilize clips on the t-top vertical posts for gaff and boat hook storage, add a pneumatic strut on the console door), others were a bit too radical (replace the standard leaning post with a flip back cooler post) but one really intrigued me. At the front of the bow seating (where the square cushion goes) he cut a hole in the surface and installed an access door. As best I could tell he didn’t add any type of liner and was s
  14. I don’t understand why they don’t fix the center steering wheel issue. Seems like common enough feedback. Could be enough to keep me away from my next bigger CC boat.
  15. I’m narrowing down my choices on this boat. Love the idea of “new”, love the saving of “pre-owned”. My wife is all about the Entertainment Center. That singular $700 option is killing me on a couple used boats. Everything about them is great but the lack of the EC seems to be a deal breaker. Question: how much effort would be involved in removing the spotter seat behind the helm chair (houses an extraneous live well) and putting in a custom entertainment center (I see it similar to the factory option with counter space, drawers, maybe a tilt out trash can and a fresh water sink—a
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