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  1. Hook-Em Out

    R160 in ocean?

    Sorry I was camping and fishing on Lake Erie for the 4th of July weekend. Looks like RickR160 answered your first question. Question #2... I am using a Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Touch I took off my Mako 204, but it is not attached to the MinnKota Riptide PowerDrive 55lb/48" with I-pilot GPS, they are not compatible. The MinnKota Riptide PowerDrive 55lb/48" with I-pilot GPS, does not need to be attached to a GPS. It has one built in. All the brands of trolling motors do not use the boats GPS to do the auto pilot function. They have there own GPS. If you want to link them to your Chart plotter, MinnKota and Hummingbird are compatible and MotorGuide and Lowrance are compatible. Then you need to set up a NMEA 2000 network and connect everything to the MNEA 2000 backbone. On my Mako I setup a Lowrance HDS Gen 3 with a MNEA 2000 network connecting my radio, engine gauges and a auto pilot for the main motor. Love it. Going to put a trolling motor on the Mako this summer but I believe I am going to go with the none compatible MinnKota and not the MotorGuide because I like the Minnkota's controls so much. Do not believe I would use my chart plotter to control the trolling motor that much. I am all over the boat fishing when I am using the trolling motor and have the control pendant around my neck. May change my mind. Check your Personal Message on the board.
  2. Sorry, forgot to quote you in the above reply.
  3. No not yet, my boat is in Florida and I live in Ohio. I was in Florida for 8 weeks this year, but have spent my time fishing and not upgrading the boat yet. My grandfather turned 90 in January and I want to take him fishing as much as possible. We have been doing very well. I caught my first Sail and my grandpa was with me. Probably the only Sailfish ever caught from a R160.
  4. Hook-Em Out

    R160 in ocean?

    Sorry, just saw your question. It has handled it very well. Offshore all the time setting on it in the waves, no sign if cracks at all. The lid is very hefty.
  5. Hook-Em Out

    R160 in ocean?

    FYI. The Fortrex is only offered in 24v or 36v, and is hand controlled without GPS control. I did mine myself, it is not that hard. I run one tolling motor battery that I have in the center console. I have a ProMariner Pro Sport 8 onboard charger mounted in the Center console. It's a two bank charger. One bank charges the tolling motor battery that is in the CC, the other bank charges the boats battery that is under the starboard aft jump seat. That way I always leave port with full batteries. Power cables for the trolling motor are run forward to a access plate in the bow, where I installed a plug for the trolling motor. This would be my recommendation and these prices from Bass pro are just a reference point. MotorGuide #941700080 Xi5 55lb/54" with PinPoint GPS $1229.99 and the detachable mounting plate 8M0092063 $59.99 or what I have a Minn-Kota #1363556 Riptide PowerDrive 55lb/48" with I-pilot GPS $1329.99 and the detachable mounting plate RTA-17 $79.99. I love my setup, but both are most likely great produces.
  6. Hook-Em Out

    R160 in ocean?

    Robalo does not have a factory install option for the R160. For reference they do for the more than twice as heavy 226 Cayman. On that ship they offer a Minn Kota Riptide I-Plilot 54" 24 volt 80 lb thrust. The 55 lb is a good fit for the R160 and works great on mine. Anything more is a waste of money and space. I run mine at half speed or less most of the time. I do go full power on the chase when I have to run down the big ones.
  7. Hook-Em Out

    R160 in ocean?

    I use it in the ocean a lot also. 36v/105 lbs way overkill for the R160. The weight of the three batteries alone will be fun to deal with. I hope it works out for you. I just have a walmart anchor and chain and rope. I store it not in the bucket but beside the bucket. Never get it out, I use the spot lock on the trolling motor all the time for the anchor.
  8. Hook-Em Out

    R160 in ocean?

    My Minn-Kota does not have the auto deploy. Three batteries...? Did you get a 36volt trolling motor? I have a Minn-Kota Power Drive Riptide with I-pilot in a 48" x 55 lbs. thrust. That is a 12 volt, one battery, more than enough power and battery life. I ran the tolling motor as the anchor and moved around a lot for 4 to 5 hours continuous and it still have 75% juice in the battery.
  9. Fueling on the water or on the trailer?
  10. I believe it is up to each dealers. On my purchase the purchase agreement said will be delivered with 25 gallons of fuel. Unfortunately my little R160 with a 18 gallon tank was only on 1/4 tank. No big deal, I did not even bring it up. I should have because it was one of a long list of misrepresented items of the sale, that 3-1/2 months later still trying to get resolved.
  11. Big_Blue, did you get trim tabs installed yet?
  12. I wish I would have took some measurements when I was in Florida at the beginning of the month, I would have all the stuff fab up for the move already.
  13. Thanks, I do have a Mako 204 in my shop here in Ohio... But I am really getting the taste of this salt life...
  14. Thanks for the reply... I already have the Lowrance cable and a NMEA 2000 kit, but my boat is 1215 miles away by car. I was double checking it would plug into my Yamaha F70. I have a Lowrance HDS7 touch on my R160. Do you get trim info also thru the cable?
  15. What cable did you buy?
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