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  1. I don't have a twin power boat so I can't speak from experience. However, theoretically boat speed is related to the square root of engine power. This means 4x horsepower yields 2x speed. Let's say on 2 engines, you boat has max 40 mph. On only one engine (half of the horsepower), your max speed is about 28 mph. That should be more than enough to plane the boat, which usually planes in the 10+ mph range. For more info, see: (You probably want to tilt the dead engine up, though :-)
  2. On my R200 the battery compartments are "vented" by ways of the rod holder holes -- the rod holder at the rear end of the gunwale points directly into the battery compartment. The in-gunwale rod racks have 2 more holes into the same space. I haven't tried plugging in the charger yet, but I think the holes should provide good enough ventilation.
  3. I measured my bow height and it's 40 inches above water. So by the west marine formula, for MotorGuide, 40+16 = 56", so a 60" shaft should work for me. My electronics guy looked at the bow and found that the space under the gunwale is hollow, so he should be able to pass the trolling motor wiring under there. He's going to install my transom-mount transducer next month, and in doing so, will open up the space between the gunwale and the starboard side of the console. At that time he will figure out how the trolling motor wiring can be done.
  4. From the build page, there's no such option. But maybe you can order one from your dealer? I know Yamaha F150 does have digital control option, so perhaps you can special order? It might be easier if your local Robalo dealer is also a Yamaha outboard dealer. When I ordered my 2018 R200 the dealer offered the choice of Mercury engines, because they happened to be a Mercury dealer. For me, I am pretty happy with the F150 mechanical control.
  5. Not sure yet. I am thinking of using Lowrance fish finder, which works only with Motor Guide, which has only 60 inch shaft max today. They will have a 72 inch shaft coming out soon, though, so I might wait a little bit. West Marine has recommendation for the shaft length: I am going to use it on the Pacific Coast and the drift is pretty fast, so I am thinking of 36v 105lb.
  6. When I get to the slip tomorrow, I'll check my nav light to see if its wires come through a tube. If so, I can probably fish the battery cable through that.
  7. Make one using StarBoard?
  8. I plan to add a trolling motor on to my R200 and put the batteries in the console. I don't have the factory wiring for the trolling motors. Does anyone know how easy it's to run the wires? I am thinking of fishing the wires through to the front port-side stereo speaker, and then run them under the gunwale to a power socket at the bow. Would this work?
  9. Here are some images I found on the facebook Robalo Owners Group
  10. From the album Trolling Motor R200

  11. From the album Trolling Motor R200

  12. From the album Trolling Motor R200

  13. From the album Trolling Motor R200

  14. From the album Trolling Motor R200

  15. From the album Trolling Motor R200