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  1. RickR160

    2005 227 Top Speeds

    If you make a tight turn, yes, you have to trim the motor back down some to avoid cavitation.
  2. RickR160

    WTB Robalo 265

    This forum doesn't have boats for sale...
  3. RickR160


    You guys probably want to edit your posts to remove your phone numbers, communicating that info via DM. They'll be scraped and spammed forever.
  4. RickR160

    Dealer gave wrong plug

    This MIGHT be right: https://www.westmarine.com/buy/seafit--transom-drain-with-plug--P000283756?recordNum=23
  5. RickR160

    R180 Folding Windshield

    No, it does not rattle. I had an issue that of the knobs would loosen while underway, my dealer fixed it while in for other things. If I stand and hold the side support, sometimes it shifts a fraction of an inch because I'm pulling it towards me, but it's not an issue. If you lower it to go in the garage, make sure to keep it down so you don't have an issue pulling out... I waxed boat in garage, windshield all clean, and as I headed to hookup my truck wife said "are you going to lower the windshield?"...
  6. RickR160

    R160 Livewell plug

    Creative, and likely very economical. I will look for it. Thanks!
  7. RickR160

    R180 Folding Windshield

    Have it on my R160. Make sure you check the on trailer measurement with windshield folded: SPEC / CAP. US M Height on Trailer: 8' 8" 2.63 m Height on Trailerwith Windshield Down: 7' 2" 2.18 m Height on Trailerwith Windshield Down and Ski Tow: 7' 6" 2.29 m Height on Trailerwith Tower: 10' 10" 3.30 m Length on Trailer (Trimmed Up w/ Swing Away Tongue Extended): 23' 8" 7.22 m Length on Trailer (Trimmed Up w/ Swing Away Tongue Folded): 21' 11" 6.68 m Length on Trailer (Trimmed Down w/ Swing Away Tongue Extended): 22' 3" 6.77 m Length on Trailer (Trimmed Down w/ Swing Away Tongue Folded): 20' 6" 6.25 m Width on Trailer: 8' 6" 2.59 m
  8. RickR160

    R160 Livewell plug

    We want to use our livewell for storage at times, so we need to put a plug in the drain hole, because otherwise it doesn't stay dry, small amounts of water sometimes come in. Are Robalo's livewell drains a standard size? We did go to a big box hardware store with the drain pipe, and found the threads didn't match any of the PVC plugs, but it seems that livewell expansion plugs are what we need. Figured someone might know what's needed, save me some searching. Figuring an inexpensive plug should be available. Measuring it seems that 1 5/8" is the size, which is much larger than most that I find online.
  9. RickR160

    Current build time

    Also depends on what else they have on order. My dealer had a large Robalo on order, which fit with my R160 on the transporter, so my boat came weeks early because Robalo prioritized it for economical shipping. Mine was also ordered in March, before the heavy order volume.
  10. RickR160

    R207 Storage Dimensions

    No way. Read 2 posts up.
  11. RickR160

    2018 R160

    I'd suggest you're going about this all wrong. "A lot of people recommended the r160 for a first-time boat kind of going based off of that." You should be buying the proper sized boat for the usage you're going to give it. An R160 can take 4 adults. If you take 4 adults, you had better put 2 of them in front of the console or you'll never plane off. That's just one point. I'd suggest you visit the following sites and do your own research: https://www.boatingmag.com/boats http://www.boattest.com/ I'd also recommend that you go out into Sandy Hook Bay and LOOK at what boats are being used there, talk to other boat owners, see the limits of different boats, and most importantly - take a course in how to safely handle a boat.
  12. RickR160

    2001 Cuddy 2240 Transom weight question

    My quick research shows you may have added 70 lbs with the new engine...
  13. RickR160

    R302 Taking on water

    You could call the dealer and ask them what they did.
  14. RickR160

    What prop for R207 with 200hp?

    Prop comes from Robalo...
  15. RickR160

    2018 R160

    I think you should consider other brands, and do your research. Complaining about no anchor holder and no trim tabs, which are not on this model at all, seems silly if you are already pricing it. Complaining about paperwork and state fees without asking your dealer to explain them doesn't make sense, those fees have nothing to do with buying this model boat. They don't preannounce features. Robalo tells you right on their website you can't negotiate on price.