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  1. RickR160

    R160/F70 Prop size

    We max out at 6,100 rpm, never above that. 37.5 mpg max.
  2. RickR160

    R180 launching and retrieving problems

    Here or here
  3. RickR160

    R200 Power Suggestions

    Yamaha runs performance tests on boats and engines. See if you can view the same model boat with the 150 and the 200, and note the differences. Then view the 150 on the R200 (they don't show the 200 on the R200). https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/home/owner-resources/all/performance-bulletins
  4. RickR160

    Good bye Robalo

    Your choice, your posts show a handful of issues. Robalo clearly wants all contact through a dealer, time and time again they have shown poor communication via the factory directly to the consumer. They have a non-existent social media presence, including here on their own forum, which is pretty amazing. Cannot comment on other manufacturers and their abilities due to lack of experience. My Robalo dealer has been good, at time slow in getting answers from Robalo. When we move in 2 years, if we keep our R160 it will be interesting seeing how a new dealer supports us.
  5. RickR160

    Garmin 742

    Seems pretty specific: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/575476#specs Have a 742xs. Wish I had gone bigger.
  6. RickR160

    Owners Manual

    Manuals are online at the Robalo site. What you see is what they have. http://robalo.com/admin/Document-Depot.php?action=owners_manuals Since Robalo doesn't post here, you won't get any answer to your "enough of a difference" question.
  7. RickR160


    Robalo's documentation is poor. We got Yamaha manuals. Robalo is online - http://robalo.com/admin/Document-Depot.php?action=owners_manuals
  8. RickR160

    2017 R 305WA raw water everywhere

    Pretty clearly the surveyor screwed up. Robalo has a warranty...
  9. RickR160

    R160 Trailering Cover

    Most people don't cover boats during trailering for the two reasons you stated.
  10. RickR160

    Trailer brake locking up

    I was simply pointing out that you spray BRAKES so they don't BREAK. Flush with fresh water after salt water exposure.
  11. RickR160

    New Robalo Owner, with a few questions

    If your dad is local to his dealer, I suggest he go back for an orientation of the boat. They should be showing him how to use everything, it's part of pre-delivery.
  12. RickR160

    Garmin 942xs

    Then you should look on other websites... Difference between the models is the "XS". Specifically, SONAR. The XS models include sonar, with built-in CHIRP, ClearVu and SideVu technology. Basically, non-XS is mapping only. XS gives you depth and fish finder, but you still have to buy a transducer. You would have to buy an external "black box" to get this with the non-XS version. https://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/gpsmap-942xs.html https://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/gpsmap-942.html
  13. RickR160

    lower unit drain plug torque

    Can't comment on normal, but in my F70 I could not imagine using an impact wrench. They loosened just fine with a screwdriver. FYI, stripping the oil plug on these engines is quite easy. I followed instructions as to torque and mine stripped. Replaced under warranty (new oil pan). Tech said never use torque wrench (ignore instructions), tighten only till snug.
  14. RickR160

    R160 in ocean?

    Standard. Pre-wired is pre-wired.
  15. RickR160

    R160 Trolling Motor Install

    I would not want to render the front cleat useless either.