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  1. How does the weather hold up to salt water? The leather on my jeep gets real gritty when I grab it with salty hands. Granted, it is an older steering wheel, but do you think the Robalo will hold up over time?
  2. I used this Performance Bulletin and got this exact prop. I have read of some others using a 17 pitch instead of a 15. But I am happy with what I got. PB_ROB_R222ES_F200XB_2016-12-14_OCC.pdf
  3. I will take some pictures this weekend. I typically use mpg when on trips, but I will check out the gph to let you know. I am around 5600 for 32 mph I think. I will double check. Whole different motor as in, with the old prop, I had to trim the motor all the way up to just hit 5000 RPMs. And it sounded as if it was labored or under a load the whole time. I really struggled to get on plane when tubing or with full tank of gas and 4 adults. With the Reliance prop, the motor sounds much better. The hole shot is much more responsive, and I don't have the issue getting on plane at all anymore.
  4. I had a SWS II prop on it, and I switched to a Yamaha Reliance and it is a whole different motor. I think your numbers are not too far off though. I am now near 5800 rpms at top end with a speed in the upper 30s when just me and 1/4 tank of gas. Full tank, 3 adults and fishing gear - my top end is around 32 mph. I cruise at 25 mph with a 1.9-2.1 mpg.
  5. Here is the info you will need for the trim tabs (Thanks to FullThrottle). I had my boat mech order the parts and was going to do the install myself, but in the end had him do it. The trim tabs make a world of difference on my 227 (I have the F200). The correct Lenco kit number 11238-101 includes the blades, actuators and upper mounts. The blade part # only is 20906-021. You would have to order them through a Lenco dealer, and they will take up to 2 weeks to manufacture.
  6. You might be able to find something useful on this site. I would look through some older/newer manuals. http://www.robalo.com/Content.php?content=parts_guides&fbclid=IwAR30avRt4xy9NByg5Uo1tOb_yTkr06sYJ3jxdL1N8kGUHjwDyn5BiNzsocw
  7. 15M x 14 1/2. I really can't believe the difference. I had a full tank of gas and just me when I ran last time. This weekend I should be out on it a ton and will see how the performance holds up and make sure it was over excitement on my part! haha.
  8. So I FINALLY got around to changing my prop. Took it for a short test drive back to the lift from the ramp other day. And all I can say is WOW! What a difference. The ride was a bit choppy and I didn't get to fully test out the performance but night and day so far. The motor even sounds quieter that with the old prop. I took off the SWS prop and put on a Reliance. My RPMs finally got into the 5000 range topping off at 5800 WOT. Speed went from low low 30s to 42 mph. I am super satisfied.
  9. Didn't get to install it yet. Lost time and opportunity. It is on the spring list of to do's...I will be sure to report back
  10. I didn't do it yet. Have not had the time to explore and a little too scared to be honest. I did inquire from someone that works at Robalo on another board and was told it is just a lot of insulation for the livewell. Having said that, it is on my spring to do list. I intend to really look hard through the deck storage and see what I can see. I have a ton of upgrades in the works (bought new chartplotter, new transducer, new radio, install NMEA 2k, rewire battery (my house battery keeps dying and doesn't seem to be getting charged)).
  11. I think it is the prop. I am currently propped with a SWS 17P x 15.5. And after doing some more research, my Yamaha I4 F200 should be running a Reliance prop at 15P x 14.5d. I am going to try and change it up.
  12. Wow, that is GREAT info there. I appreciate it! Thank you.
  13. I need to give that a try. I have to trim my motor (F200 on a R227) all the way up to even get into the 4000 rpms. My top speed is around 30 mph. I added trim tabs this past winter which makes it better, but still no too pleased with the pairing. Also, in turns I get a surge which I assume is the prop partly coming out of the water.
  14. I unscrewed the female side of the latch and added a couple nylon washers. Someone else on this forum or another did it. Works great.
  15. I am thinking of places to put storage in my R227 and thought about the 6" area under the helm seat behind the live well. Does anyone know what is in the space? Would it accommodate something like this? https://www.boatoutfitters.com/single-drawer-unit-with-removable-dividers Thanks. Just a thought...
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