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  1. Jafo

    Robalo 247

    I'll be ordering mine in January, I'm gonna ask about a Mercury 400R, if not I'm gonna settle for twin 200's.
  2. Jafo

    R247 DC Owners

    I was going with the comfort package and didn't see the need for another sink, I thought the seat looked a little cumbersome and thought the extra stronger/seat would workout better.
  3. Jafo

    R247 DC Owners

    Is anyone running the twin 200's? Double seat port side any regrets? Entertaintment center any regrets? Simrad or Garmin pros/cons other than price.I I'm looking for feedback as I'm working #s with my dealer and will be taking my boat in for trade in 2 weeks, I will place order in January. I'm just wanna cover all the bases before I order.
  4. Are the new boats hand laid or gun chop like the old ones? Specifically the R247 I saw the construction says biaxial and tri axial, I don't want a leaner at the docks like the older Robalo CC's I see.
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