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  1. Smoke

    At the Dock

    From the album: Smoke On The Water

    Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin
  2. Smoke

    Smoke On The Water

    From the album: Smoke On The Water

    2015 R222 Rigged for Great Lakes Trout and Salmon trolling
  3. Smoke

    222ES Storage

    I made my own for the t-top using ideas from these guys. Not cheap but can custom make anything. http://www.boatoutfitters.com/marine-storage-systems.html
  4. Smoke


    Got my Boat US trailer boat buyers guide yesterday. The R222 is ranked best fishing boat under 50k. Love mine so far.
  5. I have a 2015 R222 and need to remove the cover that is in the head covering the wiring for the helm. Can get the top to pull down but cannot totally remove it as I need to get in there to install a new display. Anybody know how to remove this?
  6. They have gimbal mounts they are not listed on the site. Nice thing is you can reomove everything quickly if you desire or want to change fishing styles or take the family for a ride.
  7. I am getting a R222 and will be setting it up for trolling in Lake Michigan as well. I am going with Magnum Metalz downriggers and rod holders with the gimbal mount. They are more compact and you can get a rigger that is of better quality IMO! http://www.magnum-metalz.com/about/
  8. Smoke

    Rod holders

    I have an R222 ordered. I am trying to order gimbal mounts and was wondering if anybody knows who makes the gunwale rod holders as there are two size gimbal mounts. Or, if anybody has demensions of the opening and depth. I got the Robalo part # but it doesn't cross with anything.
  9. Smoke

    Smoke On The Water

    Kicker Motor Install
  10. Smoke

    Smoke On The

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