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  1. AO

    VHF antenna on R207

    BC, last year I purchased this neoprene camera lens pouch on ebay to protect the mic when stored away. Fits the mic and cord perfectly. Something to consider. Neoprene Lens Pouch Bag Extra Large
  2. AO

    VHF antenna on R207

    Yeah, I had the Icom radio connected to the Garmin. The cable was included if I remember right. The guy who installed it for me didn't use the cable I bought and said one was included already. It's a great set up. They work perfect together. You wont be disappointed.
  3. AO

    Bottom paint with sea foam green?

    Saw this R222 with bottom painted that color. Not bad.
  4. AO

    R200 with Yamaha 150 Prop size

    These Yamaha performance bulletins show them using a 14 1/2 x 17p aluminum and a 14 1/4 x 17p reliance series prop. I get similar results on my R207 with a Merc 150 and 17p enertia. R200 w/150 17p Aluminum R200 w/150 17p Reliance
  5. AO

    Bimini Top Extension

    Happy holidays everyone! Got a question. Has anyone used an extension kit for their bimini top like in the pics below? I'm thinking about it, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. It'd be nice to have some extra shade for passengers in the back seat. Any recommendations and opinions would be great. Thanks and advance.
  6. AO

    Tow Vehicle

    No experience with that particular truck, but I wouldn't do it. I was with a buddy over twenty years ago who destroyed his transmission on the way to the ramp towing another friends boat that was right at his truck's towing capacity. Ruined our day real quick. Not worth it! If you're looking for something smaller than your full size, there are some mid size truck options that could do the job. My 2nd gen GMC Canyon V6 does a fine job towing my R207.
  7. AO

    Battery Switch Problems

    Just wanted to update this. Had to bring the boat to dealer since the battery switch wasn't the only problem. Turns out the 40 amp DC main breaker was inoperative. All replaced and covered under warranty.
  8. AO

    R207 modifications

    Thanks FT. Hope the new boat is working out for you.
  9. AO

    R207 modifications

    If you have a ski tow bar, maybe some extra rod holders. Pictured below are Brocraft aluminum clamp-on rod holders on my R207 and I really like them. They do not interfere with the engine while trimmed up or down. Plenty of other brands and options out there. Can't help you with the carpet or head compartment mod. I put life jackets and a first aid kit there. I did add a car trunk organizer in the storage locker in front of the driver's side like pictured below. Works well for us for smaller items. It still leaves space for tackle boxes and a soft cooler in there. Good luck with your mods! Horizontal Rod Holders Vertical Rod Holders
  10. AO

    R227 performance issues need help!

    Ok, I'll bounce a few thoughts off you. Check your engine height. The link below has great information on this and trimming the engine. Engine Height and Trim Have you hit anything? Inspect your prop to make sure there isn't any nicks or any kind of damage. Maybe have it checked by a pro. Make sure you're using the correct fuel. The Yamaha F200 in-line four requires a minimum of 89 octane fuel. (Assuming that's your engine) You said you haven't used your boat much. How old is the fuel? What were the conditions when you tested? Do you have a hardtop? Were you trimmed out or up? How loaded down were you? Is there bottom paint or any growth underneath the hull? These all could have an effect. Unless there's something else going on with your engine, I would imagine you'd be able to get at least into the mid to upper 5k rpm range WOT. Topping off in the high 30's, maybe low 40's with that prop trimmed out. If you need a prop expert, contact Ken at Propgods and he'll get you dialed in. You also may want to post this on the The Hull Truth forum. You should get plenty of good and some maybe not so good advice there. Those are just a few things that come to mind. Hope this helps.
  11. AO

    Battery Switch Problems

    Thanks haz! I emailed them yesterday and got a response and confirmation of a new switch (newer revised version hopefully) being sent to me within an hour. Great customer service. Took a couple of pics of the switch on my boat yesterday. While I was at it, I checked the switch and realized it had completely failed. Did not work on any battery. Guess I was luckier than I thought to make it back last time without a tow. I was going the dealer route, but they're always busy and who knows how long it'd take for them to get to it. Besides, it's fun working on your boat.
  12. AO

    Battery Switch Problems

    I'll echo this. As you stated, this could be a potential safety issue. I was was 20 miles offshore when I realized that the switch only worked on battery two. In the afternoon, the winds and waves kicked up and it got pretty sporty out there. Would have hated waiting for a tow in that. Not only that, what kind of potential long term damage could these intermittent connections do to the electrical systems? When I owned a 150 etec G1, it was well known how sensitive those engines were to voltage fluctuations. Wreaks havoc to the EMM.
  13. AO

    Battery Switch Problems

    The battery switch on my R207 went bad as well. Last time out, I noticed switching to battery one didn't take right away. Had to switch it back and forth from off to 1 a couple of times before it finally took. Today I found out it only works on battery two. Won't be going out again until it's replaced. I'll be calling my dealer tomorrow.
  14. AO

    R200 dirty bottom

    I've had really good results with Davis Fiberglass Stain Remover.
  15. AO

    Evinrude Etec G2 250 H.O. Review

    Uh-oh, shots fired! lol