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  1. Otis

    Lifting the boat off the trailer

    I don’t disagree with you, but we drydock 1000 ft lake freighters in the dead of winter where if blocking patterns aren’t perfect, you can breach a hull. Shit makes me nervous even with a 22’ boat.
  2. Otis

    R207 modifications

    Reminds me of friends fishing a couple weeks back. Just got all rigs set up. Older son leans over edge of boat for one last adjustment. Truck keys fall out of jacket pocket. I’m normally stashing those items before I get to the dock.
  3. Otis


    I’m betting OGR and NJRobert are the same person. Brand new profile. 3 posts only and to this subject in support of OP. It just seems to be too obvious.
  4. Otis


    He’s created quite a stir on THT as well.
  5. You should consider the safety of other drivers and their occupants as you’re stretching the capabilities and manufacturers specs.
  6. Otis

    Stress crack on console floor

    I would think it should be covered under the hull warranty.
  7. Otis

    Robalo 222

    Justin, I like your logo. Can you share where you got it from? Was it easy to install?
  8. Otis

    CC v. DC—help me decide

    That’s awesome I rented a cabin in Fish Creek in the heart of Door County on the bay of Green Bay. Cabin came with a dock where I kept my CC. Spent all three days cruising the beautiful shoreline. It’s really hard to focus on work
  9. Otis


    I’ve been all over the boat. Just finishing up my second year.
  10. Otis


    When I bought my boat, I went back and forth between the R222 and the R222ES. I liked the R222 flip up aft bench for the fishability, but liked the fit and finish of the R222ES and so did my wife as we were able to see both boats prior to deciding. I was happy with our choice to spend a few extra bucks on the ES and Robalo delivered to our expectations. Only issue after 2 years was a failed bilge pump.
  11. Otis

    CC v. DC—help me decide

    I love my CC for fishing. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. However, for family fun and cruising I would prefer the DC and I think your passengers would too. You being 50 50 on boating activities, I’d strongly suggest walking/sitting around on the decks of both styles and doing so with your spouse.
  12. Otis

    R222 & 250 VMax SHO

    My break in period was 10 hrs regardless of who was at the helm.
  13. Otis

    Freight Cahrge On New Boat

    Part of my job is to stay on top of the trucking industry, primarily flatbed haulers. There is a significant shortage of drivers. Electronic logs are keeping abusers in check, and many are getting out of the industry because of these tighter regulations which leads to fewer miles per week so less take home pay. Shortage of drivers has caused rates to go up but not by 25%.
  14. Otis

    Freight Cahrge On New Boat

    From GA, right? That’s a lot. I paid about that much to get an R222ES to Wisconsin last year.
  15. Otis

    2017 R200es Rear seats Warning

    That’s really unfortunate. I don’t understand why Robalo can’t instruct their dealers to inform new customers of this issue at delivery. So many have leaned the hard way and it can really screw up the boat enjoyment experience when you have to dick around with getting a replacement seat even if it’s covered by the dealer/manufacturer.