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  1. RickR160

    New Robalo Owner, with a few questions

    If your dad is local to his dealer, I suggest he go back for an orientation of the boat. They should be showing him how to use everything, it's part of pre-delivery.
  2. RickR160

    Garmin 942xs

    Then you should look on other websites... Difference between the models is the "XS". Specifically, SONAR. The XS models include sonar, with built-in CHIRP, ClearVu and SideVu technology. Basically, non-XS is mapping only. XS gives you depth and fish finder, but you still have to buy a transducer. You would have to buy an external "black box" to get this with the non-XS version. https://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/gpsmap-942xs.html https://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/gpsmap-942.html
  3. RickR160

    lower unit drain plug torque

    Can't comment on normal, but in my F70 I could not imagine using an impact wrench. They loosened just fine with a screwdriver. FYI, stripping the oil plug on these engines is quite easy. I followed instructions as to torque and mine stripped. Replaced under warranty (new oil pan). Tech said never use torque wrench (ignore instructions), tighten only till snug.
  4. RickR160

    R160 in ocean?

    Standard. Pre-wired is pre-wired.
  5. RickR160

    R160 Trolling Motor Install

    I would not want to render the front cleat useless either.
  6. RickR160

    R160 in ocean?

    1) There is a PVC tube going from the console to the front. Removing the front plate should reveal it. You can also remove the seatback from the console, 4 screws from the console "floor", and see it that way.
  7. RickR160

    2018 R160 Transom mount transducer

    That's my install.
  8. RickR160

    Trailer brake locking up

    Spraying brakes is also a good idea, so they don't break...
  9. RickR160

    R160 with F70 Performance

    Running the standard aluminum prop it comes with. With 2 adults aboard, love the performance. Top speed around 37/38 mph. With 4 adults aboard, if you have 2 in the jump seats then you'll never plane off. We have them move forward, plane off, and then go back and sit down. Would never have purchased the R160 except we had a mandatory requirement to fit into a 7' 5" boat slip in an old boathouse, or wait a year for permits and construction and spend $40 - $60k on a new boathouse. We decided not to wait. We bought the fold-down windshield for the garaging, this year with very high water it is all that enables us to get into the boathouse, we clear the GPS I installed on a stand on the top of the console by mere inches. The F90 is too heavy for the R160.
  10. RickR160

    Yamaha 20 Hour Service

    This is very similar to what a car dealer does. You say you need the "scheduled maintenance" for your vehicle, and they come up with a list and a $400 bill. Your manual says "change oil". I did my 20 hour service and 100 hour service myself. Quite easy. Just don't use a torque wrench on the oil nut.
  11. RickR160

    R160 Wiring Question

    Now I remember. I wired my Garmin to the accessory switch. Outlet is separate, unswitched I think.
  12. RickR160

    R160 Wiring Question

    I have a 2017 R160. My accessory plug did not work either. It wasn't plugged behind the panel... Once I plugged it in, it worked. I believe the accessory switch turns on the accessory plug? I cannot verify bilge light operation, we store our boat on lift so bilge rarely runs. I think it only lights up if you throw the manual switch and doesn't light in auto mode. I also installed a Garmin and wired it to the main bus terminal just fine. I also installed an NMEA 2000 network and using the right cable connected my Yamaha 70hp to the Garmin to get engine data. I will be where boat is this weekend (starting Thursday) and may be able to look at things for you.
  13. RickR160

    Caring for boat after having it in saltwater

    You should be flushing the engine with a fresh water hose after each use, using the fitting on the engine. Run the water with the engine tilted up for 15 minutes. Hose down the entire boat for salt spray. Wash the trailer, including flushing water throughout the hubs, after dunking it each time. Ideally, after you retrieve the boat to head home you have the ability to hose the trailer off before doing your trip.
  14. Do NOT leave the battery switch on. The auto bilge bypasses that switch. The console switch is the manual override.
  15. RickR160

    Boat plug

    You'll have to be more specific. Perhaps post a picture? Or tell us what boat you have?