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  1. ba_fisher

    Dealer gave wrong plug

    My 2018 had a rubber plug when delivered new. Maybe your previous owner had bought an after market One?
  2. ba_fisher

    Water in Center Console

    Robalo tried to maximize the headroom inside the console. Unfortunately this means the floor is very low and the draining angle is not deep enough. If your trailer jack is not raised enough, or if the boat sits in water and there’s not enough weight at the back, water that gets into the console cannot drain to the bilge.
  3. ba_fisher

    Water in Center Console

    I noticed the same thing as aandrews109. After running the boat in heavy seas, the bilge water flows back into the console. Is there a way to install a one-way valve to prevent the back flow?
  4. ba_fisher

    questions before buying R200

    I have tilt steering on my 18, but I've never used it. As others said, trim tabs are a MUST unless you use it in a lake.
  5. ba_fisher

    Freight Cahrge On New Boat

    I am in California and I paid $1800 for my R200, because dealer was able to transport several boats at the same time (and I had to wait longer ...)
  6. ba_fisher

    R200 Extra Storage

    The other side of the door is the cushion, so maybe you can remove the cushion first, and then drill from outside in? The bolts on the door seems to be what holds the cushion to the door.
  7. ba_fisher

    R200 Bilge Pump Stopped Working

    I went to the dock today to check on the pump. I found out that it did run manually. The previous time I checked, probably the surrounding was too noisy so I didn't notice the running sound. However, the bilge had much more water than just 2 days ago (maybe a gallon more??). So I decided to get all the water out, first by the bilge pump, then by hand pump, and finally by towels. I suspect that the screws around the plug might be leaking (as classictin reported in http://forum.robalo.com/index.php?/topic/5575-leak-in-r200-and-no-response-from-robalo/), so I put plenty of sealant down there, just for safety. I'll check next time if water still comes in (probably through the threads in the plug).
  8. ba_fisher


  9. ba_fisher

    R200 Bilge Pump Stopped Working

    I tried turning on the bilge pump switch manually. The LED next to the switch lights up, but I don't hear the pump doing anything. My bilge is pretty dry (less than 1 inch of water), but if I remember correctly, the manual switch should force the pump to run even when there is no water. Has anyone seen this problem before? My boat is 2018 R200.
  10. ba_fisher

    R200 bait tank stinks

    The smell is like dead fish, so I am pretty sure it's not electrical. The pump works fine.
  11. ba_fisher

    Leak in R200 and no response from Robalo

    The trim tabs are installed by the factory. I'd say your dealer had done a poor job prepping the boat, or else they should have found the problem. My dealer has a small pool of water that they can dip the boat in and check for leaks. They also tested my boat in the lake before I went and pick up the boat. How much water did you have inside the console? The R200's console door has a poor design. If you wash the deck, water may leak into the console and puddle up. I have water there from time to time, but eventually it will drain or evaporate. My boat sits in a slip. Sometimes when I have just left the dock and and cross over a big wave, water will swing inside the bilge and cause the automatic bilge pump to work for a couple of seconds. I've never had 15 seconds of pumping, though.
  12. ba_fisher

    R200 bait tank stinks

    When I turn on the bait tank, a bad foul smell comes out, and will disappear only if I run the tank for 10+ minuets. I cleaned the raw water pump filter ( there was nothing inside) but that doesn’t seem to help. What can I do?
  13. ba_fisher

    Ordering Parts

    It’s been reported that Robalo would refuse to see certain optional parts unless your boat was ordered with such a part.One example is the trim tabs. Another is the t top electronic box. Apparently this is to ensure dealer profit so people order lots of options just in case they might need them.
  14. ba_fisher

    2018 R160

    That seems correct. They charge a lot for the freight and prep. the dealers usually aren’t supposed to reduce the price due to their fixed price policy. However, some owners have reported that they got a lot of free stuff from the dealer, usually for end of model year boats. Some got free GPS installed, on boats that didn’t come with a factory GPS.
  15. ba_fisher

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    If you want to see what’s inside that hole, you can buy a snake camera from amazon. E.g.: iPhone Endoscope, TurnRaise 10M Semi-Rigid WiFi Wireless Endoscope Cable 2.0 Megapixels HD Borescope Inspection Snake Camera for All iPhones(Above IOS6)/Android Phones/iPads https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07412MQY6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_i_NkuiBbG0E1NS3