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  1. PJ

    Best engine for 160?

    70 works well. h2o.nhk is spot on I get same.
  2. PJ

    Cracked live well

    Apparently its molded Plastic. They said they need time to figure out how to resolve it. I am thinking its not any easy repair. They said off the record in the mean time fill it with some 5200 silicone.
  3. PJ

    Cracked live well

    Anyone ever have this issue? It will be my first warranty claim. I’m wondering how this process is going to go???
  4. Speaking of live wells. Mine cracked on my R160. Anyone ever have this issue? I’m working with my dealer to get this repaired under warranty, but they are 6 hours away. Thanks!
  5. PJ

    R160 anchor storage

    I have a 15lb navy anchor. I keep it in the 5 gallon bucket underneath the rear jump seat. It fits well with all Of the line. I also store tools in there and some tackle. I have a 80lb 60” 24v motorguide trolling motor with gps and anchor lock. I use this all the time unless we are swimming. Storage is tight,but you just need to be organized.
  6. I have a trolling motor mounted. A motor guide xi5 wireless gps saltwater edition 80lb 60” 24v. I paid to have the factory wires ran. I need to inspect exactly where they were ran. I installed the two batteries and circuit breaker underneath center console. It was a little tight but I made it work. I love it. I never use an anchor just the trolling motor.
  7. The step isn’t great, but I have had no trouble getting back in.
  8. Im in California I have the R160. I ordered it mid April. It was supposed to arrive first week of July. I picked it up August 1st. Its hard to wait, but well worth it!
  9. PJ

    R160 in ocean?

    Thanks for your knowledge. I have decided to not go with that guy. Im just gonna do it myself . Im gonna get a 55lb thrust xi5 motorguide or a 55lb minn Kota fortrex. Im gonna just do the 12volt to keep it easy. Do you have just one battery? Do you have a charger? Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to get dialed in. I'm picking my new boat up in 2 weeks!
  10. PJ

    R160 in ocean?

    I appreciate your input. No one around here has the same boat to talk to about it. I emailed the guy about it. I'm kind of in a hard place. There are no dealers close by and I'm doing everything over the phone and email. I'm basically putting a lot of trust in people I don't know.
  11. PJ

    R160 in ocean?

    Yeah it's 36 volt. I was planning to use it in the ocean a lot here. I have been told by friends that I'm gonna be leaving the water with that thing. It's got 105lb thrust
  12. PJ

    R160 in ocean?

    Hey guys what anchor are you using? I'm trying to find one that will fit under the seat in the five gallon bucket
  13. PJ

    R160 in ocean?

    Hook-em out. That's cool man. My other choice would have bee a mako. I got talked into going with the motorguide xi5 wireless today. It's basically has all the same features as the minn koda I pilot, just no auto deploy. My only issue is he wants to I tall 3 additional batteries for the trolling motor. So I will have 4 batteries and a battery charger. I have no clue where he is going to put everything. I told him not in my limited storage places. Thanks for all the info
  14. PJ

    R160 in ocean?

    Hook-em out that's awesome man! That's the one I want. Unfortunately the electronic shop here is steering me towards a motorguide. He said he has had tons of problems with the I pilot. Did you install it yourself? I am thinking of just getting one and doing it myself. Did you get the garmin gps when you ordered your boat? I ordered the garmin chirp and am curious if it comes with transducer or not? One last question. Did you install dual batteries or a battery charger?
  15. PJ

    R160 in ocean?

    ba_fisher Hey! Thats who I am dealing with. I am dealing with Erik there. I just did everything over the phone. I told him what boat I wanted he gave me some options of boats they had ready to ship out soon. I decided to custom order mine. I ordered it mid April and it is due in by the end of June. There hasn't been a whole lot to the process so far. I told him what I wanted. He said build it online and send to him. Then add $2500 for their fees. I wish I could have seen it in person first, but I know they are great boats. My uncle transports boats for a living and my Dad is a commercial fisherman on the east coast, so they helped me in the selection. Robalos are great boats and they do not cut any corners like most companies. So frustrating there is no boat dealers around here. There are a few small ones and Bass pro shop and that is it! If you like you can come check my boat out when I get it, just so you can see the quality of a new boat.
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