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  1. Buckle up Robalo and Customer Service. Now it is almost 4 months and no response from Customer Service and everybody else down there in Georgia. You should be ashamed of yourselves. and to top it off the Dealer has not returned my requests for pricing of items I wanted to put on the boat, my registration application for the trailer which they needed to revise in my wifes name. Now two years. Pathetic. So we are now in the process of putting together all the necessary materials together to pursue the dealer and the manufacturer. I will keep you all posted. to see if they wake up. and how they will wake up. Cheers Robalo. !!
  2. OK ROBALO... Here we go. Now we are sending you off to the State of Massachusetts Consumer Protection arm of the Attorney General . I had a problem with another boat years ago. The arm of consumer protection from the State of Mass reaches every state. I know this from past experience. So you cant hide in Georgia. My last one was in South Dakota. and we got em. You really know how to piss off a consumer. We have been patient and polite, and tried the dealer and your corporation. A total failure. NO NOTHING> I am glad RickR 160 you are at least on their call list. Here we come Nashville GA. Your not going to treat hard working people this way.
  3. Ok Folks.. am I the only one or are there others out there like me.? I have written to CS letters, phone calls and to corp about all the non addressed issures since I purchased the R200. Now two full years running. It leaves me and my family no choice but now to declare war on Robalo. I hope I will contribute to the decrease in Sales and people reading these important posts before buying one. Spring and summer are here soon and they could care less that we have worked ourselves to enjoy days when we can. They truly suck. Personally the stress of owning a Robalo is not worth it. I will sell it.. Less than 80 hours on the engine.. R 200 2016 .. Time to go back to my roots.. pay a little more and get customer service and warranty issues addressed. My campaign to make Robalo as miserable as they have made me and my family is now officially on. I wonder how the stock holders will feel about their shares in a few months. New rules of engagement not theirs.... Good Luck Robalo ! Here we come. !!!
  4. Thank you to Otis.. and Full throttle... I will consider all. I just dont get how in the world they exist.
  5. Thank you ... I will check it out.. Haz your the first return call answer I have gotten from anyone in two years. . I will try your suggestions. I have in and out service and it is stored slightly bow up. Thank you .. I wish the Robalo Co and the Dealer would behave in a more consumer friendly manner.
  6. Since I took charge of this Robalo R200, 2016. I have complained to my dealer and the corp office for my center console always has water on the floor. I have a console cover. The drink cups are not leaking. The console drains from the top by the shield are not leaking. My clothes, life jackets and wires and walls are turning a moldy mess. Since nobody gives a rats butt about this problem and other problems ..maybe a R200 owner knows more than the dealer or corp. For they dont answer 10 other warranty issues. They must wait for it to go out of warranty .. My complaints are from day one and still continue 2 years later. Thank you to whom knows what to do. .. and if it is a fix.. I will have my boat yard do them this year.. and Send them the bill in Georgia and For all of the stuff since I bought it.. NOT a PEEP from anybody. What a group. !
  7. NO BODY . dont hold your breath.. they are just getting worse.
  8. I agree Sea2Sea.... Not a peep from the dealer in over 1 year... and nothing from corp twice last year and once this year. They called me to ask why i posted what i did in regards to my issues. Promise to call me back after the Miami Show .. nothing. If i ran my company that way I would be out of biz. My company may not have the most market share but we have the best customer service. Thats why are market share is increasing...go think.! I had a Fiat once. Fix It Again Tony.. Thats what it reminds me of. Thats why they left along with Alpha back in the 80's, now they are back with the same problems. Its easier to feed them to my wife then to find a lawyer.
  9. I contacted customer service about this issue with my R200, 2016 .. and other issues. More than one month ago again. Now its getting to the point that I can no longer tolerate the yada yada about this issue and others. I was promised a call after the Miami Boat Show, ZERO. !!! I was promised this and that from the Dealer. Nothing. My request even for pricing and adding trim tabs.. not even a call back from corp or dealer parts. The dealers have a good way of hiding at boat shows when they see an old sale walking their way. The absolute worst customer service dept for a MFR, The Dealer worse. Any body want to buy this pile of negligence on the part of Robalo? Getting to old to have fun this way. They will ruin my Summa! I think I will feed them to my wife, lets see how they like that. Better than a lawyer.
  10. I got the same from customer service .. horrible. Promises to return calls and find a solution. Just plain horrible. Never buying a Robalo again. Cant wait to sell it if I can .
  11. kjf49u
  12. I had many whalers and still have a 1980 10 ft .. that is in virtually perfect conditon. my last was a 2001 19ft Nantucket that I sold 3 years ago because of non use due to hip replacements. I sold it for a great price. That was my 5th BW and since I wanted a few feet longer I looked at this Robalo R200, If i was allowed to test drive it I would have known the additions it needed for a better ride. If you have not tried a whaler, then you may not understand the difference. The hull takes the meanest pounding of any boat I have driven in Buzzards Bay and off of Nantucket. They are built like rocks. I never tightened a screw in 15 years of pounding. Put your ear on the hull of a whaler and hit the hull with your fist ,, the do the same with the robalo up around two feet before the bow. Then you will know which is the right sound. Again dont think i am here to promote whaler. I bought the robalo for its price. Its a very good boat for the price, but it needs trim tabs, and tilt steering. Never had a suzuki.. but I see you have done your homework. Just make sure you can get warranty work done on it close to where you are, for my boat yard has to send the Suzuki engines out to another shop for warranty work. And thats a pain for those that I know have them. best of luck.. enjoy.
  13. Get the trim tabs with the boat. Have a 2016 200, ... adding tilt steering cost me more in 2017, now trim tabs will cost me more this year. Get as much from the dealer when you buy or you will pay. 150 hp is ok... but through the woods hole channel and other cuts with pax I wish i got the 200 hp. Dealers dont tell you anything. They basically, as far as i am concerned dont know who you are after you pick it up. Oh and a cover for all your wires under the console should be a must ... clothes get caught , port o pottie ladies get their hair stuck and if they want to change they will definately pull off some wires. So get a cover for the dealer said one did not exist and they do. !! Its a good boat ..not a whaler . !!
  14. Robalo .. has the worst customer service and so is the salesman and where he works. It is my first and last Robalo. I have had BW's all my life with Customer Service beyond. I guess you get what you pay for.
  15. Ok Folks.. thanx for the past advice on trim tabs and it was the Lemco suggestion. I am going to put them on this year over the winter. Does any one know about the Bennett tabs for this boat and the new auto trim they have out? Are their any advantages to using the Bennett tabs vs. Lemco. Also Bennett claims you can mix and match their auto trim with other than Bennett tabs. If it is Bennett what size does anyone have on for this R200. Most appreciated.