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  1. We bought the R160 with the 70hp, because it was clear to me that the 90hp is simply too heavy a motor for that boat. I can say that with the 70hp we have a similar issue if two people are sitting on the back seats - the scuppers let water in. We have the rubber plugs inserted most of the time. Of course with two adults sitting in those seats, even with the 90 that boat's not going to plane, an adult has to stand and walk to the console. R160 has a great feature - the ability to fit in a normal garage on the trailer. We bought it for a different reason - a boathouse slip with 7' 6" of width. Any boat that was bigger had an 8' beam, and we decided we'd rather be boating last summer instead of working on a 1 year project (including approvals) to build a bigger boathouse and spend $40 - $60k. Having used the R160 for a summer on a lake, I can say that in any type of wave action the boat is too small, gets tossed around. We have plans in the next few years to move to warmer climates and will likely purchase a bigger boat at that time. I can say that we'll be looking at many different brands, and definitely doing a test run in wave action before buying anything.
  2. It is amazing to me that any model DC would not have that door.
  3. Yes
  4. Turn it?
  5. The one I saw had simple holes drilled in it.
  6. Simply holes drilled in the cover. And they eliminate the two drain holes on the transom. Doesn't make up for the engine being too heavy. Our 70hp comes with two rubber plugs for the holes.
  7. Agree. If it's over your head, almost impossible. If it was in 2 feet of water, probably easy.
  8. There are many boats without a windshield wiper... And it's not like it's hidden that it doesn't have one.
  9. Neither did I. I got one from Yamaha, but it was totally irrelevant. "Why did you pick Yamaha?" Answer - no choice from dealer, that's what it comes with.
  10. Robalo doesn't post on this forum... You bought a boat in Ohio, and the Florida dealer refuses to work on it. Pick up the phone and call Robalo.
  11. I don't know how you think the 200 has better gas mileage. If you compare the 150 and the 200 on the R222 (Yamaha did), the 200 clearly uses more gas. I would also buy the 200.
  12. If you look, you'll find at least one pipe from the console to the rear. Use an electrician's snake and pull a string through, then the cable, with another string for the future.
  13. They should offer it as an option. Step is useless.
  14. Again, they don't monitor or participate. If you want to lobby them, call them.
  15. There are no Robalo reps on this forum. No one is going to respond. And yes, the step sucks. We have an R160 and it's awful.
  16. Yamaha has data on their site. https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/home/owner-resources/all/performance-bulletins R222 with 150 - https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/home/outboards/350-150-hp/in-line-4/f150-(i4)/pb_rob_r222_f150xa_2013-10-11_occ R222 with 200 - https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/home/outboards/350-150-hp/in-line-4/f200-i4/pb_rob_r222_f200xb_2013-10-11_occ R226 Cayman with 250 - weight is close so should give you what you need - https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/home/outboards/350-150-hp/v6-4-2l/f250/pb_rob_226cayman_f250xca_2014-02-25_bay
  17. Try this one:
  18. It seems to be a common theme that Robalo doesn't follow through. I toured the plant with my wife last December, and Robin Keller was the tour guide. They SEEMED to be very proactive. We got our R160 in April. The rub rail in the back was very poorly mounted, not close to aligned, and this seems to be a quality issue with how the molded pieces of the boat went together. The bilge was full of screws, plastic bags, and wire ties, and filled a 2nd time as more came down. The two rear seats lost screws in the first few uses of the boat, and a large piece of floation foam fell off wherever it was glued in the back seat area. Fit and finish in many places was poor, sloppy caulking, etc. The Yamaha shift cover was cracked, and the bimini cover frame rubbed when the cover is up but not opened, and the rivets gouge the metal on the opposing side. And the gas tank was mounted (it's portable) backwards, with the fuel pickup on the front, and cannot be reversed because the support system is mounted on the deck and not centered, and would hit the pickup arm if reversed. When I opened the console to run some wires, after I removed the cover piece I found that the hole they cut underneath it isn't even cut on the black line they drew. Doesn't matter - except if you're going to draw a line either cut on the line or after you cut clean the line off so it doesn't look like you just made a random cut. Our dealer has been great on fixing things, and got Robalo to provide a fix on the bimini frame, but it doesn't look great and is already wearing. The gas tank issue is still being looked into by Robalo, I told the dealer I wasn't bringing the boat back until late Spring, so perhaps that's why I haven't heard back. When I complained to the dealer about the fit and finish, and the trash in the bilge, he said that he's been in the industry for a long time and that Robalo is no different from any other company, and whether you spend $20,000 or $200,000 the issues exist. I told him that when I buy a vehicle, I expect a certain level of quality. He said "a boat is not a car or truck, it's not mass produced." My response "that's EXACTLY the reason that it should be better, because it's not mass produced. I can tell you that if I buy another boat in the future, I will be both looking at other brands and doing a very, very thorough exam pre-delivery, and ensuring that my deposit is 100% refundable if the fit and finish doesn't meet my expectations. Because of the issues I had, Robalo has me considering other brands for my next boat. Had they not dumped trash in the bilge, or the dealer cleaned it out at the pre-delivery inspection that we get charged for, perhaps I might not be doing that. But it sends a message - we don't care enough about our customers to teach our employees not to drop the trash while they work. We've enjoyed our first 75 hours on the boat, although we've realized that a 16 footer, despite being heavier than comparable models, gets pushed around quite a bit even on our lake. Unfortunately, we were sized constrained on width when we bought it.
  19. Robalo offers pre-wiring as you noted. That means they supply a path for the wires and access to them. On my R160 they run conduit/tubing from the front to the console and from the console to the back. Here's the picture (may not be specific to the R200 but was from that configuration) that shows where they are:
  20. If I were a Robalo dealer, I'd avoid you like the plaque. My dealer will compensate me for all the things they did not find (like trash in the bilge), floor damage, non-functional 12 volt outlet, etc. That's if I ever buy a brand they sell.
  21. Well clearly rippem won't be buying a Robalo... You won't find a dealer discounting a Robalo, especially current year. They will add things - mine added anchor and line, life jackets, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, whistle, 4 dock lines, 2 bumpers and lines... Had to pay a ridiculous transportation charge (the boat traveled with a bigger boat and that boat would have come anyway) as well as a ridiculous prep charge. Given the issues I found with the boat, they didn't do much inspection during their prep, and they found damage the day of the prep. I also had very minimal engine hours on for the "test drive" they said they took. If I buy another Robalo from them, they will be adjusting for my experience. I know of no way that your local dealer can refuse to perform Robalo warranty work as a dealer. I can tell you that I had an issue with the trim indicator on my Yamaha, and I took it to the local Yamaha dealer located 5 minutes by boat (including idling up a canal), vs. trailering it 1/2 hour to the Robalo dealer, then 1/2 hour back, then 1/2 hour when the part came in, then 1/2 hour back. Had a great experience with the local Yamaha dealer, couldn't have been nicer.
  22. Is this a Robalo 20' boat?
  23. Bad design then. Should have at least 1, if not 2, holding straps on the front so that wind cannot catch it.
  24. I would remove all snap-on cushions when trailering, and fold all folding seats.
  25. I was told in no uncertain terms to never transport it with the service lever locked. A good bump can snap it and the engine comes crashing down.