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    2013 R180 T Top Entenna mounting

    Also, when you route the antenna cable down into the console via the t top tubes, here's a tip to make it easier -- with zip ties :-)
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    2013 R180 T Top Entenna mounting

    I used the Fishmaster mounts mentioned by haz above: https://fishmaster.com/folding-antenna-mounting-plate.html [I also needed to add $10 for the universal inserts for my R200 factory t top, and I guess the same for R180] https://fishmaster.com/ratchet-mount-antenna-base.html Here's what it looks like with an 8-ft Shakespeare antenna
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    float switch /bilge pumps.

    It should be there. See http://forum.robalo.com/publications/PartsGuides//2016/160_ROBALO_2016.pdf
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    R200 Water in Head Area

    Which hand pump did you get? I have one but its hose seems too big to go into that hole.
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    Trolling Motor Install on R200

    I finally installed a MotorGuide Xi5 trolling motor on my 2018 R200. I tested it in the water today: 20mph wind, 3ft waves. Usually this means my boat will be drifting around 1.5mph and it's impossible to do bottom fishing at 100ft. With the motor deployed in anchor mode, the boat is pinned within a 20ft radius, and my fishing line stays pretty much vertical with an 8 oz sinker. You definitely need 72" shaft because the R200 has a high bow. Even with that the props would occasionally cavitate in today's condition. I chose MotorGuide because it works with my Lowrance HDS fish finder. If you have Garmin, Minn Kota is the way to go. It's too bad that they don't inter-operate. I actually wanted to have someone installed the the trolling motor. However, trolling motors aren't popular at all around here, so I had to do it myself. I'll post how I did it, in case it might be useful to other R200 owners.
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    Trolling Motor Install on R200

    This is how I protect the top of my batteries under the seats. I bought a group 27 battery box from West Marine, and tie only the lid on to the top of the battery. I didn't use the bottom part of the box. I think this way you can protect against the rain water dripping on the battery terminals, without affecting ventilation.
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    GPS Screen Size

    Here's what my 2018 R200 console looks like with a Lowrance HDS9, and a view from inside of the console. It looks like there might even be enough space to fit a 12 inch unit. Robalo changed the location of the clarion radio to make it easier to install larger GPS displays. I believe your 2015's console looks like the photo below, which has only enough space for a 7 inch display between the clarion radio and the yamaha gauges. If you want to install a larger unit, you need to move the radio down, and then cut a hole around the old hole of the radio. As far as economy is concerned, if you don't plan to install a radar or use two GPS displays together, a middle-of-the-line GPS will probably be enough. I am only familiar with the Lowrance brand. A Hook-7 or Elite-7 will probably be good enough. Elite has NEMA-2000 network support so you can control a trolling motor, or connect to a GPS antenna which shows you the direction of the boat even when it's not moving.
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    R200-Helm-19 (1).jpg

    From the album: ba_fisher's Album

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    Trolling Motor Install on R200

    I am in the San Francisco area so most of my trips are choppy. I usually drive nice and slow -- about 20mph in a head sea and 25mph in a following sea, but once in a while the boat will jump and make a big splash. I checked the floor today and it seemed pretty solid. I tried rocking the battery trays and didn't feel any movement, so I guess they are still good. Does it meet the ABYC standard (hanging sideways with 2x the weight??), probably not. But I am pretty happy about it. I put 3M 5200 under the trays for water proofing. I probably didn't put enough for fastening purposes. I don't know if it would stick to the plastic tray anyway. If you're curios, you can unscrew the stainless "feet" of the console step and see what kind of fastener is used by the factory.
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    Trolling Motor Install on R200

    Hi Bob, thanks for the tips! After I finished the installation, I added heat shrinks to seal the cables. But since you mentioned it, I checked again today and found one cable not sealed, so I'll seal it ASAP. BTW, here is how I protect the battery terminals:
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    Trolling Motor R200

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    From the album: Trolling Motor R200

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    From the album: Trolling Motor R200

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    R200 - 150 or 200HP?

    Here on the west coast, it’s always rough out so I’ve never once run my boat at WOT. The 150 is more than enough for my 2018 R200. 5 adults fishing with a full livewell and 5 batteries (3 for the trolling motor), the boat has no problem getting on plane.
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    Stress crack on console floor

    I found a lot of surface cracks on the floor in the console. Is this common? What should I do about it?
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    Head Compartment Key

    Contact a locksmith, or just drill/break the lock yourself? My boat was delivered with the head compartment key but not keys for the electronics box. I asked dealer for replacement but never heard back for the past 1.5 years!
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    R160 Wiring Question

    On my R200 the bilge pump light turns on whenever the pump runs. I see that a lot whenever I have some water in the bilge and jump over a wave to trigger the pump.
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    R200 Water in Head Area

    That looks normal to me. It's unfinished fiberglass, similar to what I have.
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    R200 Water in Head Area

    Yes that's normal. The R200 bas a bad design where the water in the bilge (usually accumulated rain water or from boat washing) would flow back into the console. It's more apparent when the boat pitches up and down while you drive it. The hole you saw is the drain from the anchor locker, which collects rain water.
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    Caring for boat after having it in saltwater

    Here's how much growth you'd get in 60 days of cold California water. Full of little speckles of barnacles.