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  1. Otis

    Freight Cahrge On New Boat

    Part of my job is to stay on top of the trucking industry, primarily flatbed haulers. There is a significant shortage of drivers. Electronic logs are keeping abusers in check, and many are getting out of the industry because of these tighter regulations which leads to fewer miles per week so less take home pay. Shortage of drivers has caused rates to go up but not by 25%.
  2. Otis

    Freight Cahrge On New Boat

    From GA, right? That’s a lot. I paid about that much to get an R222ES to Wisconsin last year.
  3. Otis

    2017 R200es Rear seats Warning

    That’s really unfortunate. I don’t understand why Robalo can’t instruct their dealers to inform new customers of this issue at delivery. So many have leaned the hard way and it can really screw up the boat enjoyment experience when you have to dick around with getting a replacement seat even if it’s covered by the dealer/manufacturer.
  4. Otis

    2018 R160

    If you know very little about boats, then you’re not ready to start shopping IMO. If you purchased this boat knowing very little, you’ll find yourself gazing at others as you navigate through the marina wondering why you didn’t consider a dual console, a deck boat, a bow rider, a pontoon boat, or something else. You’ll question the length of boat you bought, the propulsion you chose..... The list goes on and on and on. What you’ll get here are the preferences or opinions of other boaters. I think you need to first figure out what you want in a boat.
  5. Otis

    2017 R222ES Bilge Pump

    Faulty float switch. Putting her back in the water tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  6. Otis

    2018 R160

    This is a big purchase so you may to do some more research. What’s you’re intended use? What made you decide on the center console? Go to boattrader.com and use your wish list in the advanced search section. Pull up both new and used the go to those Mfg websites to get a better understanding on competitive alternatives. I bought new last year but would’ve bought used if I could’ve found an attractive price on a late model.
  7. Otis

    2017 R222ES Bilge Pump

    Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads. I’m spending mine in the boaters lounge at the marina while I wait for my battery to charge. Here’s what happened. I haven’t ran my boat since Memorial Day. We’ve had a ton of rain and I believe my bilge pump drained both my starting and house batteries. Must’ve still been working as recently as yesterday as we got hammered with rain and there was water in the bilge, enough to trigger the float, but not much more than that. With both batteries dead, confirmed by voltage tester, we hooked charger up to shore power, but it wouldn’t cycle. Advice on dock is that if the’re completely dead, on board charger won’t work as it’s a trickle charge. So we tried jump starting it. Electronics came to life on board charger started cycling, but not enough amps to crank motor. So we unplugged shore power and hooked up a regular battery charger and so I wait. Electronics are working and bilge pump emptied the bilge, but then kept running, and won’t stop. I’ve cycled the float by hand and it seems like it runs at two different stages. A little noisier when float is lifted. Not as noisy when float is released. We disconnected the bilge pump in order to let the battery charge so we can start the boat. But I’m going to have to reconnect the bilge and am certain the constant running will again drain the batteries. Thinking once I get the boat running, I’ll have to pull it out and take it back to dealer. Anyone know why it would continue to run. Boat is fairly new. 1 year and only 50 hours.
  8. Otis

    R222 vs. R200

    One of my big decision factors for the R222ES was number of occupants. I wanted enough boat to accommodate 2 small families. 4 adults and 3 kids is perfect. 6 adults and 1 kid, she takes a little more to manage. I’m certain we were pushing the 1400 lb max, which in my mind is deceiving. If anyone purchase an R222 to accommodate 10 total, they’re in for a rude awakening. For now, I’m happy with the R222 but can see upgrading to a bigger boat in the future.
  9. Otis

    R222ES Rod Holders

    Thanks for the reply. This looks like a great solution and well worth checking into.
  10. Otis

    2120 from single to twin

    I like the idea of redundancy but In the event of one engine failure, I don’t think the other 115 will be enough to get you on plane.
  11. Otis

    Bow sun shade on R200

    I haven’t. Pretty happy with the added cleats though. I also jumped a size up on my fenders and got the protective clothe covers. However, after one year, you can notice the paint IWO fenders is slightly faded.
  12. Otis

    Bow sun shade on R200

    I think it would be nice too when sand barring. Would be nervous of wind damage when leaving it alone in slip. I’d be concerned with the placement of that aft fender. Looks like it could slide out behind boat/dock. I had same configuration and concern on my R222ES so I had a recessed cleats added to gunwale port and starboard about 4’fwd aft.
  13. Otis

    Obvious factory repair on Newly deliver R202

    I don’t know where this is at on the gunwale, or if you have any outfitting plans for the boat, such as additional rod holders or cup holders. I know some guys that installed track systems for sliding down riggers and rod holders. I had some additional recessed cleats added. It would be nice if you had something that could be added to this area to cover it up. It doesn’t cover the fact that factory QC accepted this blemish. At a min you should certainly let the know that you’re disappointed in this defect.
  14. Otis

    Obvious factory repair on Newly deliver R202

    That really sucks as it extends past the repaired area. Looks like they tried to feather it out after repairing. On the floor would be one thing, but on a noticeable area like the gunwale, it’s too bad. With the texture, I don’t think they could make this look any better.
  15. Otis

    R222 vs R242

    I have a 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 that I use to tow my R222ES. I’ve towed distances of up to 8 hours and feel I’m pretty much at the max for what the truck can handle. Towing is one thing but grades associated with launching is another thing. If I could do it over again, I’d get the 2500 for the R222ES. The 2509 could probably handle the 242 as well. As for the boat, last year was my first experience as a boat owner of anything this size and I was surprised at how easily I could launch the 222ES single handily. However, I float the vessel off and on the trailer. I wouldn’t the 242 would be much tougher. I like the 242 and if I could afford it, would probably go with twin outboards for redundancy. But if I could it,I’d stretch my budget by going after Robalos walk around. Someday.