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  1. I took those photos after I put the cover on the first time, and I couldn’t get the cover below all the rub rails. On my second attempt, I figured out the proper sequence and I could go under all the rub rails. My cover has two pieces (bow and stern) that are joined in the middle with zippers. Does yours have the same design? Now I put up the bow section first. And then tie the stern section, starting with the engine and working backwards totwards the bowback. Seems to fit well, but I need to do it a few more times to get the hang of it.
  2. I don’t have problem with the rigging tube. In fact, with the mooring cover on, I have to keep the motor centered to have a snug fit with the cover.
  3. My R200 also has a ski pole and the F150 stops at about the same place as you described. The tip of the motor is just a couple of inches above water. From your photo, it seems that you have too much weight at the stern. Does the motor lift up from the water if you had a 200 lb buddy sit at the bow locker?
  4. Yes it will be a good investment. I went back a few days later to check it out. We had washed the deck before putting up the cover so some water was trapped inside. It also rained a little. However, when I got inside it was pretty dry. All the water on the deck was gone. The ventilation was quite good, thanks to the openings below the t-top. I didn't feel any mildew smell, etc. But again, it's California here so your miles may vary :-)
  5. Chief, here are some photos for the R200 that I found on the internet:
  6. I also have Lowrance GPS. Due to the high bow of the boat, as well as the fact that I do bottom fishing with 1~2ft waves, I think I need to get the Motor Guide Xi5 105 lbs Thrust 72" Shaft I will probably put a stainless plate in front of the anchor locker door to get some clearance. For the bow lights, I will get a pair of side-mount nav lights. I haven't 100% made up my mind yet, as few boats on the west coast use trolling motors in the ocean. My boat techs are trying to discourage me by saying that "trolling motors are only for bass boats" .... but I really want to be able to spot-lock on a reef.
  7. I went fishing again today. It took about 5 minutes to take the cover off. To put it back, it took me about 20 minutes. I guess with more practice I can probably get it down to 15 minutes. In contrast, the console cover and leaning post cover together would take 5 minutes to put on and 2 minutes to take off. One thing I noticed with the mooring cover is that, even with a tent pole inside the boat, water still pools at two spots at the bow. I guess I need to make a longer pole.
  8. OK, I finally installed the mooring cover for the first time. With the help of my buddy, it took us an hour to figure it out, as it came with no instructions.
  9. From the album R200 Mooring Cover

  10. From the album R200 Mooring Cover

  11. From the album R200 Mooring Cover

  12. From the album R200 Mooring Cover

  13. From the album R200 Mooring Cover

  14. From the album R200 Mooring Cover