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  1. Hooks2743

    Speaker replacement

    Lost cover to speaker on Robalo 300. Anyone know if I can buy a replacement without having to go through dealership?
  2. Hooks2743

    Vinyl issue R300

    Thanks for your reply. It is a 2016 and the kind folks at Robalo have already reached out to me.
  3. Hooks2743

    Vinyl issue R300

    Anyone have an issue with the vinyl on their boat getting sticky? I have three places on my boat that the vinyl is different ( tan w/robalo name). These areas are all very sticky. We have faithfully used a vinyl protectant on our boat as suggested and followed manufacturers directions. Just can't understand why those are only places affected and not sure what to do??
  4. Hooks2743

    Screws stripped

    I have an R300. Do you happen to know how I can get to these screws? They are mounted in back out cockpit seating.
  5. Hooks2743

    Screws stripped

    It appears that the screws in the rod holders behind the cockpit seating are stripped or there is a nut underneath them. Does anyone know if there is a nut at the bottom of the screw and also how do I get to it?