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  1. al fasulo

    Ceramic coating

    Has anyone used a ceramic coating in lieu of wax. If so, did you coat the entire hull or just above the water line?
  2. al fasulo

    Anyone move up from 227 to 247?

    Had a 2016 r227. Wanted more boat looked at the r247 but my wife liked the r265. I liked the r247, but be sure to get twin engines with power steering. We love our r265 with twin 200 Yamaha digital engines. Always go out 20 to 30 miles into the Atlantic easily. Twins make the boat very stable, not much pitch. The engines with power steering make docking a breeze.
  3. al fasulo

    242 CC - Garmin GPS

    That’s strange. I have 7610svx on my 2017 r265 and the cover fits fine. Maybe the factory or dealer altered the unit to fit. Call them.
  4. al fasulo

    R265 refrigerator

    ? Call the nearest dealer. I have a 2017 r265. Have not tried refrigerator yet, but I think it runs on 12 volt.
  5. al fasulo

    R265 refrigerator

    Did you try the electrical panel next to the galley?
  6. al fasulo

    R265 refrigerator

    Not sure, but check next to batteries
  7. al fasulo

    Robalo discontinued the r265

    Belated thanks JOEBALO. You are a real asset to this forum. We love our 2017 r265. Perfect for day cruising and if required, an over night stay. The cabin,also, comes in handy in rain and sun.
  8. al fasulo

    r265 windlass

    Love our 2017 r265. We have learned a lot the past year, but not sure what the red tab is for on our windlass. It has a horizontal or vertical position. It may reverse how the rode coils, but not sure. Please help.
  9. al fasulo

    R265 Cover

    I purchased a new r265 this year and had the same problem. Although our boat is stored in a rack building we decided to cover most of it. We just went to Home Depot and bought a couple tarps. Since then I have done some research and found two companies on line that sell covers for r265’s. RNR Marine and Ameri-Brand Products, Inc. I have not purchased any as of yet, so I cannot vouch for these companies, but take a look. If you do buy please let me know your experience.
  10. al fasulo

    R265 Robalo Lots of Issues Brand New

    Your experience with the new r265 sounds like a nightmare. I also took delivery of a 2017 r265 in July with the opposite experience. We love the boat and have no problems with its construction. Only problem is completely filling the gas tank. Not sure whether it’s the gauge or vent. We have a great dealer and are confident he will fix the problem. Other than that everything, including the a/c, water, power steering, etc. is first class. I hope Robalo or your dealer resolves your problems.
  11. al fasulo

    Engine trim

  12. al fasulo

    Engine trim

    When getting up on plane with our r265 the bow gets very high. I use my trim tabs to lower the bow. The other day someone told me to trim the engines up to lower the bow. I always thought to lower the bow I needed to have my engines all the way down. Help!
  13. al fasulo

    Profile name change

    Right on! I love their boats, but the home office support for owners is virtually nonexistent.
  14. al fasulo

    Profile name change

    I contacted the Robalo site administrator regarding how to change my profile name, but of course, they never responded. Anyone know how?
  15. al fasulo

    Winter storage cover