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  1. I had a tower installed by the folks at t-n-t in fort pierce, they do a lot of work for the cobia line, any way, had 2 holders installed rear each side. Sunbrella soft top, great addition to the boat since only a bimini is available from the factory.
  2. Have a 227 with a f200, quite satisfied with the performance.
  3. I have a 2017, 227, it will not affect the stock cover, I put a rod holder on one side of it for my shotgun pole, I also had a tower installed with a sunbrella top, since only a factory Bimini is available.
  4. My new dc front anchor locker is filling with water after a rain. Hole at bottom is solid shut as if it wasent plugged while forming that area but then removing the plug for a clear channel overboard.any ideas out there ??
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