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  1. Jorge

    R160 Cockpit not bailing

    Drilling in the plastic cover and installing the drains seems the best option. Did you all have a hose directed to the bilge? or not necessary Thanks everybody for the advise
  2. Jorge

    R160 Cockpit not bailing

    Does any owner with a 90HP and a perforated plate have a picture of this drainage system to post? I would consider this modification to upgrade to a 90HP Thanks
  3. Jorge


    Does anyone have a perforated plate and the 90 Hp? Would it be possible to post a picture as I will have to modify mine? Thanks
  4. Jorge

    R160 in ocean?

    I live in Newcastle, Australia I have taken my R160 offshore up to 20 km with no problem. The boat handles waves and chops very well. I keep myself informed of weather at all times and log in with the marine rescue. It is very stable on the open waters. Provided you are responsible and weather aware, you will have no problems testing the R160 on the offshore
  5. Jorge

    R160 Scuppers

    Thanks for the reply I agree completely, I had the same experience with the boat maintaining stability in the chop offshore very well. I will leave them open from now on. very dry with the bilge test at the end of long fishing days. The 70 Yamaha does very well when only 2 on board but when 3 or more.... you can notice it takes a while to get on the plane. It came from the factory with a ski pole and I struggle to get my son (70 kg) off the water. I find the R160 a fantastic fishing boat with all I need.
  6. Jorge

    R160 Scuppers

    I have been offshore with the R160 with no problems, very stable and dry ride. I have notice the 2 scuppers in the transom, I am not sure if I should leave them open (water comes in and out while stationary) or closed. I have the Yamaha 70hp what would experienced Robalo boaters recommend?
  7. Jorge

    R160 Livewell

    Thanks very much !
  8. Jorge

    R160 Livewell

    Hi Everybody Could I get some information or procedures to use the livewell in a R160 please? Thanks Jorge
  9. Jorge

    R160 Bow Cushion

    Thanks very much. I found that smaller but somehow similar
  10. Jorge

    R160 Bow Cushion

    Hi Has anyone purchased a R160 with the option of the Bow cushion? If so can you please post a picture for me to see as I am looking into options. I would like to purchase the R160 as a fishing boat in Australia and as you can understand there are not many to go a look at. Thanks