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  1. Some problem on my r302. Tool me almost 2 hours to fill it today. Not happy with the lack of support from Robalo.
  2. Interesting I did not get the Yamaha gauges (that small area down to the right of steering wheel is blank) - I have Simrad booked my 20 hr service... that comes quick!!!
  3. Hanapaa... did yours come with the electronic compass? I'm thinking I don't have it- I can't overlay radar with chart and also I can't mark echo spots to display on the chart plotter .. says something about no heading info so thinking that is the issue. You guys able to fill the gas normally? First time was on trailer and it was next to impossible could only accept a dribble at a time. Thought maybe was a level issue but in the water is same problem. I removed the air relief screen and it was clear. I'm thinking about re-plumbing the anchor washdown to the fresh water would be nice to rinse that off when rolling up and also have a fresh water hose to start cleaning up on the way back... thoughts?
  4. Thanks. I have a another one that I thought was the water fill. It's on the part stern near the holding tank flush out. It seems to feed directly to the anchor wash down. Not sure how to add pics or I would show the one I'm talking about.
  5. I found the hour meter... I had to select it from the side bar. Thanks! No mine was not recording fuel data, I haven't been recording trip logs so I thought maybe that was why but I'll look into that part. I'm having a local guy install the 3D structure scan so will do it then. Was all you just got that generic boating manual? Thought there would be one for operation of live wells, water , etc. I couldn't figure out what the 2 different water fill ports were. Never had one before that didn't just accept a regular hose bib.
  6. Hi all got my boat and really love it so far. I haven't been able to figure out how to get hour meter to display on the Simrad screen (yamaha). I have all the other gauges but that. Also my water temp is off - the factory transducer is not on the list of transducers to select so I'm guessing that is why it's off. Anyone else had the same issues?
  7. Got my trailer this week... boat next week... can't wait. Do you guys get wide load permits for trailering, or go without? Hope you're enjoying those 302's!!
  8. Thanks. Guess it's impossible to go off all the specs. If I work back based off yours robalo specs don't make sense... draft up says 21" so if add that to your keel to ground that should put waterline at 43". Bridge clearance is 9'2" so that should put total height at 12'9". Add the halo at 17" and specs say you would be at 14'2". Does it look like the halo would be easy to remove if necessary - bolts accessible? Thx again!
  9. Wow that's great. Congrats. Do you have a measurement of how far off the bottom of the keel is to the ground? Or waterline off the ground? That would be very helpful. Thanks.
  10. Definately sounds from what everyone is saying height is fine (very close) with the door radar but to comply with Halo we're going to have to remove it. Mike, I'm very curious how yours end up when you get it tomorrow. I would really appreciate you letting me know how you end up on height, and worst case if we have to remove the halo - does it look like all the bolts are accessible and will be fairly easy to do? I'm holding off (although leaving it right down to the wire) on ordering my trailer to be sure I don't need to change anything.
  11. Wow, don't these get splashed at the factory for quality control? Don't think a new boat should have leaks, or is that just me?
  12. Hi Mike, will be interesting to see how yours ends up with height on your custom trailer. It seems hard to imagine getting it 7-8 inches lower than hanapaa's. I did call your suggested contact for the Phoenix trailer. I didn't hear back but that's ok.. 12k is really more than I want to spend given I won't be regularly trailering- one initial long haul and then maybe once to twice a year short trips and then really only will use it to pull the boat off its lift with storm warnings. Looks like height should be safe in the end as long as we remove the halo radar ... hopefully it's as simple as the few bolts that the installation manual shows. As long as they are accessible we should be ok.
  13. Thanks for the pic and info.
  14. Hanapaa.. would you mind confirming some height measurements... robalo sent me specs for the boat saying keel to top of t-top is 12'. Your radar dome shows 11" so that would put your boat at just under 13' - does that mean you are only 6" off the ground on trailer ? boattest specs infers a total height of approx 11'. So that makes more sense. Either way with the Halo radar measuring 17" I'm not sure how it at all possible to get it on a trailer below 13'6". I suppose I could remove the radar as a worst case - hopefully those bolts are in an accessible location. ThAnk you!
  15. I've read about the windshield whistling issue Somewhere else as well. Hope they develop a solution for that. Does anyone have a phone number for the factory I would like to call them and find out total measurement keel to top of radar. Thx