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  1. I will get some pictures for you when I get a chance, so you can see where the folding joint is.
  2. It does offer some sun coverage but most importantly it has added some storage (mainly for life jackets and the ebox) and the ability to add a shade to the bow for when we are trolling or drifting, I am going to go with this one: https://www.amazon.com/Oceansouth-T-Top-Shade-Length-Width/dp/B07RWNVQ4Q/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=t+top+bow+shade&qid=1563384660&s=gateway&sr=8-4 I haven't had a chance to fish out of it yet as when we were going to give it the maiden voyage I had some issues with my Yamaha. Based on just being in the boat, I think if you are mindful of where the top is it shouldn't be in the way. The only crappy thing that I have seen so far is that I had to take my rod holders off of my console but I am going to add some rocket launchers to make up for the lack of rod storage.
  3. I got the Dolphin top with the e box. Does anybody else have random pieces of white Styrofoam stuck under your deck? Is there any purpose to this or did Robalo fill their dumpster and start trying to get rid of excess stryrofoam?
  4. Top install went pretty good. I will add pictures when I get the boat back. We moved to FL and took it out once caught a bunch of small jacks, came home and decided that the top needed to be installed before I went back out. I had been waiting on a response from Robalo but that never happened. So I winged it and got it all installed (note the floor on mine was solid fiberglass and not the honeycomb flooring). Drove two hours to Stuart to do some fishing the next day and the trim motor went out on my Yamaha. Took the boat into the dealer and my warranty had ended 5 weeks prior. I was looking at a 1,000 fix until Yamaha stepped up and told me they would take care of the part and I the labor. Anybody who has read my posts on here probably has noticed a streak of issues with the boat and trailer and the non existent customer service from Coyote and Robalo but I have to take my hat off to Yamaha. They stood behind their product and promptly responded. Sorry for the rant and I should have the boat back after this weekend and I will add pictures.
  5. I have a MotorGuide Xi3 60" 70lb 24v on my R180 currently and I love it but I have had both brands in the past. As with everything else people have their favorite brand, I have never had problems with either my Minn Kotas or my MotorGuides. The two reasons I went with the MotorGuide was 1) they connect to Lowrance graphs which is my preference as far as graphs and 2) they are built less than 20 minutes from where I live and I like to support local businesses. I was going to go with the MK Powerdrive since the Xi5 at the time was double the costs but when MG came out with the Xi3, which had the features that were lacking on my MG wireless series, I decided to go with the MG. The only thing I wish MG would do that MK does is the auto stow/deploy of the MK Ulterra series.
  6. I have a 2016 R180 and have recently purchased an aftermarket t top. I have called 4 different dealers to figure out if there is anything under the deck that I need to watch for when I bolt it down and I have yet to have a dealer know anything about my boat or return a call/email after they say they will contact their representative. I know on the Robalo's website they used to have a parts guide that showed the hull of the boat before the cap was put on but they have since taken 2014-2018 off the site with a message to contact my dealer. I have posted on the forum before about my concerns with Robalo's customer service (lack of would be more descriptive) and the only way I have been able to get any solutions is by using the forum so I figured I would give it a shot. Has anyone mounted one themselves to a R180 and are there any tips/tricks that they could share? Or even if anyone with the factory t top could send me some information on how Robalo mounts them? Also, I have the 115hp on mine and I was thinking of adding trim tabs. Any thoughts/opinions on the effect it would have? The 115 does a good job overall but after adding my trolling motor and a few people in the boat I wouldn't mind a little bit of help staying on plane at an efficient cruise RPM.
  7. To update my last post, it wasn't the axle that they were going to replace like I was told in email but they sent me two new fender steps that are a fraction of an inch longer. The problem was I had to be the one to constantly email Coyote to get updates and they only sent me one side so I have had to doctor my own solution for the other side. After posting my rant on this forum I received an email from a representative at Chaparral asking for my dealer information and for my hull number. I was excited that I actually got to talk to someone from Robalo and since he was asking about my hull number I thought there might be a solution or something coming down the road. Haven't heard back from anyone since the middle of July. Even when you get a hold of someone the follow up is disgraceful. It's gotten to the point that my wife and I are considering taking a loss on the boat and buying from a manufacturer that cares about their customers.
  8. Anybody have an issue getting rods longer in the rod storage? I go to slide the tip in and even with six foot rods I hit something that won't let me get them all the way in on both sides.
  9. I apologize but I to go on a rant about this topic. I have had nothing but headaches since we bought our R180 last April. First off the trailer fender chipped my hull on both sides going down the road because there is too much movement. Then our dealer basically costs us half of our summer (here in Michigan boating weather is limited) because they continued to fix the symptom (fiberglass) instead of the problem (trailer clearance). After being in the shop twice and for over a month the service department finally raised the bunks up to get enough clearance and we thought we were good to go. This year we took the boat out once on our way home from picking it up from it's storage and there is another chip in the hull. I got on the forum and found a user that worked for Coyote Trailers and messaged him. Come to find out they need to replace my axle completely (I think, I haven't had a response for two weeks on the matter). In the meantime while going fishing I noticed that my fender was bouncing quite a bit, I pulled over and the weld had completely broke free on the back of my fender. Thank god for ratchet straps. I finally got the boat on the water and hit the livewell pump for some bluegills we had caught...nothing. It was running for maybe 10 minutes before I checked and there wasn't even six inches of water in the well. So now I have a year old boat that has been in the shop for half a summer, a livewell pump that doesn't work, a trailer that chips my boat, and a fender that without a ratchet strap is only half on the trailer. If it wasn't for the way the boat handles and rides I would be swearing off of Robalo at this point but I am reaching my breaking point as far as brand loyalty is concerned. The whole thing about relying on your dealer could work out but when you have a horrible dealer to work with it is a royal pain. The only thing I can count on not breaking is the Yamaha and the Motorguide I installed...knock on wood.
  10. My wife and I have a R180 with the 115 and we love it. It has exceeded my expectations thus far. I was a little worried at first with it being out on the Great Lakes here in Michigan but it handles the big lakes great, we had it out in November musky fishing with 5 footers and were amazed. With the 115 I can run about 39 with the wife and two kids in the boat with a full load (tackle boxes, rods, kids toys, etc.) and when we had 5 adults and my two sons we still ran about 35-36. My brother who runs a Lund in our walleye tournaments was amazed with how much smoother and dryer the R180 was than his 19 foot Pro-V, comparing it very favorably with the 20+ foot rangers that a lot of the guys we fish with run. With that all said, I do wish we would've went with the 150 just because when we do add our t top I think we might lose a mph or two with the extra resistance. Down the road we will probably repower with a 150 or just go with the 246 Cayman as we have become very big Robalo fans since buying ours.
  11. Anybody have any experience with the automatic trim tabs such as the Nauticus Smart Tabs or the Bennett Self Leveling? I have a 2016 R180 with the 115 and would like to plane at lower RPM's.
  12. The 115 does great for everything I have done. It won't win many races but I have had it in some rougher water on the Great Lakes and the 115 does great of powering through. I would add trim tabs though to help keep on plane at slower speeds. Even with a full boat the 115 is sufficient but if I had the choice over again I would probably get the 150. The greatest thing about the 115 is you can go forever on a tank of gas. Crashl how did you mount your trolling motor and where do you have the batteries mounted? How far does the 60 inch shaft allow the prop to be under water? I hate to be a bother but would it be possible for some pictures? Thank you so much for the input.
  13. I bought a R180 new last year and plan on adding some additional items to the boat and would like some feedback, either just brainstorming or from experience. First off I would like to add a trolling motor on the bow and would like some thoughts on shaft length, thrust, mounting, and battery placement. The next thing is that I would like to add is a T Top. I have the Yamaha 115 and was wondering if the boat is affected by the T Top as far as performance goes. Also any advice for aftermarket T Tops?
  14. strkrace86

    R180 in garage

    Mine was the original post on the fender chipping the hull. The dealer had to raise the bunks up because the fender would flex when going down the road. Only after I pointed this out to them did they realize that is what is happening since when you are loading the boat the hull can only go as low as the bunks will allow and they were raised up enough to clear the fenders, but when it's the fenders that move then it's a poor design. I actually attempted to fit my R180 in my garage to no avail but my problem with the standard door height is that even with the folding windshield the top of the leaning post is a touch higher. So mine has to sit outside with a cover on it. For the winter however I am going to deflate the tires to squeeze it in. As CapeCodAngler stated I would definitely get the trim tabs. I have the 115 and although performance is plenty even in rough conditions on the great lakes it would be nice to get the stern up to plane easier at lower speeds. The 150 though would make it a perfect boat though. Robalo's deal with Yamaha is only in the US, as Mercury is available internationally so a trip to Canada might be in order.
  15. Thank you so much for the information, I like how you routed the cables on the transom and after seeing that I think I am going to attempt to copy what you did. I am planning on mounting the transducer this week so I will include photos and share the results.
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