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    Blistering problems

    Right. Robalo works through dealers only.
  2. RickR160

    2019 R222 on the way!

    No idea of the issues you had prior to taking delivery, but you mentioned not getting a phone number for Robalo headquarters. A simple Google search would yield that number for you (229) 686-7481. Would love to know the dealer, we MAY someday buy property in Western Michigan (feel free to DM me if you don't want to post it). It surprises me the amount of negative comments you find about Robalo, even on their company-owned forum (here), and they spend no effort to respond and improve perceptions.
  3. RickR160

    Yamaha Fuel Water Separating Filter

    I have the 18 gallon tank, and yes there is one in the F70. Just a small gas filter.
  4. RickR160

    Yamaha Fuel Water Separating Filter

    None on my R160.
  5. RickR160

    Tow Vehicle

    Your dealer should be able to get your exact trailer weight, or the tag on the trailer should tell you. You can also fill up on fuel and tow it with your old truck to a scale and weigh it. Then unhook the trailer and get a tongue weight.
  6. RickR160


    Maybe you should read the OP's original post where it states 2019 boat... As far as the purpose of OP posting over and over about these issues, I don't get it. Robalo dealers get things fixed, not the factory. If the dealer fails to respond adequately, you contact the factory. OP hasn't indicated that he's even contacted the dealer, he's simply posting up his complaints. We've got it, now contact your dealer.
  7. The trailer is going to weigh around 900 pounds. The dry weight of the boat is shown as 2,600 pounds, although it can weigh more than that based on another sheet I have. That's 3,500 pounds and you haven't fitted out the boat, might have fuel in the tank, will have batteries on board. More important, a class II hitch has a max tongue weight of 350 pounds, and you will very likely exceed that. I recall my dealer weighing the tongue of my R160 and coming up with 350 which surprised both of us. The dealer will have a full spec sheet for the trailer.
  8. RickR160

    R160 Livewell plug

    We want to use our livewell for storage at times, so we need to put a plug in the drain hole, because otherwise it doesn't stay dry, small amounts of water sometimes come in. Are Robalo's livewell drains a standard size? We did go to a big box hardware store with the drain pipe, and found the threads didn't match any of the PVC plugs, but it seems that livewell expansion plugs are what we need. Figured someone might know what's needed, save me some searching. Figuring an inexpensive plug should be available. Measuring it seems that 1 5/8" is the size, which is much larger than most that I find online.
  9. RickR160

    R160 Livewell plug

    We discovered that the live well water input will spray bits of water during normal usage unless the valve is turned off physically. We kept wondering why the top of things got wet in the live well when used for storage. We'll see if that and the plug eliminates the wetness.
  10. RickR160

    Question about buying new Robalo

    Yes, in some areas the trailer, and even the motor, are taxed separately. As noted, you don't have to buy a trailer either.
  11. RickR160


    That's not it. I've posted my issues before, and have no belief that they had to work round the clock. Don't know that they are now either. Some of the work is sloppy, and leaving trash (wire tie ends, parts bags, screws, etc. in the bilge is simply sloppy work. Caulk work around my console and fishing pole racks is awful, rub strip on port rear was nearly 90 degrees off on corner, ...
  12. RickR160

    R222 & 250 VMax SHO

    Yamaha has specific break in instructions. Most test drives violate them. 1. First hour – run the motor at varying speeds up to 2000 rpm (approximately half throttle if there is no tachometer). 2. Second hour – accelerate hard enough to put the boat on plane (do not use full throttle) then back off of the throttle but keep the boat on plane. 3. Next 8 hours – run the motor at all speeds but avoid continuous running at Wide Open Throttle (WOT) for more than 5 minutes at a time. 4. After completing the 10 hours of break-in, commence normal operation.
  13. RickR160

    Back rest on a 2018 R222 flopping around

    Google broken? 1.15 mph
  14. RickR160

    R222 & 250 VMax SHO

    "Manual? I don't need to read no stinkin' manual!"
  15. RickR160

    R202 bilge pump

    To clarify, it has two modes: 1) Automatic, float goes up, pump turns on until float comes down. 2) Manual switch. You turn it on, it runs until you turn it off. If there is trash in the bilge on a new boat (wire ties, parts bags, screws, etc.), they can prevent float from operating properly.
  16. RickR160

    R160, trailering with bimini folded down

    Agree, step is awful.
  17. RickR160

    R160, trailering with bimini folded down

    Looks interesting!
  18. RickR160

    Battery Switch Problems

    I contacted Blue Sea Systems and they are shipping me a new switch, mine is fine, but I expressed concern. Edit - took them over a month to finally ship the switch. Probably will install later this Fall, or in the Spring, since the boat isn't used from November - April.
  19. RickR160

    R227 performance issues need help!

  20. RickR160

    Break In 250 SHO V Max

    Yamaha provides break-in instructions in their manual. Available online. Breaking in engine Your new engine requires a period of break-in to allow mating surfaces of moving parts to wear in evenly. Correct break-in will help en- sure proper performance and longer engine life. NOTICE: Failure to follow the break-in procedure could result in reduced engine life or even severe engine damage. [ECM00801] EMU41222 Procedure for breaking in engine Your new engine requires a period of 10 hours break-in so that mating surfaces of moving parts wear in evenly. Operate the engine in the water under load (in gear with a propeller installed) for 10 hours as follows. When breaking in the engine, avoid extended idling, rough water, and crowded ar- eas. 1. For the 1st hour of operation: Operate the engine at varying speeds up to 2000 r/min or approximately 1/2 throt- tle. 2. For the 2nd hour of operation: Increase the engine speed until the boat is on plane (but avoid full-throttle opera- tion), and then back off on the throttle while keeping the boat at a planing speed. 3. For the remaining 8 hours of operation: Operate the engine at any speed. How- ever, avoid operating at full throttle for more than 5 minutes at a time. 4. After the 1st 10 hours of operation: Operate the engine normally.
  21. RickR160

    R160 Bilge

    Bilge is under gas tank. Lift it up, open cover. No idea why livewell stops filling.
  22. RickR160

    242 T-top Electronics Box

    Standard reply because Robalo won't deal directly with customers. They don't even participate on their own forum...
  23. RickR160

    242 T-top Electronics Box

    Site allows pics, bottom of post click paperclip. I suggest you contact your dealer for resolution.
  24. RickR160

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    You haven't yet taken it out, hit throttle and holded it at nose up to see what bilge pump does? I assume you have tried putting people on right side and seen if weight makes water come pouring over? Watching through open ports, compartments?
  25. RickR160

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    First it was tilting to port...