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  1. The dealer told me that the boat will complete on Oct 18. So apparently it takes about 8 weeks from start of production to completion. Another week to ship to California, 2 weeks or so for bottom paint and install lowrance fish finder ..... I hope I can launch by thanksgiving. if there's one thing I have gained from buying this boat, it's patience :-)
  2. Still waiting for my 2018 R200 to be delivered, and just found out today that Robalo now offers a factory mooring cover for the R200. It costs *only* $950, and it's about 1/2 the price I was quoted from a local canvas fabricator. Looks like a very good deal. Does anyone have this with their boat? Any photos?
  3. Which fish finder and transducer did you get?
  4. Congrats! Still waiting for mine ...
  5. Which model is your boat?
  6. @tonyroman what state are you in? I am in CA so it will be longer shipping time. I ordered 6/27.
  7. My dealer said it takes a week to build. He has 3 boats in the lot so he will wait for all 3 to finish and ship them together. Hopefully the boats have all entered production at the same time. Fingers crossed.
  8. 12 weeks from order to delivery, or from start of production to delivery? I think the fiberglass just takes a couple of days to cure inside the mold. Once you clamp the tow and bottom halves together, the rest is just fitting various bits onto the boat. Does it really take 12 weeks to do all that?
  9. I put down a deposit for my 2018 R200 on June 27, and it's been 8 weeks without any word from the factory .... Finally, today my dealer told me that my boat is "going into production" this week. Does anyone know how long it would take the factory to complete the boat?
  10. For those who are having issues with their Coyote trailers: a manager from Coyote (Lee Money) has been showing up on the Robola Boat Owners Group on facebook Some facebook users have reported that Lee provided great help resolving their issues (Lee even posted his number on the group!). So things seem to be moving to the good direction.
  11. Why is the filter needed anyway? Maybe you should just go commando?
  12. The space on the helm seems pretty small. Is it possible to fit anything larger than a 7in fish finder?
  13. I don't live close to a dealer, but when I browse on-line posting of new R180 boats, it seems like all of them have the midship cleats now. So maybe the factory now installs them as a standard option?
  14. It seems that the R180 once had midship cleats but these have been dropped (for cost?) I am going to put the boat in a wet slip. Is it necessary (or highly desirable) to have the midship cleats for tying up the boat? Or can I make do without them? I am trying to ask my dealer to order the midship cleats on my 2018 R180. Does anyone know if the factory will accommodate that?
  15. Do you think skinny NBA players like Kevin Durant or Reggie Miller can do it? Seriously, this seems like a design flaw. I guess I can live without the livewell pump, but what about the bilge pump? Is it equally difficult to access? I am thinking of ordering an R180 or R200 and will be slipping the boat. The difficulty in replacing a faulty bilge pump would be a real issue.