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  1. I too have or am at the door of fixing up a c/c 21 ft went to check it out today. confused about serial number, it starts SLK and it ends in 480 as I understand the last 2 digits indicate a 1980 but the SLK is not the Robalo prefix. The side name says AMF above Robalo what I've read says it should start with AMF not SLK what does yours start with? do you know why this might be?
  2. Good day to all, Thank you in advance for your being here and helping dumb stubborn guys like me. I'm going to look at what seems to be a 1980 or late 70's 21ft c/c open fisherman as is what the owner has referred to it as. The pic I see in one of those i saw showed the number 200 lower right corner of helm. It has a Johnson 140 EVR which he said was early 80's. I'm in Florida , but come from North East and was a commercial fisherman, one that would never own a personal craft or sport fish. Here I am in my late 50's doing just that. What do i need to look at and be concerned with with this yr and model ? I understand basic seaworthiness of any boat, however, I know nothing compared to someone out there with experience. I will find the numbers on the transom and check that area and any and all areas that have through holes for rot and any soft spots. I like the way this boat sits and to me it looks like a good fair weather boat for coastal fishing. I would like to know if there are available specs, parts, or other information on how and what came on these boats. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.