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  1. CapeCodAngler

    115 or 150 on 18'

    150 with tabs is the way to go. Unbelievable acceleration and top end of about 50 mph .I went with a 150 Evinrude ETEC...7 year warranty, low maintenance.
  2. CapeCodAngler

    R180 in garage

    If you are ordering the 160 there probably is not an option. On the 180, sea star is standard with the 150 Hp motor. It is more heavy duty and able to handle the added power of the larger motor. Bay Star is rated up to 150 HP but is really only good up to about 125.
  3. CapeCodAngler

    Towing R180 over mountains

    Should be absolutely no problem at all. I just got back from a trip to Cape Cod where I towed my R180 200 miles each way with a 2006 Honda Ridgeline. Just make sure your bearings are well greased. Be prepared for some crazy bad gas mileage as well...on the highway my Ridgeline gets about 20 mpg. When towing the Robalo it dropped to about 10 MPG. Also, I would recommend taking off the Bimini if you have one or securing well in the down position. Good Luck.
  4. CapeCodAngler

    R180 in garage

    Another idea is to deflate your tires to get in under the 7 ft clearance... you could re-inflate once you get the boat in place. I too get my 2016 180 in the garage (8ft) but have to remove the windshield. Since I only do this a couple times a year its not a big deal. Relative to your comment about the Merc, I ordered my boat without an outboard and had the dealer install a 150 Etec, I couldn't be happier with the power and performance, I also got a 7 year warranty. If you do order the boat, be sure to get trim tabs, many will tell you they are not necessary but in a chop you will be really glad you have them.The 180 has a great layout,is extremely dry and handles beautifully. If you are planning on getting a 150 be sure to get seastar steering as the baystar will be insufficient,Good luck.
  5. CapeCodAngler

    R180 in garage

    I don't think this boat on the standard trailer will go in your garage. Check the specification page on the website and the dimensions on and off the trailer are listed. The height on the trailer with the fold down windshield is listed as 7'2". The windshield and support bar are removable through the locker access but this would be painful to do for every use.
  6. CapeCodAngler

    R180 Coyote Trailer

    I have had my brackets replaced with the new under mount design. The good: the fenders are much more stable and although they do flex under weight, they should hold up just fine. The bad: because the bracket is now mounted 2 inches lower, the fenders have to be re-drilled and the old holes are exposed above the bracket. Due to clearance issues with the tires, filling these with bolts is not a great solution (the old bracket holes on the i-beam side are filled with bolts/washers). My dealer is going to try to get me new fenders which really are required. As far as gel coat damage, I too have several chips above each fender. I have discussed this with Robalo and they have indicated these could be repaired. I intend to have mine repaired this fall by my dealer... Going forward the fender vibration will be greatly minimized and contact with the hull should not occur. Get the new brackets asap! Note: If the chip is directly above the fender it is likely not occurring during retrieve.... it is happening due to vibration and contact while trailering. Once the boat is winched up fully, contact during retrieve is not possible as the support bunks hold it above the fender. If you are hitting the fenders with the boat as your pull and straighten during retrieve the damage would occur further forward on the hull.The side supports shown above will eliminate this condition. Hope this helps.
  7. CapeCodAngler

    R180 Factory Bimini Top

    Thank you so much for the input, I really like the how you designed the supports to hold the top off the gunnels while trailering. I too trailer the boat often and will add the t-rail fittings asap. By the way, your custom enclosure is beautiful and your entire rig is stunning. Thanks again for the feedback.
  8. CapeCodAngler

    R180 Factory Bimini Top

    I am having issues with my Bimini top shaking side to side when in the closed position (middle and rear arms secured) while underway. When I first got the boat the top was very secure but now it seems the press fitted balls at the end of the tubes that lock into the clasps seem to have loosened. It doesn't appear these can be tightened.... looking for feedback on this issue. I don't like to fold the top down because it does not lay flat and it can damage the gelcoat. If anyone has the same problem and has come up with a fix, let me know.
  9. CapeCodAngler

    Yamaha outboard wax recommendation

    I use Meguiars flagship premium marine wax on my boat and engine cowling. I recommend it highly.
  10. CapeCodAngler

    R180 with Yamaha 115 or 150?

    In order to hit 50 I have to have a light load and trim it way out.. almost to the point cavitation..also I am running a chrome viper stainless prop, when I hit 50 the rpm is over 6100 so I don't keep it there long. In any event 48 or 50...still pretty darn fast!! How long does it take for your well to drain??? mine empties in about 90 seconds
  11. CapeCodAngler

    R180 Coyote Trailer

    Thank you Lee for the input. I think the new design will solve the problem and totally understand you were trying to make an improvement with the welded plate design and it just did not work out. Thanks again for fixing the problem so quickly.
  12. CapeCodAngler

    R180 with Yamaha 115 or 150?

    Thanks for the input...I fish in Cape Cod Bay, Nantucket and Long Island Sound I use the bait well a lot and it works great.No problem draining it just unscrew the drain, but when I fish it is just usually filled to the top!!! I will check out the tabs and maybe install them over the winter. Thanks again.
  13. CapeCodAngler

    R180 Coyote Trailer

    Thank you all for your comments. Coyote has sent me new brackets with the modified design. They will be installed by my dealer next week. Hopefully this will put these fender issues to bed and I can enjoy what appears to be a well built, and sturdy trailer in all other regards. Note: the welds fail due to excessive vibration not a bad lot or poor welds. The mounting design was flawed and I am happy to see Coyote fixing the problem so quickly.. I just can't understand why they changed from the under mount in the first place... It was not for cost reduction because adding the welded plate added more labor??? Haz, thank you for providing the photo links.
  14. CapeCodAngler

    R180 with Yamaha 115 or 150?

    Congrats on your upgrade..I love the power of the 150. Did you have your trim tabs installed from the factory or aftermarket?? If aftermarket, what size and manufacturer did you go with???I did a lot of research and most reviews said the boat did not need the tabs but in certain conditions it sure would be nice to hold the bow down with a little tab action.I think the added weight of the 150 , a dual battery set-up, and a full bait well makes the boat want to slap a little more ......even with the trim all the way down. My brother has a 2003 center console sea pro with a 115 Yamaha. The seapro with no tabs handles the chop with a smoother ride. Although much wetter!!! I do agree the boat is pretty strong and dry for an 18.
  15. CapeCodAngler

    R180 Coyote Trailer

    Thanks for your input. Unfortunately I believe it is the vibration from bumps over time that weakens the welds. With the two bolt mount the plate flexes when the wheels bounce and the welds eventually crack.I have had the original 4 crack in less then 3 months and 2 of the replacements crack as well. I almost lost a fender when one gave away completely. I no longer stand on the fenders either.Relative to submerging the fenders during retrieve, check out the post entitled R180 trailer. This process is causing hull damage for some. Until Robalo changes this design I would inspect the brackets daily.I believe the proper design will be longer brackets mounted to the underside of the Ibeam with u bolts...we will see. Good luck and thanks again for your feedback.