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  1. It is only sufficient if they, or another boat, are within that range... Even with an antenna mounted on the boat, handheld has less power and therefore range. I have a handheld, but never further than 2 miles from land or other boats. When we retire in a few years, and go out into the ocean in our future bigger boat, a handheld would be used as backup.
  2. You keep it running as a live well.
  3. Your dealer... When in water, turn on switch. Water comes out and fills up until top if drain is reached, and flow is established. You can adjust spray by turning the spigot.
  4. Did you look at the specs for your boat on the Robalo site? R200 is 30".
  5. A good dealer will have their "fiberglass guy" repair that.
  6. Your trailer is going to be close to 1,000 pounds on the bigger boat. If the gas tank is filled, you're going to find that you're in fact over towing capacity. The smaller boat weighs 1,300 pounds less dry. If you think you want to switch, I'd be sure I understood my towing limits first.
  7. I'm no expert, but had a similar issue. Mine was a piece of rusty steel that gouged a 12 inch line. If your fingernail can grab it, then it requires wet sanding and perhaps more. Mine did, but warranty fiberglass work needed to be done to fix a divot in my floor that was there on delivery, so they did the side for no charge (dealer, not Robalo). If your fingernail can't grab it, then you should be able to polish it out with a dual action polisher, but that requires knowledge to do it right.
  8. I'd suggest you open the compartments and look for a wire that is not connected to anything, and then hookup a meter and see.
  9. Disagree that they care about surveys. Never got mine. Posted that here on the forum. Robalo rep reached out via forum and email. Never followed through, that was months ago. For me, they have.opened the door to considering other brands when I upsize boats in a few years. Big mistake on their part.
  10. It's sad that Robalo is so bad at communicating. I will say that despite the issues I have experienced (including Robalo failing at communications), my dealer has stood up and gotten Robalo to fix every issue. Whether the dealer has paid for some out of their pocket or not I have no knowledge, but I know Robalo has reimbursed them for many of the issues. None are huge dollars though.
  11. The bilge pump operates independently of the battery switch. Why would water get into your bilge while it sits on a trailer?
  12. You have a lot of people looking at the bottom of your boat below the water line? https://www.westmarine.com/WestAdvisor/Top-Ten-Antifouling-Paint-Buying-Questions
  13. It's unfortunate. I commented on here that Robalo never sent me my new owner survey. Got contacted by them right after, and then they went silent... I've had some relatively minor issues with my R160 and my dealer has gotten Robalo to take care of them - but I believe based on what I see here and other sites that this is due to the dealer, not Robalo. I was very disappointed with the condition of my boat when it was delivered - both that Robalo shipped it that way AND that my dealer didn't catch it. Unfortunately for Robalo, this opens up my mind to considering other brands when I do upgrade, which I plan on doing. A big mistake on their part.
  14. Have no idea how a 2005 R227 compares with other years, but here is performance data for an 2013 R222 with a 200HP showing a top speed of 42.7mph. https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/home/outboards/350-150-hp/in-line-4/f200-i4/pb_rob_r222_f200xb_2013-10-11_occ Here's a 2014 R226 Cayman with a 250 getting 56.6mph. https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/home/outboards/350-150-hp/v6-4-2l/f250/pb_rob_226cayman_f250xca_2014-02-25_bay Current R227 weighs 3,750 pounds with 250hp. R226 Cayman weighs 3,200 with 250hp (tested boat weighed less). R222 with 250 weighs 3,700 with 250hp. I suspect you have a prop issue.
  15. I doubt you'll get any response on this. Even if Robalo knows what they're doing for 2019, they sure don't tell anyone ahead of time. As to changes you'd like, I can't imagine them changing glass for example - there is little feedback from owners, and no one is not buying a boat because of glass. They do listen to dealer feedback, my dealer told me of several things they pushed for that got changed, unfortunately having a ladder on an R160 wasn't one of them...