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  1. Lu-n-Life

    buying from non local dealer?

    We bought our Robalo 2017 R222ES last year at the Savannah boat show which is out of state for us, we got an amazing deal spent allot of time with Joe from Robalo there and here in Jacksonville at the boat shows. There is no issue's getting service or warrranty work accomplished at any Robalo or Yamaha service center for us, We have become great friends at both places, but preference is with small town guys. We love our boat.
  2. Lu-n-Life

    Robalo CC 222 first time boat owner

    Love my 2017 r222es, yamaha 200, My best speed n 3 trips down St John's here in JAX, Fl. is 46mph with full load fuel, 2 adults (350lbs). I have been in 13 inches a water,, and still manuevered, not a great day thou but no damage, made bad turn, but got home safely and inspection was a happy one, used Lots of trim to good water. Got 18 hours.