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    Good morning!  My brother and I just bought a new 2015 Hull from a dealer.   I'll keep names out of it for the moment.   I'll say that the Dealer has been less than forthright about a lot of things, and I mean that in the strongest possible terms. We were told that it was various things a "new 2015".  A "trade in", A factory return.  I think the last story was that the dealer buys certain hulls from Robalo that have been repaired or something.    We are being told that the Hull and motor have the new warranty.    It was one of those crazy experiences. where the salesman would just make up whatever came to mind.  The " coup de grace" was him taking the boat for a test run with no oil in the motor.  It still had the tag on the motor that said "Put Oil in before using!" (or something similar.   This sales man may have never been in a boat before.   The situation now is, there appears to be some "sway" while underway. in the T-Top.  This is even after the dealer put some reinforcing on the top.  

    Here's the deal.  The dealer is now giving us 7 days total of "bumper to bumper" coverage.  We do not trust ANYTHING this dealer says.  My questions are:

    1.  Is sway in the T-Top normal? 

    2. If this turns out to be a hull or structural problem who will be responsible.


    Best regards.