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  1. Robalo .. has the worst customer service and so is the salesman and where he works. It is my first and last Robalo. I have had BW's all my life with Customer Service beyond. I guess you get what you pay for.
  2. Ok Folks.. thanx for the past advice on trim tabs and it was the Lemco suggestion. I am going to put them on this year over the winter. Does any one know about the Bennett tabs for this boat and the new auto trim they have out? Are their any advantages to using the Bennett tabs vs. Lemco. Also Bennett claims you can mix and match their auto trim with other than Bennett tabs. If it is Bennett what size does anyone have on for this R200. Most appreciated.
  3. ok I agree I was talked out of trim tabs too. So what the damage now on the tabs $. Have in out service so i could have them done when its out. Damn. I had to put in tilt which is also a blessing. and yes I put in a fortress anchor too which made a big difference.
  4. Do yourselves a favor... if you dont have tilt get it. I just took it out on a trial. Gives the ride a better feel in the palm of your hands. Ease of maneuver worth every penny.
  5. I agree. but the this menhaden which is plentiful in buzzards bay at many time is also the target of pouchers in large amounts for its high in Omega.
  6. bilge float switch has failed twice in 6 month. New R200, has been replaced by Robalo. Use manual everytime you use the boat, for that well has to fill up a bit before it will pump automatically. If the switch works .
  7. thank you .. I have an adventurous son.. with wrenches Thanx for your suggestions. The boat yard had the part all wrong. This pump is 1/2 of the cost of what they suggested. Cheers.
  8. Got a new 200 cc this past late summer ... did not come with tilt .. its annoying that i cant tilt for the steering ball gets constantly caught in what i am wearing. I asked the dealer and my boat yard for a change .. and the grand total came back with labor $ 1400 ish.. from both. I noticed this when i went for an orientation ride with a capt, and I asked him I probably would like to change... he said about $400 bucks.. Now the harsh reality??!! To change this is like a mortgage payment.. any suggestions. ?? They should all come with tilt. Period.
  9. Thank you . I guess the dealer served me right. Most appreciated. Have a great year
  10. Got a R200 2016 late this summer after years of paying BW prices. Really like it so far. My dealer talked me out of a SS prop. I get alot of back wash turbulence on a power up turn.. which I have really never had before. Any advice from anyone who has done the switch. Also a lobster marker (submerged ) , has already taken a small chunk out of my present aluminum one. Gotta change it anyway in a few months. Thanx.