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    R160 Livewell plug

    I just purchased an additional live well drain tube assembly, cut it short and plugged the inner pipe with an expanding rubber pipe pressure test plug. Basically a cylinder of rubber with a hole drilled in the center with a bolt and wing nut. Rubber expands when wing bold tightens. The pipe still sticks up a couple of inches but is way better than leaving a full live well tube in place. I use my live well for fresh water storage to supply a battery operated shower for rinse offs.
  2. Biggynuff

    R160, trailering with bimini folded down

    Just looked through the 2019 options on "build your R160" and they list an option of "Starboard Dive Swim Platform with Boarding Ladder" for $600 and change. Couldn't find any pics.....wonder what it looks like.
  3. Biggynuff

    R160 with forward anchor hatch

    I was browsing through a review of the R160 out of Australia and noticed that the boat had a forward anchor compartment. (See attachment) Here is the link to the review...http://www.hookedupmagazine.com.au/reviews/robalo-r160/ I definitely looks add on and when I went to the Robalo Australia website, they do not even have the R160 listed. Makes me wonder how much room is down there ahead of the forward hatch and this would be a do-able add on that would provide dedicated anchor storage. Drainage would be a concern as well as how much foam in under there and if there is a clear path to the bilge.