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  1. GaryC

    R180 in garage

    Thanks for all the comments guys! I contacted coyote about customizing a trailer to work. Waiting to hear back. Strkrace86, can you measure the height from the ground to your leaning post or what ever is the highest point? As I stated before I dont have a choice but to keep my boat in the garage. If this won't work I'll have to rethink what boat to get.
  2. GaryC

    R180 in garage

    Yea, I figured the r160 would work. But I really want an r180 or similar. A salesman said they have done it by lowering the boat on the trailer. But it already seems that its as low as it can go. I'm also thinking, maybe changing to 14 inch wheels and lower profile tires. But do not know if any of this can be done. This would really suck if I'm short by a couple of inches! Hey joebalo have you come across this? Just read your post wildoats. That encouraging! I was also thinking about deleting the compass. I've seen a compass that will mount on the front of the dash instead of the top. My next gripe would be that I really would like a Mercury 150 but thats another post!
  3. GaryC

    R180 in garage

    Hi all, new to forum. Do not own a boat yet, but I have owned quite a few in the past. I am in the market for a center console that will fit in my garage. I live in an hoa community and no trailers are allowed outside. I have narrowed my search down to 2 boats. Both 18 footers. The r180 is pretty much number 1. My garage is 24 feet deep. But I need at least 3 feet from the back wall for work bench etc. The depth is not the problem. I have the standard 16x7 garage door. My opening height for comfort is 6'11". That seems to be the problem. I already figure I would get the fold down windshield. But its hard to measure accurately the height from the ground. I'd hate to get a boat home and not be able to get inside by a few inches! Has anybody done this? Sorry for the long first post. But thanks for all your time!