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  1. Tacomaman, to be honest, I have never used the windscreen. It's been sitting in my garage somewhere since the day I bought the boat. I would imagine that if you were not satisfied with the tension, you could adjust the forward struts a little until the tension is to your liking. The boot cover fits over everything just as it did before. I have a pretty good pic with it folded up, but am not having luck uploading a pic. I'll see if I can figure it out tonight.
  2. Deleted. It won't let me add another photo.
  3. It's usually deployed most of the day; especially in the summer. Very easy to fold up. It is much easier for everyone to get on and off the boat when docked with this system. Here's a video of one being installed so you can see how it works. Bimini Conversion
  4. Had the same problem with a travel trailer. Worked fine on city water, but sputtered like crazy when the pump was on. Turned out that the strainer on the freshwater pump became loose over time and started sucking in air. Typically look like the pic below. Boats and RV's get jostled around a lot and things tend to get loose. Find your freshwater pump and make sure your strainer is on snug. Worth a try.
  5. I really enjoyed the 150 G1 we had on our last boat. Five years without an issue, economical, and just a powerhouse. They just couldn't get past the old 2 stroke reputation of being loud and smokey. That just wasn't the case with etecs. One reason I didn't order a G2 for my R207 is because I didn't wan't the power steering option that was the only option Robalo offered. Also, the closest etec mechanic is an hour and a half away. There's a merc mechanic just five minutes away from where I store the boat. I really like my merc 150 four stroke, but sometimes I miss that neck snapping torque from the etec. My father had a couple of rudes on the back his boats growing up. Sorry to see them go.
  6. AO

    Water Ski Holders

    ^^^You lost me there. I like the idea of those SeaSucker ski racks. Maybe you can mount them under the gunwale. Not sure if they're adjustable. They double as rod holders and not permanently mounted. Boat outfitters has some really nice rod and ski rack that permanently mount and fold out of the way. Do you have a factory or custom ski tow bar? Probably some more options there. If you want to throw some money at it, you could have a custom wakeboard tower or arch installed with a bimini. OR, you can trade in your r200 for an r207. Huge ski locker. Just a couple of thoughts. SeaSucker Ski Rack Rod and Ski Rack
  7. bcalaway, I used 7/8" x 6' with the split side mount. Used a hand grinder to cut down to size. It's been holding up very well so far. Sorry for the late reply. It's been an interesting month.
  8. Not my R207, but this guy installed one on his bimini. More pics in the link. It's hard to tell, but it looks like he ran the cable through the support pole in the second pic. https://www.rivamiami.com/Pre-owned-Inventory-2016-Robalo-Boat-R207-Florida-Keys-3199451
  9. Thanks FT. I like the pool noodle idea. Improvise, adapt, and overcome. ;-) Yeah, for a while I would just snap the rear struts up and out of the way when we hit a fishing spot. Then every other time we start moving to another area, I'd forget to put them back down and the bimini would collapse. Then sometimes I'll leave them down and I'll find myself fighting a fish while trying to get the damn struts out of the way. This keeps me from having to think all together. lol It does fold up nicely though.
  10. AO

    T-Top benefits?

    My last boat had a t-top and there are a couple of things I would add to that list. One, it's a great place for your guests to hang on when it's rough out. Another, if there's an electrinics/radio box installed, you can mount stereo speakers there. Much easier to listen to while underway. Arguably, adding a t-top is much better for resale. At least with larger boats. Like you said, storage is a premium on cc's. Only downside is it could be a hindrance if there are low bridges where you usually fish. JMO
  11. Happy holidays everyone. I added a gemini strapless bimini kit to my R207. Getting rid of the rear support struts really adds space to fish when the bimini is up. Only been offshore a couple of times since I installed them and it works great! Well made and the quality of the SS is better than the factory bimini. Not cheap, but much less than installing a hardtop or arch. So far, very happy with my purchase. Gemini Strapless Bimini Kit Installation Video
  12. h2o, thanks for sharing. Just used your idea and made a bimini holder for my R207. I only plan to use it when the boat is covered and stored. Much easier this way. Not as pretty as yours, but gets the job done.
  13. I agree with the previous posters. Check your engine height first before playing with props. These performance charts may help you out. Just to give you an idea what to expect if you decide to upgrade. https://www.thehulltruth.com/12526752-post2.html
  14. AO

    Dual Battery Alternator

    Check out this thread. This may be your culprit. Battery Switch Problem
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