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  1. I have a 2015 R222 and when I was storing for the winter the battery switch broke.  I called Blue Seas and they are gonna replace it but they wanted the specific model number.  Well the boat is in storage and I would like to get one coming so I have it when I pull the boat out.  Does anybody have the model number of the battery switch for this model?

  2. I don't have any close up pictures of the trees.   I mounted them on the gunnel.  The mounts I believe are only 3" x 3".    I had to machine some HDPE plastic in a slight wedge shape as there is a bit of taper upwards on the gunnel. If you watch this video you can get a glimpse  




  3. I gimble mounted mine so they can be easily removed.  The Magnum Metalz riggers are more compact and IMO provide a better look.  I run my side planners off the gimbles mounted mid-ship and the planer trees further towards the bow to keep things as far forward and away from the boat. downrigger.jpg.ad0f54bc3aa79817f5612fc99c7a89de.jpg

  4. The G1 was awesome motor the first couple of years!  Wait till the eyelashes fall off the French Canadian junk! Your 10 year warranty will be awesome while you are sitting on the dock waiting until parts are available.  People waited over a year for parts on the sexy G1 and the knowledgeable people won't buy one on the used market.  this is why you normally don't see them on the higher end boats.

  5. I have a R222 and I mounted mine with gimbal mounts and Cannon 12V plugs so they can easily be removed when I just want to cruise.  Check out Magnum Metalz downriggers.  They are cheaper more compact and have more pulling power than any other brand and I have tried or used them all.  The only thing they do not have is  auto stop but with the clutch mechanism they have you do not need it.  Very nice riggers!



  6. I mounted Magnum Metalz rod trees with 3 rod holders on each on my gunwales and have not had any problems for 2 years now.  I would say you wouldn't want someone to use them as leaning posts but they are  rigid for what they are designed for.  I have a R222 and the Magnum Metal trees have a very small footprint at the base (I believe 4" x  4" ).   I did have to make some shims out of Starboard so that I could mount them more forward where the contour of the gunwales drop off a bit. 



    Magnum Metalz Rod Tree Mast



  7. Boat tests are done with 1 guy and minimal equipment and fuel on board.  I have a 250 on mine and with a crew and gear it does what the 200 performance test did.  No replacement for displacement or in this case just raw HP!  With a light fuel load and just my wife on board with no other gear trimmed perfect in calm seas it will run about 43.  Add 3 fat fishermen, full tank of fuel, beer, ice, food and fishing gear and I guess you see where I'm going with this.

  8. I bought the boat as a new non-current in Florida last May and had it trailered to Wisconsin.  I wanted a 250hp and the dealer was the only one that had one in stock with most of the options I wanted.  I installed all the electronics, fishing gear and kicker myself.  That video was taken on my way to Sturgeon Bay and the picture at the Dock is at the high class joint Door County (Waterfront Mary's).

  9. My motor is mechanical  I have seen those electric motors  I'm not sure I would like that and had a friend that had them and took them off as he had to have 2 more batteries to run the trolling motor.  I like the kicker as it also keeps hours down on the big motor as well.  I live across the Bay in Marinette.  I fish Sturgeon Bay a couple of time a year.  If you want to see a picture look in the Gallery in the members photos.  Hope you enjoy your new boat.

  10. Hey Otis

    I own a 2015 R222 that I bought new last year.  I set up for trolling for salmon so but I set everything up so it can be removed quickly and easily for when I want to just go for a ride.  I have the Yami 250 and it would not troll slow enough so I put a 9.9 Honda kicker on it  I love it so far  I live in Wisconsin up by the UP boarder and do most of my fishing and cruising in Green Bay  I love the boat so far. 

  11. Sorry to Hijack but I am also interested in installing a auto pilot on my R222 for trolling in Lake Michigan and would like to see what people are doing.  I would like to stick with a Garmin as I have a Garmin 741xs and was told that you may loose a few of the options the Garmin offers if you use different brands of AP via the nema 2000.  I run a kicker with a tie bar hook up so I have an added variable.  Has anybody else tried this and what system did they go with.

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