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  1. AO

    Gemini Strapless Bimini Kit

    Thanks FT. I like pool noodle idea. Improvise, adapt, and overcome. ;-) Yeah, for a while I would just snap the rear struts up and out of the way when we hit a fishing spot. Then every other time we start moving to another area, I'd forget to put them back down and the bimini would collapse. Then sometimes I'll leave them down and I'll find myself fighting a fish while trying to get the damn struts out of the way. This keeps me from having to think all together. lol It does fold up nicely though.
  2. AO

    T-Top benefits?

    My last boat had a t-top and there are a couple of things I would add to that list. One, it's a great place for your guests to hang on when it's rough out. Another, if there's an electrinics/radio box installed, you can mount stereo speakers there. Much easier to listen to while underway. Arguably, adding a t-top is much better for resale. At least with larger boats. Like you said, storage is a premium on cc's. Only downside is it could be a hindrance if there are low bridges where you usually fish. JMO
  3. Happy holidays everyone. I added a gemini strapless bimini kit to my R207. Getting rid of the rear support struts really adds space to fish when the bimini is up. Only been offshore a couple of times since I installed them and it works great! Well made and the quality of the SS is better than the factory bimini. Not cheap, but much less than installing a hardtop or arch. So far, very happy with my purchase. Gemini Strapless Bimini Kit
  4. AO

    R160, trailering with bimini folded down

    h2o, thanks for sharing. Just used your idea and made a bimini holder for my R207. I only plan to use it when the boat is covered and stored. Much easier this way. Not as pretty as yours, but gets the job done.
  5. AO

    R180 Motor Upgrade

    I agree with the previous posters. Check your engine height first before playing with props. These performance charts may help you out. Just to give you an idea what to expect if you decide to upgrade. https://www.thehulltruth.com/12526752-post2.html
  6. AO

    Dual Battery Alternator

    Check out this thread. This may be your culprit. Battery Switch Problem
  7. AO

    2020 Robalo R160 Parts Guide?

    Their factory rep., Joebalo, makes an appearance here on occasion. He can probably help you. Go to www.thehulltruth.com , become a member, and PM him. I've talked to him before. Nice guy and usually answers within a couple of days. Also, if the dealer has a Facebook page, post and ask on their front page why you haven't received your light. Navigation lights are standard equipment on robalos. You just bought a new boat and it sounds like they owe you a nav light.
  8. AO

    23 foot Robalo cc coming soon?

    They recently came out with the R272. Really nice looking hull.
  9. AO

    Question about ROBALO R 247 seating

    When I was searching for an R207 last year, it was very difficult to find a used one anywhere near my area. The ones that did pop up were usually 3-4 years old and just under what they were asking for new. So for me, it was a no brainer. Get the boat I wanted, exactly the way I wanted set up, for a few grand more. You got to remember though, you're at a different price point. My boat new is about half of what yours is new. To me 4-5k wasn't worth a rusty trailer that probably needed new brakes and dealing with possible issues arising from the prior neglect. Having a warranty is great too. Heck, I've had to use it already for a faulty battery switch. Things happen. If that 10-15% isn't going to affect you much, I say go for it. As you said, having that peace of mind is worth it. Of course, it's much easier for me to spend your money.
  10. You'll probably find your answer in this thread. 'R207 Storage Demensions' It's for an R207, but it's the same hull. Fishhead said it was 22' with engine down.
  11. AO

    Question about ROBALO R 247 seating

    Personally, I'd rather keep the spotter seat over the EC. In a boat that size, it probably won't be used as much as you think. If I remember correctly, doesn't the 247 come with a table option? There's usually plenty of storage space in a DC. Is it possible to add it? Probably. Is it worth it? IMHO, nope. Also, it'll be WAY more than $700 for a custom job. Beneath a blazing afternoon sun, an extra seat in the shade would probably more appreciated than a sink that's hardly ever used. Less systems to maintain. Keep it simple! Good luck with your search.
  12. AO

    New Boat Coming - Problems to look for?

    The only real problem I've had with my R207 was the the battery switch. Mine failed right after an offshore trip. I'm not alone either. Thread is linked below. Replaced under warranty. If you notice any intermittent electrical issues, that could be your culprit. Besides that, it's been a great boat. Battery Switch Problems
  13. AO

    Robalo and Evinrude?

    I emailed factory rep joebalo (from THT forum) a couple of years ago in regards to ordering different brand engines from robalo. His response was, "We offer Yamaha, Mercury, and Evinrude. Pricing is pretty similar between the 3. We only advertise Yamaha on our website per our agreement with Yamaha. Your closest dealer can get you exact pricing for Mercury or Evinrude". If you do order an etec, evinrude just came out with a new, lighter 115, 140, and 150 etec G2. Probably would make a sweet combo for the R180. https://www.boattest.com/engine-review/Evinrude/55000220_e-tec-150-hp
  14. AO

    227 Live Well

    I think I know what you mean. Mine overflowed as well when I first got the boat. The drain tube was just high enough that I couldn't completely close the lid to the livewell. All you need to do is pop off the filter/strainer from the drain tube and cut the PVC pipe down as much as needed. The drain tube is threaded and screws right out.
  15. AO

    Trolling Motor Install on R200

    Thanks for sharing BA. Just bought a pair for my boat. This forum needs a like button.