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  1. seans45

    2018 R242

    I have a 2017 R242 with the yamaha 300. We do a lot of fishing with it and I absolutely love the boat. I am up on the St. Lawrence River and take it out on Lake Ontario often. Boat rides great and handles the chop very well and we stay dry. When we have a group of people visiting we throw in all the cushions and there is plenty of seating for 8-9 people. I recently put on a minn kota ulterra 36v trolling motor with a 72" shaft which has worked out great for fishing the River. It did add quite a bit of weight to the boat. At first I had some minor issues such as a cracked hydraulic steering fitting, a loose livewell hose clamp, and some stress cracks in the gel coat on top of the gunnels. All issues were fixed by the dealer. By reading this forum it seems that some robalos are made better than others. I would suggest spending some time examining every inch of the boat to make sure you don't have one of their lemons.
  2. I have a 2016 Yamaha 300 with digital controls. The speedometer on the unit is frozen at 25mph, whether i am idling or doing 35mph. I tried turning off batteries and then back on but unit is still frozen. All other gauges appear to be working. Can anyone offer some advice on this? Thank you in advance.
  3. I have the same boat and the same warped door. The lock does hold though.
  4. I have the 242 with the factory canvas that covers my center completely to the floor and the leaning post/seats. Very happy with them, i can post some pix if you need them.
  5. Hi Shifter, any update? I have the same boat and i am looking to install a bow mount trolling motor. Any pix or advice? Thanks
  6. i thought long and hard about that too but i ended up going with the fiberglass top on my 242 and couldnt be happier. As Dr. Pat said you will have to replace it down the road. I also started thinking about every time i have rookies on the boat throwing lures. no doubt they would be snagging the top with their antics causing holes and tears which will get worse. also i thought about all the seagull crap that ends up on top, alot easier to hose and scrub off a waxed fiberglass top than a canvas top which will stain up. Just my thoughts on it.
  7. I got a new 242 this year with the yahmaha 300. I fish in an area with a lot of shoals so i switched my prop to an aluminum prop to avoid a disaster. my max rpm is about 5500-5600 but i am only hitting 35-36mph. it runs best at 4300 rpm and im getting 26-27 mph. i knew i would lose a little with the aluminum prop but not that much. Im starting to think i should put the stainless prop back on and be more cautious when im running shallow. Anyone else run an aluminum prop and have their performance numbers?
  8. I have had my 2017 242 for two months and love it. It rides better than i could have hoped for. I have the single 300 as well. With 2 guys and all our gear we top out at about 36 mph. It runs real good at 44-4500 rpms and does 25 mph. I thought fuel burn would be a little better but its not bad. Everything on the boat works well and the finish is better than i thought. The only negative i had was the power steering hydraulic fluid was low, i had to add half a quart. Other than that the boat has exceeded my expectations. I can fish it hard, make it a total mess and with 15 minutes of cleaning it looks showroom. No regrets at all.
  9. thanks for the info, think im going to go with the garmin 1242xsv and throw the radio up in the box. Ive always been a garmin guy, i think it is more user friendly than the simrad, and i never had an issue with the garmin products. hopefully the boat is in this week.
  10. Hi everyone, i am new to the forum and this is my first post. I have a new 2017 R242 currently being built and hope to have it within a month. I am trying to plan out my electronics on the console. Do any R242 owners have the dimensions of the flat area below the black brow where the electronics can be flush mounted? Also, i ordered the 300hp, i believe the square digital control instrument is mounted below that that flat area and just above the steering wheel, can anyone confirm that? Just trying to figure out the exact space I have to work with for the new toys. Thanks for any input. Sean
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