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  1. BZR222

    R222 vs. R200

    I also had to decide between the 20 and the 21.7. It came down to liking the folding seat in the back of the 21.7 and the 21-degree deadrise.
  2. BZR222

    Garmin Transducer

    if you have not ordered I have some info for you.
  3. BZR222


    I run two Scotty 1106Bs and replaced the rod holders in position 1 with equipment from Burnewiin and mounted the downriggers to their equipment. I also use it the same equipment for a pot puller. I installed power outlets on the underside of the gunwale, so they would be out of the way. Scotty/Canon is like a Ford/Chevy thing. I have a Scotty repair shop close by, so I figured I would go that way in case I have an issue.
  4. BZR222

    R222 Transducer Upgrade Airmar B175

    Hi Dabbles, It might be too late to help but I believe the stock unit is an Airmar B619 20D. If you did upgrade to the B175 I'm interested in what you think. I'm not super happy with the stock unit and thinking of upgrading this winter when I pull it out of the water.
  5. BZR222

    R222ES Rod Holders

    Hi Otis, I have a R222 with rod holders in the same location all of which point to the stern of the boat. I'm not sure you will have enough clearance to spin the rod holders. I have replaced all of my stock units with http://www.burnewiin.com/mounts/gm650-mount and their rod holders because of how I have ended up fishing my boat.
  6. BZR222

    getting wiring from back to console R222

    Do you have an AUX audio input for the stereo already on the console? My boat came it the 1/8 audio input on the console, but the stereo also has a USB audio input that was not connected. You should have some kind of connection point on the console to the stereo. You should be able to run wires to the gunwale to get to the back or you could get some fish rods and try to push those from the back to the front.
  7. I think there might be something wrong with my R222's wiring. I have a single 200 with dual batteries and with the battery switch in "Off" I can start the motor and run all the electronics. It will also start with the switch on battery 1 which is what I have been doing normally. I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this on their boat. I'm thinking something is wired incorrectly, what's the point of a battery Off if everything is still getting power?