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  1. The pix and the video are excellent! Yes a bigger inspection port would be extremely useful. The bilge pump (25D) and float switch (35A), both Rule, snap into holders (good) and the holders are mounted on the black plastic strip held in place by a bracket (good). Problem is the wiring coming off these two devices, running in the split loom tubing along the starboard side of the bilge. With a camera, I can see this terminates in a connector at the most forward part of the bilge area's starboard side. This placement makes this connection essentially impossible to access. Mine is a 2016. In some older R180 pix I can see the connector is midway up the side and might be more accessible. To replace, I was able to unscrew some of the ties holding the split loom up the side and pull the wiring out, then cut and wire in a new pump, then zip tied the connections as high in the bilge as possible. I have a "Buchanan" crimper and I fill the crimp caps with silicone. I think my bilge pump is dead because of all the loose fiberglass crud that was not vacuumed out of the hull when assembled (bad). Chas
  2. 2016 R180 bilge pump dead -- stunningly difficult to access to replace. Wiring is in split loom tubing, which is nice, but tubing is zip-tied multiple places out of reach of normal human beings. There is supposedly a plug connector in there somewhere, still searching. If you have done this successfully let me know. Parts identification (which someone kindly uploaded for the 2016 R180) does not show a pix of this run, and older parts guides show a slightly different layout (I can see the connector in question on the older boats but I think 2016 is different). These boats come with Rule bilge pumps and float switches -- in my experience with other boats these usually die after a couple of years so planning for replacement should be part of the build. I think I need to borrow an endoscope from my gastroenterologist to find the stuff down there. Thanks for any input... Chas
  3. Robalo replaced the bad vinyl upholstery on my R180. All good thus far. Pretty sure the problem is plasticizer migration. As a test, I used "SEM 39643 Tac Free" on the old vinyl - this is specifically intended to stop plasticizer migration - and it did, but the vinyl seemed, well, weaker after using this product.
  4. My one-year-old Robalo 180, the beige upholstery at several points has become very sticky. Not the white upholstery; just the beige. My son the marine engineer (what does he know, I used to change his diapers) thinks this is adhesive or plasticizer bleeding through the material. It is worst on the back of the seat in the cockpit but also becoming visible on the coaming pads. Yuck. Anyone else have this?
  5. Pulled the surround of the plate that is above the fuel tank -- nope no sealant. Bet that is the culprit, after a rain with the boat uncovered there is standing water on top of the fuel tank. Maybe my boat was assembled on a Monday morning? I did find the assembler's safety glasses washed into the bilge.
  6. Wildoats do you have a pix of how you covered the back seats?
  7. The R180 (or at least my R180) does not have that little drain in the pix. Just fairly flush fiberglass. Maybe I will add one to reduce the dripping onto the battery terminals.
  8. Thanks for your comments. I am pulling my boat now for the winter and will caulk those areas. I am posting a pix of the fiberglass below the jumpseat "lid", there is no lip, so water just runs in
  9. Thanks I will follow your suggestion about redoing the plate above the gas tank sender. On the R180 (at least the 2016), the cup holders do have drains into the cockpit (not the bilge). The aft jumpseats - especially the starboard side - drain directly onto the battery. My mobile marine guy today said I should relocate that battery (at least move it more forward like the port battery) so water doesn't just dump onto the battery terminals as it does now. My son the marine engineer thinks water is coming in at the console door but what does he know. Thanks and best wishes from coastal Virginia.
  10. My 2016 R180 lives in a lift. I am getting a lot more rainwater in the bilge that I would expect (much more than previous center console boats in the same lift), running down the bilge battery. It could be coming in at the forward-facing console door, though the enclosed area seems pretty dry. The scuppers and their through-hulls are draining appropriately, as are the other through-hulls when I put a hose to them. There is a hatch in the deck at the location of the gas tank sender, could be there but it seems tight. There is definitely water coming in at the aft of the jumpseats (there is no rim to stop it, a design flaw). The pooling water on the fiberglass supporting the aft jumpseat drains directly onto the battery location (yuck) but I can't imagine enough rainwater there to explain what I am seeing. It could be the console's attachment to the deck I guess. Has anyone else experienced/resolved this problem? Is it worth running a new silicone bead around the console? I like my local dealer but not enough to pay for a round-trip mobile service call. Thanks and best wishes from coastal Virginia.
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