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    Yamaha 20 Hour Service

    This is very similar to what a car dealer does. You say you need the "scheduled maintenance" for your vehicle, and they come up with a list and a $400 bill. Your manual says "change oil". I did my 20 hour service and 100 hour service myself. Quite easy. Just don't use a torque wrench on the oil nut.
  2. RickR160

    R160 Wiring Question

    Now I remember. I wired my Garmin to the accessory switch. Outlet is separate, unswitched I think.
  3. RickR160

    R160 Wiring Question

    I have a 2017 R160. My accessory plug did not work either. It wasn't plugged behind the panel... Once I plugged it in, it worked. I believe the accessory switch turns on the accessory plug? I cannot verify bilge light operation, we store our boat on lift so bilge rarely runs. I think it only lights up if you throw the manual switch and doesn't light in auto mode. I also installed a Garmin and wired it to the main bus terminal just fine. I also installed an NMEA 2000 network and using the right cable connected my Yamaha 70hp to the Garmin to get engine data. I will be where boat is this weekend (starting Thursday) and may be able to look at things for you.
  4. RickR160

    Caring for boat after having it in saltwater

    You should be flushing the engine with a fresh water hose after each use, using the fitting on the engine. Run the water with the engine tilted up for 15 minutes. Hose down the entire boat for salt spray. Wash the trailer, including flushing water throughout the hubs, after dunking it each time. Ideally, after you retrieve the boat to head home you have the ability to hose the trailer off before doing your trip.
  5. Do NOT leave the battery switch on. The auto bilge bypasses that switch. The console switch is the manual override.
  6. RickR160

    Boat plug

    You'll have to be more specific. Perhaps post a picture? Or tell us what boat you have?
  7. RickR160

    float switch /bilge pumps.

    Bilge is supposed to be wired to run with the battery switch off, how else could it bail the boat in a slip? Yes, Robalo's warranty should cover replacing the switch, but you have to go through a Robalo dealer.
  8. RickR160

    Trim Tab Fault as Startup

    What does Lenco say? http://www.lencomarine.com/index.php/lenco-marine-contact-us
  9. RickR160

    Marine Battery R160

    Go to the Walmart site, click on Marine, and pick a battery with the same capacity you have now. https://www.battfinder.com/?povid=1104292+|+2018-12-18+|+auto batteries travel ready pov
  10. RickR160

    Trailer Weight

    As long as your garage is 18.5 inches, and the door is 9' wide or more (trailer is 8' wide). And of course the door is tall enough and you got the windshield that folds down.
  11. RickR160

    Trailer Weight

    Your dealer is lazy. Robalo provides them full specs, my dealer showed the PDF to me. In addition, your dealer could have called Coyote themselves. It is 580 pounds. This trailer, with boat, comes in just under 3,000 pounds. Many states require trailer brakes at 3,000 pounds, so don't load up the boat too much. https://drivinglaws.aaa.com/tag/trailer-brakes/ FYI, with the tongue folded, and a F70 on the back, the total length is 18.5 feet. Also, don't forget to fold the windshield down when garaging it.
  12. RickR160

    Best engine for 160?

    90 is too heavy. 70 is fine, but no adults in jump seats until you plane off.
  13. RickR160

    Handheld VHS - Marine

    I bought a Standard Horizon HX-870 2 years ago and have been happy with it. Waterproof, floats, DSC, MOB function, Water activated emergency strobe light, etc. First boat in a long time, my research showed that DSC was important to have. We don't use the radio a lot, on a bay of a lake that connects two Great Lakes. $200, great deal.
  14. RickR160

    Yamaha Fuel Water Separating Filter

    R160 has none.
  15. RickR160

    No R272 Owners Manual

    Hopefully you're better at handling a boat than you are in navigating the internet. It took me about 1 1/2 minutes to find it. Robalo doesn't have model specific manuals. Manuals are by type - Bay Boats, Center Consoles, Dual Console, and Walkarounds. Your boat is a center console. http://robalo.com/admin/Document-Depot.php?action=owners_manuals This is the manual: http://robalo.com/publications/uploaded_files/2113/Robalo-Center-Console-Owner-s-Manual.pdf
  16. RickR160

    R200 Questions

    A Yamaha can be equipped with a variable rpm trolling switch. MAR-VTSSW-00-KT. 50 rpm adjustments. It may not be for engines above the 115 though, not sure.
  17. RickR160

    R160, trailering with bimini folded down

    While I hate the step, that does not look like an idea solution.
  18. RickR160

    Hydraulic Steering on Robalo R160

    Right. It does not lock, but it stops turning when the engine is fully stopped.
  19. RickR160

    Hydraulic Steering on Robalo R160

    No, the wheel does not lock like in an automobile, when the engine is off.
  20. RickR160

    Robalo Warranty - Not

    The problem is that Robalo is dealer-focused, not customer-focused. They don't even have a person who has in their job description to monitor social media. That's insane in today's environment. While Joebalo does respond here once and a while, he's not doing it except to be a nice guy.
  21. RickR160

    Corrosion protection

    You should not be trailering with the engine tilted up. If you need to raise the engine so you don't hit the road, then they make different devices to hold the engine and bear the weight. The weight should not be on the tilt mechanism. I store mine down, just tilted up from vertical, so that the oil doesn't pool in the cylinders. If you store it all the way down, and then let it sit for a while, you'll see a tiny cloud of smoke in the exhaust otherwise. There are various "transom saver" devices on the market. Here's Yamaha's - https://amzn.to/2CWM3NW
  22. RickR160

    Robalo Warranty - Not

    Name your boat "A Boor".
  23. RickR160

    Corrosion protection

    I followed Yamaha's instructions and sprayed everything but the air intakes. I stated how it should be tilted in the 2nd sentence of my response... There are no road hazards when it's parked in my garage for the winter.
  24. RickR160

    Corrosion protection

    All you need is silicone spray, nothing Yamaha-branded. You want to store it tilted down in the winter. Ideally, tilt it down all the way, then back up so that it's just up a hair from the straight vertical position. This stops oil from pooling on the cylinders and prevents a big cloud of smoke on startup.
  25. RickR160

    R222 explorer front fish boxes getting wet

    We have a fish box on our R160. We rarely use it for fish, so we store things we want dry in it. They were getting wet. We figured that it was due water coming back up the drain, so we bought a rubber drain plug. Still found some wetness. We have finally determined that the water feed, unless turned off physically in the locker, must be spewing some water when we throttle down and water hits the stern of the boat, coming back up the line. We didn't test this extensively, but since the boat is kept in a boathouse, and the wetness is more than condensation, that's the only thing that made sense. Next season (Michigan), we'll validate this in use.