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  1. Any ideas, suggestions or recommendations on faux teak decking ideas. Photos, what works well, what doesn’t. Budget friendly/unfriendly. Any feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. You’d think we’d have similar configurations. My starting and aux batteries are just outboard of centerline aft port. Now throw three more batteries aft port. My fat ass favors starboard side of helm so it’s a wash.
  3. Master Chief, I have a 2017 R222ES and absolutely love it. I put an outboard mounted trolling motor on my boat and see great value in the bow mount you’re looking for. Regardless, just be aware of the additional weight this will add with the 36V batteries. I was aware, but you should know it will be noticeable. Batteries were professionally installed aft/port and this has created a slight list which can be offset through trim tabs. I also noticed about a 3 mph wot reduction in speed. You should be prepared for this as well. Just sort of an FYI I guess.
  4. Man I wish I had an affordable solution like that. I’m short on width height and depth but knew that going in. Also knew the cost of slip and Winter storage before buying my boat and still moved forward. I like having the slip as we use the boat more than we would if we had to launch each time. I’m happy with that cost. This year and this year only I got free indoor climate controlled storage for the winter so I’m happy with that cost too. But boy do I wish I could have my boat in my garage all winter so I could tinker with her. I’m envious of all of you that have this option.
  5. Bodee, we understand you regret your purchase. You got your point across. You don’t need to monopolize every thread to continue your campaign. Please go find something else to do.
  6. I have a 2017 R222ES and the anchor can’t be more than 8 lbs. With the danforth style, it’s more about bite than the weight. Mine has held well in every application provided you let out the correct amount of line.
  7. I agree. But if there’s enough complaints or demands they’ll probably consider it on their next redesign. There’s a lot of fixed costs associated with redesigns that have to be amortized over a very long production run in order remain profitable. And from what I gather, the current design is relatively new. I love the ladder on my R222 whether getting on the boat from the water or my driveway and I wouldn’t of bought the boat without. However, I wouldn’t of held my breath if it wasn’t an option. Life is too short. If you want to boat, find the best fit and have some fun.
  8. That is a really nice cover and a great idea. Do you, or anyone else, have any concerns regarding ventilation while charging batteries? I might be too paranoid or maybe to cautious, but when I charge my trolling motor batteries, I put a block of wood under the backside of my stern cushion and another under the charger access panel in order to allow for ventilation. However, then I worry about exposure to the elements while these areas are propped open. I slip my boat, so batteries are plugged in and areas exposed while I’m away from my boat.
  9. 8. Trim tab switch is wired wrong. The right side controls the left side and vice versa. I think this is wired correctly. It took me a few trips out to figure this out. From the helm, if you’re vessel lists to the port, and you want to correct it by lowering the starboard side, you press down on the starboard switch which lowers the port side tab which raises the port side stern which pushes the starboard bow down. It gets easier as you get used to it. When at the helm, it’s fairly simple because you simply activate the button based on the side you want correct. The opposite side tab is what makes that correction.
  10. Yep. Scout 225XSF. $85K sticker that he was willing to lower to $70K. It’s actually a foot longer than the 222ES and is also a much lighter boat. I prefer the heft and weight of the Robalo in the chop that I’m often navigating through.
  11. I started my boat buying experience 15 months ago. Was looking at a new 2016 222ES. As it was coming to the end of the season, I thought I could talk them down quite a bit. They wouldn’t haggle so I walked. The boat was still for sale at the 2017 boat show. Now last years model and still,very little room to move. So I decided to go through the motions of ordering a new 2017 boat set up the way I wanted it, thinking if they knew I was serious they might be more inclined to deal. No movement on the dealer end with the in stock 2016. I continued looking at other boats. Scout gave me a quote on a comparable model which was $15k more than the Robalo. I told them they were too high and the next day they dropped their price to match the Robalo. I was pretty turned off by this and I was starting to see the motivation behind Robalo’s No haggle pricing. They want to be consistent with all their customers. Last stab at the 2016, offered cash. No movement. So I appreciate their consistency and I ordered 2017 exactly the way I want it and love my boat. I also feel good that no one else is getting a better deal. I guess the moral of my story is if you feel that the satisfaction gained through squeezing 6-10k worth of meat out of your purchase matters more than anything else, then you should see your local Scout dealer.
  12. There’s many complaints in this forum regarding this issue. Share this with your dealer. Robalo should not be surprised by your loss and I think they should stand behind it. They should also send a bulletin to all dealers asking them to remind their customer of this concern. When I picked up my boat, dealer hooked it up to truck and it was ready to go. They stowed all bow cushions in head but not the stern cushions. I trusted they had boat road ready and also believe they had no idea of this issue and I would’ve expressed my expectations of free replacement if I lost mine even though it probably wasn’t their fault.
  13. Mine blew around in the back of the boat first time I hauled it. Fortunately I didn’t lose it. I was completely surprised at how this could happen given the weight of that cushion. No new boat should be delivered without this precaution.
  14. Up and with service lever locked. However, I should add that I store in slip and only trailered a half dozen times this past year.
  15. I purchased one from West Marine. It required drilling holes in my trailer, so I researched other options. From what I found, Robalo claims to have a very robust design in their transom so a saver is not needed. I agree so returned and am using nothing on my 200 HP outboard. I could see using a saver on an aluminum hull where transom is much flimsier.