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  1. Oh joebalo the legendary! So glad that you finally showed up here!
  2. From the album Album

  3. Not sure about after market e-boxes, but I have the factory e-box on my R200 and I am not bothered by it at all. I am 6'1". The e-box is way ahead so I think you will hit it only if you play in the NBA and happen to lean forward while driving standing up.
  4. Good point about the aft fender. My stern line is pretty short so hopefully the fender will never move past the end of the dock. Have you tried those fender hangers that plug into the rod holders? I am thinking of getting one and put the aft fender there instead.
  5. I am in a public marina, so it's full of tarps. I'd venture to say that my tarp is probably the classiest of them all :-)
  6. Here's what it looks like. The size is a pretty good fit. My only complaint is the straps are a little difficult to open and close. I also added a DIY shade for the back of the boat, using a 8x6 tarp from Walmart. It's tied down using 6-in ball bungee cords, also from Walmart. I bought 100-ft of bungee cords from Amazon to lengthened some of the cords. Cost bow = $62.99 (eBay) stern = less than $20.