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  1. https://www.coyotemfgco.com/ is the current Robalo trailer manufacturer. The trailers are bunk trailers, so if yours has bunks then you just need to space and angle them to match your boat.
  2. Drives me crazy when people post this kind of stuff. Whether a boat or a car, the manufacturer has to PROVE that you caused the failure. You have zero obligation to go to a dealer for service. If you follow their published service schedule, and you used parts and materials that meet their specifications, and you have proof you did it (receipts), they cannot refuse warranty repairs. If they try, you can sue them. I take my vehicles, and will take my boat, to authorized repair shops IF it is work that I cannot do. I can do oil changes, lower case oil change, gas filter, winterization, etc. all myself. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0138-auto-warranties-routine-maintenance
  3. Could be that the button is not connected to anything, and the dealer figures that a Buckeye won't know the difference... GO BLUE!!!
  4. Wow, now that is defiling a boat. You spent more than $150,000 on a boat on a pizza delivery driver's salary? Then you put slurs on there, words used to denote a lower form of being? Wow... GO BLUE!!!!!
  5. Yes. The site administrator would have to do that, on any forum it's that way, stops people from repeatedly changing their names... Administration of this forum is non-existent. When I couldn't sign up, I had to call Robalo and even then it took a week for someone to respond. Keep in mind that this is a company that when you go to their home page, it says: http://robalo.com/Robalo_Boats_2016.php Yes, that says 2016 although the boats are now 2018...
  6. Agree that practice makes perfect. Also, sometimes throwing a line to someone that they secure on a cleat allows you to pivot the boat in the direction you want to. For example, if current is pushing away from the dock, and you get the front rope cleated, you can then gently put the boat into reverse with the engine pulling you towards the dock, and it will pull it in properly. We are on a canal with a boathouse that is barely wider than the boat. If there is a strong wind, regardless of how I try, I often need someone at the side of the boat to deflect us away from the corner of the boathouse. Sometimes I can goose it in, but as FullThrottle mentioned "don't go any faster than you want to hit the ____".
  7. As noted by Dr. Pat, it depends on what they are building at the time. My dealer ordered my R160 and told us to expect 2 months, plus shipping. Then 2 days later he said it would be there in 3 weeks or so - because Robalo was building an R302 for another customer at his dealership and the two boats filled a transport perfectly. So it totally depends on what you order, when you order it, and what's scheduled for shipment to your dealer or area.
  8. Push horn button with your wife sitting up front. If she jumps and comes over and smacks you, you know it's the horn.
  9. In front of the name "Robalo" on the side (which in my opinion looks cheap and I thought of removing it). We used Boatgraphics, at BoatUS, https://www.boatus.com/boatgraphics/. We went with two words, stacked on top of each other, 3.5" high letters for a total of 8.841 inches. Font was Victorian. Some notes: They do NOT email you a confirmation of your order, so make sure to print it out so you know what you ordered. We had a color mix-up, but cannot prove what we ordered. They offered to redo it, but we kept the wrong color. They will give you color samples ahead of time, and also will email you a diagram to show you how it looks (if you ask). For a two word name, stacked, we paid $103.70 plus $5.95 shipping for a total of $109.65. Application was easy following their directions.
  10. Same issue with my R160, plus cable tie cut ends, screws, and plastic part bags in bilge. Sloppy. Makes me consider other brands if/when I upgrade.
  11. SDS is Shift Dampener System. Absorbs the shock when you shift back and forth.
  12. The fuel tank on my R160 has the pickup closer to the center console than the transom. Didn't really notice, but when I had some warranty work done by a Yamaha dealer (not my Robalo dealer), mechanic said that if I get low in fuel, and then hit WOT, it is possible I will starve engine for fuel before it planes off. Suggested I turn it around, but I cannot because the aluminum support bracket they added in 2017 would hit the fuel pickup connection. Anyone have their tank reversed, where the fuel pickup and the gas cap are on the starboard side and therefore closer to the transom? By the way, the 18 gallon tank is more like 16.75 if filled to the fill line, not actually 8 gallons.
  13. He came up with that in your wallet...
  14. Do it yourself, it's very easy. You do NOT have to have a dealer do it "to preserve the motor warranty". That's totally untrue, and if your dealer told you that they lying to you. I highly recommend this - http://www.seewellinnovations.com/ Tilt engine up, undo oil drain plug. Screw in adapter, hook on hose, put end in oil container. Tilt engine down, put container on ground, walk away. Come back 1/2 hour later, tilt engine up, unscrew adapter, hooked other end of hose to other end of adapter, making a circle so no oil drips out. Put in plug with new gasket.
  15. You might want to post the manufacturer's info to help others.