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  1. skovach

    227 engine/prop resource

    I’m surprised that with a 250hp you guys only get low 40’s mph for top speed. That’s exactly what I get with the Yamaha f200xb on my 2017 r227. About 43mph tops and I cruise around 25mph, depending on sea state, usually around 4000rpm. Usually hit 30mph around 4500rpm.
  2. skovach

    R222 vs. R200

    on paper, comparing specs, i can see the validity of the points above but if you look at both boats in person and poke around them then you'll find the 222/227 to be much larger than the 200/207. that's my opinion. I actually think that there's more of a noticeable size difference between the r200/207 and r222/227 than there is between the r180 and r200. 18 vs 21 degree deadrise is significant too. i just took delivery of a 227 last month and originally i was looking at the 207 but the helm was too cramped feeling for me to run while standing and the bow and stern areas are much smaller. it's a nice boat though and certainly more affordable, maybe even a better bang for the buck than the r227, but it's no comparison... the small increase in all dimensions makes for a much larger feeling boat with the 222/227. also, there are many standard features on the 222/227 that add up to be expensive options on the 200/207. look at the specs. anyways, no doubt they are both nice boats, but i could feel a substantial difference in size between the two. the 227 runs smoother in the chop too.
  3. skovach

    Robalo r160 gauges

    I used this cable https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0012R2PHG/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 it was just long enough to snake from engine, through cable tube under deck, and up through hole in the shelf inside console.
  4. skovach

    Robalo r160 gauges

    i also did this with the help of that quoted hulltruth thread above. piece of cake really. so much space under that shelf in the center console too... thinking of modifying it for more storage... maybe move the battery there like Hook-Em Out mentioned in another thread
  5. skovach

    Trim Tabs on R160

    i'm seriously considering fishing longer cables from my main battery switch to my center console too. such a waste of that storage space under the starboard jump seat. can't believe the boats don't come this way from the factory. also considering tabs but the swim step is handy and it would get in the way of trim tab installation for sure...
  6. skovach

    R160 in ocean?

    i ordered with a garmin chirp 54dv unit and it came with an airmar b619 77/200kHz thru hull transducer... not a chirp capable one. i was kinda bummed on that, and i wish i would have thought to ask before ordering, as they have an inexpensive chirp thru hull for not much more money.... the b150m.
  7. skovach

    Robalo r160 gauges

    yup only tach comes standard but i assume you'd opt to add some type of gps/fishfinder as well, no? any gps unit will show your speed. fuel is easy to check as the tank is accessible on deck and has a small gauge on it. a simple hr meter is easy to add under the cowling too... get one that logs the time the engine is running as opposed to when the key/power is turned on. i think the yamaha f70/90 outboards have nmea ports on them too, so it's possible to wire it to a multi function display to show hrs, temp., volt., fuel burn, etc. but i have no experience doing that. i'd actually like to research that more myself.
  8. skovach

    R160 in ocean?

    I have an r160 and boat all over coastal Massachusetts with it. I check NOAA website and so long as it's seas under 1-2 and winds under 10-15kt or so I'll head out a couple of miles if I'm trying to fish somewhere. I usually boat cape cod bay and I've even taken it from Plymouth to Provinctown which is almost 20 miles across cape cod bay (the bay is pretty calm in the summer usually). I've also taken it from Falmouth to Martha's Vineyard before, and from Taylor Point to all over buzzards bay as well. It is a bumpy ride at any plaining speed in the chop we get around here but I do it and the boat handles it and it feels safe... it'll handle some rollers even better I'm sure.
  9. skovach

    R160 Cockpit not bailing

    i see... yeah, that's a tough one. are you actually getting that much water on board running with the scuppers plugged? i guess, to me, that 'fix' really changes the design of the boat though... and not for the better. i guess you can always retain your original bilge inspection cover if you want to revert back... easy enough to try it out! i gotta say though (not to rub salt in your wounds or anything, but more for the benefit of anybody else reading this who is considering a r160 purchase) that your engine at 390lbs isn't a great all around choice for the r160 hull... maybe the non HO evinrude 90hp as it's only 320lbs would be nice though. i'd almost consider talking to my dealer and trying to swap outboards rather than deal with the headaches of a stern heavy small boat. good luck!!
  10. skovach

    R160 Cockpit not bailing

    yeah... that's a lot of weight. I'm not understanding the 'solution' of having water freely flow to the bilge through holes in the inspection cover though. if you have that much water coming in, via back flow through your scuppers, then you should just plug the scuppers instead of having it drain to your bilge only to get constantly pumped out. you could always pull the plugs when it gets rough and you need self bailing capability just make sure nobody minds wet feet!
  11. skovach

    R160 Cockpit not bailing

    this is why i bought the 70hp... it's over 100lbs lighter than the 90hp and the power is enough. i don't think i'd want to have all that water drain to the bilge though... why not just plug the scuppers when you have a bunch of people aboard and sitting in the stern? i bet the scuppers function fine when nobody is sitting in the stern.